Are we really made for each other?

Love is the beginning of everything – Love each other is the starting point without which the road does not start. But the feeling has to be separated from the illusion, which is very different. Love means respect and recognition for others more than oneself. It means praising your partner for his or her qualities, but also respecting and acknowledging his faults with patience and a pinch of humor, because these are the aspects that make him unique. Love is also sexual, because chemistry and intimacy play a fundamental role and which must be sustained over time.

We can recognize ourselves with the same values – Having the same outlook on life is a very important fact: it means having common standards and a large set of beliefs that will guide us in making important decisions. This reservoir of shared values ​​from the beginning will help us to follow the same path. However, belonging to different worlds does not make a common path impossible, but it certainly requires a lot of flexibility on both sides and a good negotiating skill to find acceptable compromises for both. Either way, it makes life a lot easier to see things from the beginning.

Trust: Mutual and unconditional – Knowing that you can trust each other is one of the most important factors that must be kept in a couple’s life. Faith, then, has different levels: First, it means that you can rely on your partner’s sincerity and complete loyalty to us, and vice versa. But it means being appreciated, supported and valued in everyday battles, big or small, and being sure of being able to rely on the unconditional support of others.

Understanding the flight – A good understanding as a couple is expressed in the ability to understand and comprehend each other, even beyond words. It means knowing when to insist and when to give up; This means that we can talk to our partner or our partner about everything without fear of being judged, even the most subtle things, but also with love and understanding of differences of opinion.

Best friends for each other- Is he (or she) the first person with whom we are interested in sharing good news or bad news? Are we able to have fun together, laugh, share interests and passions together? In short, don’t we all get bored together because we always have something beautiful to do and share? If yes, green disc. Let us commit ourselves to protect this precious complication.

The Art of Negotiation – It is not always possible to agree, but mediation can and will be found. Whether it’s a small thing, choosing between the sea and the mountains for the holidays, or buying something important, a healthy and balanced couple knows how to find an inner balance that enhances both likes and dislikes.

Half an apple? Not always – It is sometimes said that two partners who are very similar cannot live together without creating a spark, but this is also true of those who are very different. Or not. In reality, what really matters is the ability to mediate between the two and their desire to build a common ground on which to walk. So, two people who are very independent and jealous of their own place may end up in conflict, but the same is true for two partners who have deeply the same needs and ambitions, but who do not find their answer. Long-term couples in partnership teach us that the most important things are mediation and mutual respect.

Walking together (even with some quarrels) – You can’t always look the same and some collisions, especially during stress, are inevitable. The important thing is to have a healthy and constructive conflict without too much hostility and with the intention of solving the problem. We and our partners are really ready for each other if we are both determined to walk together on the path of personal and couple growth. Wrong, fall and stumble, but each of them is ready to get up, apologize and start again. All the time.

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