“This time I scored at Wimbledon.”

Beretini, how are you?

“Okay now, but I haven’t started the game anymore. In the days before Indian Wells started, I first felt pain in my finger, when I backhanded with both hands: I felt a click of the tendon coming from the track. The first tests didn’t give me alarming results and I got on the field with it. However, the frustration increased and for this I retired in Miami. The real scope of the problem is clear, I managed it.

It was not a trivial blow.

“It simply came to our notice then. In my case it always comes out of its natural place and displaces itself. Now I start shaking hands again, move it and … say goodbye, but still no tennis. I hope to be back soon because everything is going as planned.

Is the stomach problem a thing of the past or does he need to be prepared and adapt to the season so that he does not fall back into such trauma?

“We’ve done some studies because it’s okay to investigate when recurrent injuries like mine happen over time. Last year the tier was due to quarantine because we did not train well and we started again with 3 sets out of 5 matches. Since then a scar has formed on the left side of the abdomen which, when I try my best, feels itself. . We try to work to make my body more flexible and fluid, but we know that high-level sports can lead to injuries that are out of control.

Will he be on the field at Roland Garros?

“It simply came to our notice then. When I hit the first ball, I realize how long it takes to get back to an acceptable level of form. In sports and in life “never say no”, but I will not take risks and I will not make hasty decisions. If I don’t feel ready, I’ll skip the soil and go straight to the grass. This forced stop will allow me to reach the cold by the end of November.

No Rome: Are you sorry?

“Internazionale d’Italia is a tournament that I feel the most emotionally because I was there watching the tournament as a child and I dreamed of being competitive at that level. It’s a pain to avoid. Didn’t enjoy it.You will see that in 2023 I will have the mental strength to introduce myself to Foro Italico for the better.

In your absence, can Italian fans expect the fame of a fellow countryman?

“Sonego and Papi. I hope an Italian will come down and win.”

Let’s get to that and go back to the grass … Wimbledon, July 11 with the final defeat against Djokovic. What did you lack to win?

“When you get close to a Grand Slam success, it’s a matter of detail and Novak was in the 30th final of a Grand Slam, I was in the first. He annoys me a lot because of his playing qualities.

Will you try again in late June?

“It simply came to our notice then. I hope this time the goal will be. Seriously, I’ll be less prepared because 12 months ago I got there with a lot of matches on my shoulders, not this time. But now my experience is more and I turned more. Stopping and defeating has taught me a lot.

What exactly?

“Winning is good, but losing is more important. After the absence due to injury or knockout, I always felt a big push inside me, the reason for revenge. If the defeat is small and well taken, I can help.”

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

“I think it was a feature of mine since I was younger: then as now I used all my mental strength to get the best results. I won points with my shots, but if I don’t go to the field properly, forehand and serve are less effective. To be an elite player, hit the matter up to a certain point. If something doesn’t snap into you, it’s hard. ”

Do you have a mental trainer?

“From the age of 17, but I don’t do any specific exercises with him. It’s a way that leads you to know yourself over time, helps you digest defeat properly and relieves some stress.”

After the participation of Wimbledon and Sunremo, everyone knows it. Is it difficult to manage notoriety?

“I never expected that, but it’s nice when fans tell me they’ve thanked me for contacting or reconnecting with tennis. I manage my notoriety with what my parents taught me. Asking, I can’t say no. Masks have helped me blend so far. I’m just sorry that sometimes, when I want to make time for my best friends, I don’t always succeed because there are so many people around ».

For two or three years we’ve been talking about generational change, Fab 3 falling and instead they still win.

“You have to get in the habit of staying on top. Federer, Nadal and Djokovic have always been able to manage stress with incredible results, but the ups and downs for people are physiological.

Is it nice to feel this moment, where with the big three fall, young people are making an important place for themselves?

“They’ve been talking about their downfall for ten years and instead they always win. Playing in their era is great for me: I’ve seen all three on TV and then on the pitch as spectators. It’s already made me proud. If they stop, however, nothing will be easier: There is a generation of younger athletes from Sinar and Alcaraz who are very competitive.

If you had to choose between winning the Grand Slam or the Davis Cup, what would you like?

“Now a Grand Slam, but Davis comes right after.”

Italy has not raised it since 1976. Is it your right generation to bring it back … at home?

“The moment has come because the team is very strong. A lot has changed since the rules began in 1976. The double is more important than in the past and we are not good at this specialty, but Davis Russia won which is certainly not the strongest double in the world. I believe in teams and boys. We are building a medium-term project and we can go down.

This time of rest allowed him to stay in Rome. Didn’t he think about the fact that he lives in a bubble with tennis and he misses a real life?

“At some point in my career I didn’t miss out on everyday life because I was focused on doing well in tennis. Now every moment I find myself partying or spending a weekend with friends and nobody dies. In fact, it recharges me.” .

Are you considering a job in tennis?

“No. Sometimes I’d rather avoid a meeting with a lawyer, a physiotherapy session, or a heavy workout, but in my life, I’m doing what I dream of. When my grandmother cries and cries for not seeing me, she makes a hole in me.

Everyone knows him as a handsome boy. When do you realize you are beautiful?

“April 12, 1996, when I was born. My mother immediately said: “Kill how beautiful it is” (Laughter; Ed). Like my grandmother. But I don’t look at myself in the mirror and I repeat to myself: “Kill how beautiful I am”. Beauty does not help to play tennis.

What do you ask for the second half of 2022?

“Get well and push hard. I’ve never played well in the Masters 1000 in Canada, not even in Cincinnati. A good American” tour “and then the US Open would be great. There is time to recover and I will try.

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