“A black cat is staring at me in the closet”, a surprise for new homeowners

They had just moved into a new home when an unexpected guest was waiting for them: a black cat was staring at them from inside a kitchen cabinet. It happened at a house in Norwich, UK, just before Christmas.

The family then called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) who sent one of their visitors to the site: Was worried because they have dogs and they don’t want to scare the cat in advance. ‘

“It was a really sweet thing: she’s a cute kitten who likes stories and wants to hug her bed – the visitor explains – I called her Misleto because it was found just before Christmas.”

From veterinary tests, the miscellaneous has been found to be healthy, but without the microchip: now it will be in a shelter for a few weeks, and then it will be listed as an animal for adoption.

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