TechFind Copa Italia at the start: Eight matches for the IFP Cup from Thursday

Eight teams for a trophy, who will enter the Golden Roll after winning the 2021 edition of Family Uber Sure? Techfind Copa Italia – IFP Cup 2022 starting lineup, including a final eight that will attract all fans from March 24 to 27.

We are reminded of the official horse racing program of Leonardo da Vinci’s Palau in San Martino de Lupari.

Thursday 24 March 2022, Quarter Finals
Race 1: Pasalacoa Ragusa – Gesam Gas and Light Le Mura Luka (6.00 pm)
Race 2: Family Uber Shio – Phila San Martino de Lupari (8.45pm)
Friday 25 March 2022, Quarter Finals
Race 3: Umana Rare Venezia – Allianz Gias SSGiovanni (18.00)
Race 4: Virtus Segafredo Bologna – La Molisana Magnolia Campobasso (8.45pm)
Saturday 26 March 2022, semi-final
Race 5: Race 2 winners vs. Race 1 winners (18.00)
Race 6: Race 3 winners vs. Race 4 winners (8.45 pm)
Sunday 27 March 2022, Final
Race 5 Winners – Race 6 Winners (18.00)

There will be free admission in the quarters. It will be possible to book tickets for each single match through a special online form at
All matches will be broadcast live for free on and on LBF TV – Canale 411.

The Thematic Meeting will open on Wednesday, March 23 at 6:30 p.m. “Women and Leadership”, Which will be held at PalaLupe with free admission and showcase the excellence of various women in the world of business and sports. The Women’s Basketball League will host a conference on Friday, March 25, at 11:00 a.m., in the same sports hall adjacent to the architecture. “Amateur Sports Clubs and Associations: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Looking to Reform Sports”.

In detail, the presentation of the race scheduled for the quarter finals.

(4) Pasalaqua Ragusa vs. (5) Gesam Gas and Lus Luka – Thursday 24 March, 6 pm (Live broadcast LBF TV and LBF TV – Canal 411)
Probably one of the most anticipated dilemmas on the eve of the cup, between a great confirmation and the real surprise of the season. This has not been an easy year for Pasalacoa: Spinelli and Consolini’s injuries have certainly shortened the list, even if the first one came back recently (but far from 100%); Tagliamento, one of the most persistent players from a perception perspective, recently married a new project in France; The overseas package also felt a troubled year, with Taylor out for a few games but above all Haybard, who had already arrived in Italy late for his WNBA commitments, was injured which forced the team to run and correct (extension for Ruzikova, Williams insertion). Gesam gas e los, for its part, in a magical moment that did not stop with the injury that prematurely ended the Wiz season: the Tuscans bring with them the desire and determination to commit themselves to other things. The strongest example of 72 is 67 at PalaTagliate last December, Blake Dietrick’s Triple Double Challenge.
Double – Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk
(10.5 points, 8.8 rebounds) And Ruthie Haybard (7 points, 5 rebounds) Challenge each other in painting: control of the scoreboard is fundamental to both teams. Haybard is a long, more “older” from the pole, a great surprise of the season, able to range the field with 5 three-pointers (36%), but able to annoy opponents with long levers: a tough American opponent, of course, who is still in full recovery of physical form. On the way
MVP Clock –
Already mentioned for the triple double in December, Blake Dietrich (15.7 points, 7.3 assists) He will be the absolute metronome of the Tuscan team: he travels at significant averages during the season and is a player who generates the most points from his support, 18.5 per game. Awak well (17.1 points, 9.9 rebounds) Luxuriously growing in Ragusa, he is a player with great consistency and is doing very well, especially when triggered by two great pick and roll players like Santucci and Romeo.

(1) FAMILA WUBER SCHIO VS (8) FILA SAN MARTINO DI LUPARI – Thursday 24 March, 8.45 pm (Live Broadcast LBF TV & LBF TV – Canale 411)
After reaching the final four of the Eurolig women’s, the family went on to attack Uber’s second success of the season. Shio has been unbeaten in Italy this season, winning 22 of many races, and with a crew who can come back to the Dotto and then Dixilds problems and present themselves at their best: Gruda, Mestdagh, DeShields, Gaye and Laksa. Including foreigners out of complex turnover. For Philer, on the other hand, in terms of the Venetian derby, the consistently compulsive choice: Yanejic and especially Rousseau’s injury, both seasons are over, the coach has shortened the choice of Cervante, who now has to create a quality of necessity, trying to include. Young players too. : San Martino will try to intimidate the current winners of the Italian Cup, perhaps relying on the support of the home crowd, to come out of an impossible clash with their heads held high.
Dual – Ilaria Milazo
(12.2 points, 2.5 assists) And Georgia Sotana (6.7 points and 5.2 assists), also clearly visible in two different style numbers of directions, but an important feeling with the kite: often more guards than point guards, get out of their hands and though all major assets for both teams. Beginning In addition, their ability to be an emotional leader is understandable, something that statistics often do not highlight and can be a “inside-out” basic.
MVP Watch – Sandrin Gruda
(17.6 points, 9.3 rebounds), although unable to fight for the Super Cup award (due to injury), he is a true “man-eater” in the personal award: Divine French Long is always at the top. More She Kelly Probably the most skilled foreigner for this championship (18.8 points, 11.3 rebounds), also related to the expectation of his arrival: he is playing a great season, often adapting to 5, a role that does not seem to be his normal direction and ahead of San Martino Keeping feet in rows, especially when there was not long or the pilaber was still far from the top position.

(2) Umana Rare Venezia vs. (6) Allianz Gias Cesto San Giovanni – Friday, March 25, 6 pm (Live Broadcast LBF TV and LBF TV – Channel 411)
After the joy of qualifying for the Euro Cup final four, Umana Rare wants to lift a ban. Right in San Martino, in 2019, one of the team’s most bitter defeats in the Italian Cup: Palalup’s parquet led very well to Allianz Gias, who was the author of that coup against Aurogranata and even played the final three years. Today, however, the situation is very complicated for Coach Janotti: the team, which started with a lot of expectations, fought to merge and also suffered serious injuries in Arthur, Graves, Crudo. Panjera is only back in the current season, Ranchi is still largely out while Katrina Dutto recently missed races with Fayenza and Bologna. Even Rare certainly can’t laugh, because of the physical problems that kept Petronite and especially Pan out, who virtually never showed up in season (just two races): but of course Coach Majon’s disposal has long staff and full staff. , Among the favorites to win the final.
Dual – Valeria Truco (9.3 points, 6 rebounds) e All mothers (6.4 points, 5.1 rebounds) They have been international teammates year after year among the youngsters and seniors, now they share a common direction between the two teams of different races: Truco, including Graves’ injury Gives minutes as a wingman from the bench (he comes from four consecutive double digits); Madeira, especially with the foreign rotation looming and not at the top of a Petronyte, is a luxury behind the major changes behind Ndour-Bestagno and especially in the Italian Championship it does not just come off the bench.
MVP Clock –
It is difficult to choose among the foreign women of Venice (Thornton and Anderson are certainly at the top of their roles), we are sure that the role Astou Ndour (17.2 points, 8.1 rebounds) will be the basics: the run has come, the Spaniard is proving all his abilities, and as a two-dimensional player (48% of three!) He can put virtually anyone in trouble, not just in Italy. He is the longtime division leader of Venice. Jazman in Guatemala (15.8 points, 62. rebound) He is, for his part, perhaps the most talented player in Geass, as well as the best at making points for himself: Coach Janotti’s team relies entirely on his ups and downs, especially now that the staff is very small.

(3) VIRTUS SEGAFREDO BOLOGNA VS (6) LA MOLISANA MAGNOLIA CAMPOBASSO – Friday 25 March, 8.45 pm (Live Broadcast LBF TV and LBF TV – Canale 411)
It was not a comfortable year for Vertas Segafredo Bologna, who started without Heinz-Allen and Turner, had to rediscover himself and find the team on the run: Coach Lardo was not lucky after the injury, which sent Cinelli jump and Jandalasini virtually everyone. Turned. Preparation. The staffers, at full strength, then changed after a few games with the departure of a key player such as Heinz-Allen: however, Vertus seem to have absorbed the push well, and Dozak’s high-level growth is helping the attack. Hot moments, as happened at Geass’s house. On the eve of the news then the last-minute blow to the patron Zanetti ambitious company: Austrian Sarah Sagerer. For Vertas, however, comes the specter of La Molisana Magnolia Campobaso: The Molis women won 61-70 in Bologna, then lost 61-69, but they were without Gray. In both games, Robin Parks delivered one of his best basketball games and could repeat himself again. Campobaso will return from a recovery in Empoli just two days before the race, but he can also dream of a coup in physical debt.
Dual – Robin Parks
(15.5 points, 5.9 rebounds) e Cecilia Jandalasini (13.9 points, 6.7 rebounds) Comparison: They help the main creator of the game for the two teams, Jandalasini Dozkik, who of course gives the impression of being primarily a terminal, while “Zanda” rebounds and assists the teammates. Parks, a rookie player, much like Dozicki: pure scorer, but similar to Cecilia (who also assists: 1.4 vs. 3.4) has the ability to manage attacks while he turns Campobasso attacks better.
MVP Watch – Brianna Turner
(14.8 points, 11.9 rebounds) The potential MVP is not only for his numbers in attack, but also for what he does in his defensive half: rebound, defense (1.9 blocks and 1.7 per game theft), power. One of the best players to play in the championship spaces, on the attack where he stops or aids well to every available discharge and on team defense. Reshanda Gray (16.2 points, 7.8 rebounds) She made a very strong start, winning the MVP Women’s Basketball League in October, then suffered some physical problems that slowed her season: she remained a player who changed landscapes when she appeared, For the Mollies, they need a more qualitative leap from the American, especially after Premasunak’s injury.

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