Celebrating 18 years of free dogs from Biondo l’Anarchico, Pozzuoli

In the picture: Beyonc্য the anarchist

He was born on the Pozuli Stone in the province of Naples, as a free dog that still lives like this: Biondo l’AnarchioThe free dog was born and always lived on the streets of Pozuli port.

“Who is Biondo?” An anarchist – he calls Kodami Julia D’OrianoOne of the volunteers who took care of him – there is no political meaning behind his name, but there is no cultural meaning, he is a person’s spy. Independent He who does not follow the flock and lives as he sees fit. Moreover, he chooses to live in the green around the temple of Serapis where there is an anarchist monument.

“The most important thing is that people, all human beings, lose the instincts and habits of the sheep that have been inspired by millennial slavery and Learn to think and act independentlyThat is why the monument was built in the 1980s in memory of Puteola’s anarchist Emanuel Vison And located in the front garden of the ancient Roman Masselum, commonly known to the Putolan as the “Temple of Serapis,” for the discovery of an idol dedicated to the Egyptian deity of the same name.

Monument anarchist pozzuoli blonde dog
In the picture: Biondo in front of the anarchist monument of Pozzuoli

It is in the shadow of this anarchist monument that Beyonc has chosen to live her whole life, wary of men and always jealous of her place. And this is where Will celebrate the 18-year milestone Together those who take care of her every day.

Among the people who are really monitoring Biondo Giulia Those who, together with Bruno, Raphael, Michelangelo and Massimiliano, are able to feed him three times a day, pesticides, brushes and all the attention. Relieves geriatric diseases And a life that is not easy, often makes people more complicated.

Anarchist blonde
In the picture: Blonde in her kennel

Indeed, despite being born free from a mother whom Giulia has even defined as “wild,” she has repeatedly been the victim of human cruelty.

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Beyonc জানেন knows of the man’s senseless cruelty: “Some people tied ropes around his neck and legs when he was little. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. No, and only lately, perhaps because of old age, does he accept anything?

It wasn’t easy to keep him on the road, but because of an accident with a car that violated him, and because of the complications that have occurred over the past four years.

“Biondo was taken to the canal where he was for more than a month: the institutions decided to live in a box for him – Julia continues – because of her age the veterinarians no longer consider her fit to live on the street. Fortunately we took her out. There are some ailments that many of us take care of not only with food but also with essential medicines and pesticides. Because “free” does not mean “abandoned”

The party was born precisely to celebrate a dignified goal for a dog for 18 years, but it would also be an opportunity to compare it with the Puteolan community. Reflect free dogs And on the significance of their presence on the terrain.

Free dog

“We are human beings We do not have to lose touch with free animals – Giulia says – in the past there were many and people were accustomed to their presence, now it rarely happens that dogs live freely in the city and people create an unreasonable fear when they have to deal with them. Instead, we should go back to understanding that dogs are not all the same: every person is different and some are intolerant in family life.

Often, when it comes to free dogs, especially if they are of a certain age, many are led to wonder if it is not cruel to leave them in a nomadic life. “It is cruel to abandon a dog born in a family and accustomed to living in a house on the street. In contrast, a dog born on the street and accustomed to dealing with the urban environment enjoys life within four walls.” Not what makes a dog happy, but respect for his character.

And in the case of Beondo Giulia, he added: “We understand that this is an adult animal and for years we have tried to keep it at home, at least for medical administration, but there was no way out. His place seems to be to go back there.

Beyondo the Anarchist is still in his pooja, In the middle of the sea where he was born and the center of the city, this is where he wants to live, independently, the existence he has chosen; At a very high cost of the suffering inflicted on him by man.

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