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Model after a quarrel with her ex-husband and Carabinieri’s intervention: “I want to report her for slander.” Regret: “Our son Carlos decided to stay with her, I’m sorry.” Future: “I’m working on my autobiography”

He described Friday’s “affair” as “really sad” and “inconsistent.” But, he added: “Now that everything is in the hands of my lawyer, I want to go ahead with the slander and the truth, which has violated my rights as a woman, a mother, an ex-wife, a man.” Courier) Is Nina Marik, The Croatian model and normalized Italian showgirl who found her ex-husband Fabrizio Corona in a landing two nights, got angry and demanded a fictitious huge money back. “It was a quarrel between the ex-husband and the ex-wife, as is often the case,” said Ivano Chiesa, a lawyer for the king of the paparazzi and now under house arrest for health reasons. Fines of various processes. Merrick, however, doesn’t want to let it pass. “Such treatment is not acceptable.”

Let’s try to reconstruct what happened?

“I live on the fourth floor of an apartment with a 24-hour door. After 10pm when I heard screams outside the door: I don’t know how he got up. At that moment I called the carabinieri, but he also called them. So three patrol teams came and I saw nine to ten soldiers at home. I made myself available and said they could search my home because I had nothing to hide. And in fact at two in the morning they left without finding anything.

Fabrizio Corona was under house arrest, he could not go out to get to her.

“I didn’t even know he had permission and I didn’t want to mess with him. Humanly I’m sorry for that, but after so many years I want to keep a low profile and have my peace. I don’t want to put myself in a position where it can hurt him, but I don’t want to be slandered.

Do you know anything about the meaning that Fabrizio is talking about?

“But imagine! If we want to say all the money and more, he owes me: I’m talking about a picture with six zeros. And there’s an Indian proverb anyway: with money you can buy a house, but not people who It makes you feel good inside the house. It’s really sad. “

Was your son Carlos Maria at home?

“No … she decided to go with her father two months ago. I’m sorry, but I also know that this is a fleeting moment, it will be cut off. I am afraid that her father will take her to Separating from everyone, my wish for him is that he becomes pure and happy.

Why did he say that he was tearing her apart?

“It simply came to our notice then. They call to tell me. He doesn’t even answer me. I want him to start with university and everything, because being a humanist he has a special mind: it is a waste that he does nothing now. But where he lives now is different from the way I live: his father really likes to be present, but I want to take care of the depth.

Would you ever visit Carlos at his father’s house?

“Besides, I’m not welcome there, but it doesn’t affect me in the first person … I don’t even want to enter that house, it’s an environment that doesn’t fit my lifestyle. Fabrizio I don’t even see him as my ex-husband. , I have no emotional connection to it, no love or hate.Total indifference: how to talk about a stranger.I cut this navel for my own good and now it has put me in a very unpleasant situation for which I have to go ahead with my attorney. I have to go. “

How much did you finish on Friday night after leaving the carabinieri?

“It’s six o’clock in the morning. Suppose it’s like being the protagonist of a movie where I got it wrong. Peace and love. The carabinieri did not intimidate him: everyone, dressed in black, seemed to be his colleague.

How is your day now

“I am working on my autobiography. I don’t know which publisher I will publish it with, but I want to tell my story. Then I love to draw pictures. And I’m still a model: despite my age, I still protect myself well! I plan five minutes every day, until I reach 10: it’s a mental challenge. I didn’t do it on Friday evening because I got interrupted … 6.

Is he committed?

“No, I’ve been unmarried by choice for a long time now. From this summer. And I have to be honest: I don’t care about any stories, they have to be in my life and they forced me to take care of myself. We often want a person not to feel alone. If it comes out good, if not, then okay: I have my kitten.

Fabrizio Corona must at least acknowledge his son’s ability to be a father.

“It’s not a sperm that makes you a father. Fabrizio has a strong father-master personality, which I hope will awaken the lion in Carlos. We’ve all been wrong with her, but now that she’s a man, she’s twenty years old, she has a million different possibilities for realizing her life, she has an enviable charisma. The Lord entrusts the most difficult battle to his mighty warriors.

Do you believe in God?

“I believe in a good god: it’s not written in a book, it’s tattooed in our hearts from birth. And I’m a good soldier.”

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