Courage, opportunity and the golden equal in Casale –

And applause Mr. Poro

The applause of the fans in Varesh

The video comes with a final round of applause from the supporters and Mr Poro, while Bra won 3-2 at Vado. And Casale is looking forward to playing everything for Sunday

48 ‘Over: After a great match, Varese is very close to the play-off and creates innumerable opportunities

47 ‘Throw-in Castle, it’s over. With one minute left, Darthona equalized but remained at -1 from red-white

46 & # 39; The priest wanted a fine in the area, but no one was. Castle starts again

45 ‘three minutes of recovery

44 ‘Shoot Disabato down: Gatto warns. All in the Casale area

43 ‘two at the end, results from other fields are already Varese favorable. One step away from the playoffs: Darthona loses, as well as bra and cherry

41 Edge de Renzo: Parade

40 ‘ Meanwhile, we fight in the middle Varese fans are all standing in the castle to support the team

38 ‘Corner won by Pastor under Varese fans cheering on the team with a big heart

There will be two more changes when the offensive phase at 37 ‘Versace: outside Mama, inside De Renzo. Inside Amayah, among the hosts outside the fort

36 ‘Maple down, Varese free kick

35 ‘ Premoli for Piraccini in Varese

34 ‘Black Starry Angle

34 ‘Free kick near the Castle flag

32 ‘Castle angleThen the deadly red and white counter-attack Cantatore-Piraccini-Mamah who did not stop for a moment in front of the front door

30 ‘ Montenegro on the Castle field outside the Continental

30 ‘Corner Versace

29 ‘Novara is always equal to Gozzano and in Serie C.Even if Sanremese wins now

27 ‘So far, though, it has been a good match for Versace Those who showed great desire and courage to win

Opportunity at 25 ‘Versace Mamah, a foul touch in front of the ball in front of a ball at half height and a decisive hit by goalkeeper Guerci who removed the ball from the line

22 ‘Double change Casale: Cat for Candido, Gianola for Martin

22 ‘ Balanced and highly uncertain challenges

20 ‘Cantatore for Varese GazoAdmired by both red and white fans

Opportunity in 19 ‘Versace Unclean, great shot deflected for a corner in the Disbato area for the priest

17 ‘Shepherd, king of guiltGets a penalty from Troker for that

14 ‘ Now come the red and white: Casale and Varese are both trying to win

13 ‘in a round wind. In the reverse post, Candido kicked the free kick with a low shot

12 ‘Free kick from the corners of the red and white area For Casale. The match is now a pinball machine

10 ‘Farm Opportunity Trumbini defended a goal at the fort, shooting only on the spot and without fail

8 ‘Cross Verses After Disabato’s free kick, the ball landed on the crossbar and hit the head in front of the goal

8 ‘Another red and white free-kick, all in the home area

Batistella for 6 ‘Versace Fasciani: Courage Poro, who took Baggio to the Fasciani band

5 ‘ Disabato throws away the punishment

4 ‘ Do it for red and white near the corners under the Varese fan

3 ‘ Pressing Varese too high

2 ‘D’Ancora per Fort in front of Trumbini: High! If not offside, Castle would have failed and had a sensational opportunity

1 ‘broken

Timeout: I start with a crossbar and two occasions from Varese, then Casale rises, hitting a stick and creating another clear chance. Equally right, probably a bit tight for Varese

Other areas: Darthona 1-0 at home RG Tikino, equal to SunRames and equal to Novara, who is currently in Serie C

46 ‘Opportunity versus In the final action of the season, Baggio starts on the left and puts it nicely for the pastor who turns his head.

46 & # 39; D’Ancora knocks out Pastor who launches a counter-attack: Warning

45 ‘will recover: 1 minute

43 ‘stall phaseNow Baggio is fighting Giachino with the flag

40 ‘No need to repeat: Marcaletti on the one hand and Fasciani on the other were targeted. The front varsity survives and hides thanks to Mama, Pastor and Disabato in the fine dust.

38 ‘Other Fields: Cestry ahead of SunremoreChieri 2-1 under Lavagna, even Bra always under a goal against Vado

37 & # 39; Versace answers at the stage of extreme difficulty: Mama of the area shoots next door

36 ‘Castle Opportunity Candido’s cross from ordinary band, Continella – again he – hits his head: Ball out of nowhere

33 ‘Palo Castle Continella, always on the left, where Fasciani has a very difficult problem, enters the area and strikes diagonally with a slash that sends the shovel to the opposite pole before exiting.

32 ‘The hosts seem to have taken action After the painful and deceptive wait in Varese

28 & # 39; A more balanced match with the Casale that seems to find gaps in the flanks After the full guest start

26 ‘Again, Candido easily defeated a Fasciani A lot of trouble in his band. Maybe some counter measures should be taken before it’s too late

25 ‘ Nerostella is now under pressure, however, and is still becoming dangerous. Varese continues to play better, pushing Disabato

24 ‘Castle angle

22 ‘Other Fields: I advance to Brat, now in red and white from 6th to 6th, out of the playoffs

20 & # 39; Biancorossi is suffering on both sides: Giaccino on the one hand and Candido Su Fasciani on the other

19 ‘Black Misfortune PurpleSubstituted by Marquette: 18 minutes is great before leaving the hull again

18 ‘Purple on the ground Just below the guest sector: it will probably go out. Central from Varese returned today after a long injury, he had a great start hitting the crossbar

15 ‘Signs of Kassel’s awakening: Candido on the left wing of the wing also seems to be able to hurt Fasciani

14 ‘Versace’s insane start, only the goal was missing

9 ‘You can see the Casale, Especially on the right with Giachino who is putting Baggio in trouble on the defensive stage

Barese again! Disabato puts it nicely on the field: Alessandro Baggio should have hit hard on goal as soon as goalkeeper Guerci came out after touching from Cincinnati Mama.

8 & # 39; There are already two clear opportunities for Versace, the best starting writer of the championship

6 ‘Versace Crossbar Perpinell hits the wood vigorously Nicely beaten to the left by Disabato in a corner. The central re-entry header was almost perfect

5 times in the corner, again!

4 ‘Opportunity Versus Mama, still him, unleashes him in the Piedmont area: he steals the ball and goes high shot

2 ‘Shooting in the Mamah area, goalkeeper Guersey at the counter in the first corner from the guest

1 ‘party

Is Live from the guest sector, in the middle of a section of Varese fans – Others are standing by. – To tell you about the match: Perfect weather with 20 degrees, great field and great cheer in the Christmas village.

Great setting for Christmas Village de Castle A challenge for the taste of the playoffs Nerostella has returned from 13 useful results and is fourth in -3 from the hosts in Versailles.

We will tell you directly about the third final game of the championshipHopefully then there could be two more (The semifinals and play-offs are currently scheduled for the last two Sundays in May), Which can be decisive in winning the hosts or guests The third position which gives the right to play the first direct match at home The playoffs against the fourth man in the standings (the other pair is second-fifth).

Poro confirms the formation of the last two races Mandatory, with only one innovation: Return of goalkeeper Trumbini After Priori’s injury (Vono goes to the bench).

Real time updates From other fields, especially from Tortona, where Darthona, red and white to -1a, hosts RG TikinoI go (where bra-4 comes in) and lavagna (from Porro’s team to Chieri-5) but above all Gojano Where is it? 500 Azzurri fans are waiting to celebrate their return to Serie C.: One draw is enough for Novara for mathematical promotion.

Farmhouse (4-3-3) Guernsey; Gigli, Darini, Sylvestri, Cassella; Continella (Montenegro 30 ‘st), D’Ancora, Martin Gianola 22’); Giacchino, Forte (Amayah 38 ‘st), Candido (Gatto 22’ st). Available: Paloschi, Mullici, Brunetti, Albisetti, Inishchenko. Hords Giuseppe Sangregorio (Cesia incompetent).
Versace (3-5-2) Trumpet; Maple, Monticone, Perpinel (Markletti 19 ‘pt); Foschiani (Battistella 6th), Piraccini (35th Premoli), Gazo (20th Cantatore), Disabato, A.Baggio; Mamah (Di Renzo 38 ‘st), priest. Available: Vono, Tosi, Mendolia, Minaj. Coach: Gianluca Poro.
Judge: Marco de Loreto from Terni (Pasquini from Genoa and Della Monica from La Spezia). Note: – Angle: 3-4. Booked: D’Ancora (C), Gatto (C)

Third to last day

3 p.m.: Caronnese-Ligorna, Casale-Varese, Fossano-Borgosesia, Gozzano-Novara, Derthona-Rg Ticino, Lavagnese-chieri, Pont Donnaz-Imperia, Saluzzo-Asti, Sanremese-Sestri, Vado-Bra.


Novara 78, Sanremese 70, Casale 59, Varese 56, Derthona 55, Bra 52, Chieri 51, Sestri 50, Borgosesia 48, Caronnese 47, Gozzano, Ligorna 46, Vado, Pont Donnaz 44, Asti TGssaic, 4138no, Imperia, Lavagnese 29 , Saluzzo 18 relegated to excelence
NB: 2nd to 5th in playoffs, last two in excellence (Saluzzo already exiled), sixth to third in playout

Sunday, May 8

Last day, 4 p.m.: Asti-Lavagnese, Borgosesia-Gozzano, Bra-Casale, Chieri-Novara, Varese-Saluzzo, Derthona-Sanremese, Imperia-Fossano, Ligorna-Pont Donnaz, Rg Ticino-Vado, Sestri-Caronnese.

Sunday 15th May

Last day at 4 pm: Caronnese-Bra, Casale-Ligorna, Fossano-Asti, Gozzano-chieri, Lavagnese-Borgosesia, Novara-Derthona, Pont Donnaz-Varese, Saluzzo-Imperia, Sanremese-Rg Ticino, Vado-Sestri.

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