A Super ABBA takes Pineto Home Game 1: Wow it ends 2-3 at Greenhouse!

In the 1st game of the play-off semifinals, ABBA Pineto Volley won by a margin of 2-3 in Palazzakazi against the hosts of Wao Greenhouse Oversa. After the first set ends at 23-25, the second set is tied at 25-20. The third still speaks to Abruzzo with Teramani 23-25. In the fourth, however, the conflict with Campania 25-21 always goes to parity. At the tie-break, the Riparians won 13-15.

The match begins Bartoli’s ace and first extension in 4-6 with Pineto and immediately coach Tomasello recalls his boys back on the bench. It goes from point to point until the middle of the set. Ace batting from the link for ABBA, who finds himself again with an extension in the partial command that may already be 15-18. In the next wide attack of the scrimmage, the Wow Greenhouse Hours coach stopped the game again for 30 seconds. When Starace Pineto blocked Aversa’s attack, he returned 21-23. Bartoli played the second time out on 22-23. But the set now has a master: Pineto won 23-25

In the second set Ace from Scripanti for 2-1, but Bankajjuri has a terrific Jacob link: a direct bomb from 9 meters that gives him a 6-7 advantage. With an ace of 12-11, Sakripanti refers to the team on his shoulders which encourages the supporters of the house. Disabato’s attack on the net and coach Bartoli called the time-out 15-13. Former Trilini and Wall of 18-15. Morelli warmed his arm at the decisive moment: he stopped a very long exchange for 20-17. The same X4 against the wall gives 24-20 set points. One enough: Ace from another former Trilini and make it 1-1.

The third period Immediately sees Bonina’s giant block. Everyone is standing for Norman Power House. Trillini do not want to be outdone, the first wall ee first +2 and 6-4. A moment from 9-6 to 9-8, Coach Tomasello likes to talk to us and call his hips to calm down. In the ace of the link it returns to the draw at 10. Then a new break by Aversa 13-10, stopped by Cato’s double and this time it was Coach Bartoli who stopped the game. Abba doesn’t want the Normans to escape, Bartoli takes advantage of the wall and brings Pineto-1 back to 15-14. Putin and Wao get double the advantage of the greenhouse (17-15). After a timeout called by coach Bartoli, ABBA managed to keep the overtaking arrow and nibble on important points, reaching 18-20. This time Mr. Tomasello to time-out. Starace immediately collected hints from his technicians. Disbato answers for 20-21. The tension is clear. After Morelli’s error in serving, the hosts still managed to make an impact 22-22 in the competition. In the most exciting moment Link manages to give two sets of balls with the help of tape. After the first one was canceled, Malmour Killer still gives up 23-25 ​​sets.

In the fourth set Conflict sees the normal balance on the pitch. Avarsa tries to escape but the boys of President Abendanger not only stay close to the opponent but also find a double extension at 5-7 with Captain Calonico. Disabato then write on the board of PalaJacazzi 6-9 burning “suspension” with an attack, almost thinking about it. Tomasello calls his first technical time. Insights are won with Campania who mentions 8-9 below. As always, the elasticity of the two teams is the late motif of the match. Supported by his supporters, Wow Green House manages to take a 13-11 lead. After an attack by the locals, Biancazuri wants to influence the match with all his might. With whistling attacks on President de Mio’s troops, the game turned into a 16-16 parity track. Captain Callonico is thinking of the wall, to sign the overtaking again at 17-18. The Normans, however, were not there and the frantic Morelli partially overturned 19-18. Always the opposite of the house manages to slash two points against his former team. Coach Bartoli therefore called the time out on 21-19. Despite the endless exchange, it was the great ex of the match who kept a side distance at 23-19. Bartoli tries to shorten but a mistake in Kato’s service gives him four sets of balls. After the first was canceled, the match went to the fifth set 25-21.

At the tie break The script always plays the same score. Bankajjuri, furious, however, manages to lead 2-4 for a good wall-defense intersection. Mr. Tomasello therefore calls his first thirty seconds. Again this step pays off with the scripanty who closes 3-4 diagonally. On the reverse side, however, a super taker from Bartoli and then Disabato costs 3-6. The home sextet tries to fill it but the partial 6-8 is for the adriatic when the field changes. Immediately punch the opponent defending the link. He was joined by Bartoli, who stubbornly puts 8-10 balls on the ground. The home team tries to fill it with an ace from Sakripanti. Coach Bartoli therefore calls his personal thirty seconds. But Link thinks about it, diagonally, to write 9-11 on the board. Always link, always diagonal and 10-13 ABBA. The room technician calls the last technical time available for him. Even then the reverse host gives his team four match balls. After two cancellations, coach Bartoli called for his last. After the other one was canceled, Pineto became the home Race 1 player through a terrific pipe attack by Bertoli that ended up on the roof of the building and signaled the victory of the Adriatic in Race 1.

Wow Greenhouse Avarsa – ABBA Pineto Volley 2-3 (23-25, 25-20, 23-25, 25-21, 13-15)

Wow greenhouse avarsa: Morelli 26, Trillini 16, Cuti 1, Putini 2, Starace 17, Corrieri, Sacripanti 16, Diana 2, Schioppa, Agostini, Barretta, Bonini 3, L Calitri 62% pos 22% prf, L Gatto.

ABBA Pineto Volley: Del Campo, Calonico 4, Bertoli 19, Disabato 12, Martinelli, Marolla, Catone, Persoglia 13, Omaggi, Link 32, Fioretti, Orlando, L Giuliani 26% pos 16% prf, L Pesare.
Coach: Franco Bertoli.

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