FIBA World Cup 2023 Qualifier – All results from 25th February

An episode of Greece-Turkey photo

The first half of the 2023 World Cup qualifiers is over. After eight races yesterday, the program ended with the ABC and Group D challenges.

In group A.. Serbia win in Belgrade. Slovakia held the game in the hands of Ko Pesik, only in the last quarter Meleschenko’s Slovaks found the decisive draw with only 9 points. 14 points from Abramovich for Serbs. 23 in Slovakia by Broadzinski. Monsieur suffered Belgium’s first defeat in a match that failed to recover, always chasing a Latvian who was risky in the final but won by only one point (65-66). Among the Latvians 13 points Daris Bertans, coach Gjergia hosts for the same offensive turnover Gillet.

Group B. At the “Ano Leucia Olympic Hall” in Athens, a high-profile challenge between Greece and Turkey that ennobles the group, completed by Belarus and Great Britain. Costas decides to play 2 থেকে from the end on two free throws by Papanikolau, who put the Greeks 3 points ahead of Larkin-1 basket for Turkey with the same Efes player who missed the winning shot in the siren. The Turks got off to a good start with 13-20 out of 10, with Greece responding with a great second quarter that resulted in a 40-32 break. In the third quarter, Turkey shortened to 60-56, making the last part very equal. The best scorer of the evening was Melih Mahmutoglu (21 points), Larkin added 10 with 9 assists. 14 for Papagianis and Agravanis in Greece.

Greece 2-1
Group C.. Finland reached the top of the group after losing to Slovenia in Espu, their first defeat in three games. The hosts held a crucial tier 86-76 in the final quarter. 25 points (three points from 7/11) from Sasu Salin for a Finland who shoots well from outside the arc (14/34). Zoran Drazic’s 25 points is not enough for Slovenia Croatia remain dry in Zagreb, forced to surrender (third in three games) against Sweden, who have reached the top of Slovenia along with Finland. The Scandinavians’ extension in the third quarter is decisive for them in the final 64-70. Victor Gadefers (5/7 shooting) 16 points out of 20 for Tomislav Zubic.

Group D. Germany moved to Tel Aviv, Israel’s first defeat in a World Cup qualifier. Robin Benjing has 17 points for Coach Herbert’s side in 67-71 who is pulling a lot from Justice Holtz’s three (3/12) and 16. Tomar Zinat’s 20 (7/8 and 7 rebounds from the field) for Israel. At the top of the table is Estonia, who won against Poland in Tallinn, still finishing at zero points. For 75-71 coach Toizala’s team who take advantage of General Joser’s 22 points, Mike-Kalev is unique in double figures with Kotsar (17). The best in Poland is Jakub Garbakz (15).

In group A.
Belgium-Latvia 65-66
Serbia-Slovakia 75-63
28/02 Slovakia-Serbia
28/02 Latvia-Belgium
Belgium 2-1
Serbia 2-1
Latvia 2-1
Slovakia 0-3

Group B
Greece-Turkey 72-71
Belarus-Great Britain rinv.
Great Britain-Belarus
28/02 Turkey-Greece
Greece 2-1
Belarus 1-1
Great Britain 1-1
Turkey 1-2

Group C.
Finland-Slovenia 86-76
Croatia-Sweden 64-70
28/02 Slovenia-Finland
02/28 Sweden-Croatia
Slovenia 2-1
Sweden 2-1
Finland 2-1
Croatia 0-3

Group D
Israel-Germany 67-71
Estonia-Poland 75-71
28/02 Poland-Estonia
02/28 Germany-Israel
Israel 2-1
Estonia 2-1
Germany 2-1
Poland 0-3

The condition of the other parties
Group E
Hungary-Montenegro 67-83
France-Portugal 94-56
27/02 Montenegro-Hungary
27/02 Portugal-France
France 3-0
Montenegro 2-1
Hungary 1-2
Portugal 0-3

Group F.
Bulgaria-Czech Republic 79-70
Bosnia-Lithuania 77-78
27/02 Czech Republic-Bulgaria
27/02 Lithuania-Bosnia
Lithuania 3-0
Bosnia 2-1
Bulgaria 1-2
Czech Republic 0-3

Group G
Georgia-Northern Macedonia 91-70
Spain-Ukraine 88-74
27/02 Northern Macedonia-Georgia
RINV Ukraine-Spain
Spain 3-0
Georgia 2-1
Ukraine 1-2
Northern Macedonia 0-3

Group H.
Iceland-Italy 107-105 2OT
Russia-Netherlands 80-69
27/02 Netherlands-Russia
27/02 Italy-Iceland
Russia 3-0
Iceland 2-1
Italy 1-2
The Netherlands 0-3

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