Come with me My Sunday at the beach with my dog

I was so tired, I just finished a very busy week, full of promise, dissatisfaction and tough deadlines. I decided to book a book without intruders and spend a day at the beach with myself. I was restless in the living room, trying to collect sunscreen, beach towels, a book that I could finally finish reading and other miscellaneous items to put in the bag. When my dogs started to see me wagging their tails.

They looked at the sea bag and thought it was a suitcase and who I was, fast, I was ignoring them. They sit next to the bag, on the carpet, and begin to talk to me in silence.

It was clear that it was Sunday, and it was Sunday for them too: they wanted to leave home.

Arthur and Coco
In the first stage I decided to leave them at home with my daughter, because the man, Arthur, was particularly eccentric and had a slight inclination towards socializing; He had a hard childhood and he loved like crazy only his family unit-pack and some other scattered people who come to my house frequently. She needs a very slow sensitive break to enter a relationship, which doesn’t go well with an immediate Sunday at sea. Coco, his companion on adventure and couch, especially friendly, party-loving and playful; To take attention and pampering, disturb pedestrians by them.

And he will sell his soul to the first crunch or affection that passes.

I finished the bag, I couldn’t take my eyes and mind away from them.

They look like two salt idols. Features. Begging with manners and dignity. Slightly wagging their tails is enough to make you feel guilty. Strict but loving. They won, I told myself. I took their double carriers and decided to take them to sea with me, even though I knew I was neglecting the book and not getting the rest I was hoping for.

Taormina in the sun
Here we are in the sea of ​​Taormina.

The sun is already hot, the sky is so intense blue that it looks shiny. From the beach you can see Calabria on one side and Augusta on the other. There are no shadows of clouds, all mixed with a thick array of flowering thorny pears. A fishing boat is returning from its fishing: it sails slowly, no more than five knots, it leaves a soft path in the water that closes as it goes.

The sand is yellow, golden in color. Shiny and spotless, fresh record.

I stare at the horizon fascinated by light and warmth and they are with me. I chose a sunbed and an umbrella.

I put my dogs to bed, at my feet, with their little heads in the shade, and I recommend a thousand: “Don’t bark, don’t bother, don’t scatter sand to pedestrians”. And when I talk to her I feel a little stupid, basically I tell myself.

I decorate the bowls with water, well aware that soon they will become a mixture of water and sand, I take their towels and their toys and I hope to rest.

Empathy and rest
My Sunday at the beach was wonderful, not at all tiring, bright with light and unexpected harmony.

All day long my dogs slept, played with each other, ran around the beach with their ribs, and nibbled at me, their bones, bathed in the sun. Necessarily, so. I read, slept, bathed, talked to other bathers, ate, sunbathed. Necessarily, so.

Everyone passing by my bed stopped to look at them and they reciprocated with contagious affection.

My dog, like all other dogs, smells of fear and love, so they approach or stay in place if those who are interested in them are afraid or unwilling. They have nothing to do with it. Sometimes I think we should learn on our own.

If you have a dog you know it
During this gift of mine called “Sunday with my dog ​​on the beach”, I talked to strangers who were able to thank my dogs.

Because when you have a dog, you can recognize who loves them or is lucky enough to live with them from afar. Distance close to zero and the heart wide open and talking to each other. It is true that interaction with dogs triggers deep emotional interactions. It happens every time, everywhere. The heart suddenly opens and every dog ​​has a huge potential to create a deep and intimate connection with everything and everyone.

See with the mind

Animals teach us to speak outside, to hear and see with the heart, even without ears and eyes. Today, after years of persistent visits to this beach, I have seen and felt unprecedented tremors that I have never felt before.

At the end of the day, the owner of Lido de Taormina told me: “Thanks to the company, your dogs have made this place a better place.”

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