How to handle a dog in a bar and public place

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Can’t I enter? And that’s the problem! “Here’s the hamletic suspicion that people today are confronted by dogs before crossing the threshold of a bar, a restaurant or a public place. Fortunately, Italy is one of the most developed countries in Europe in defending dog citizenship. Read the framework, In fact, they allow access to our four-legged friends virtually everywhere. At the legislature level, however, both the owner of the premises and the public administration of the municipality are allowed to ban animals. The purpose of this article is not to break the law to highlight flaws and limitations, but to give the phenomenon an animal-humanitarian lesson and to provide practical advice for actively building a modern transcendental citizenship.

A cultural responsibility

It is important to manage your partner better when we are guests at a club
In the picture: It is important to manage your partner better when we are guests at a club

When we enter a public place with a dog We have one Great responsibilityOnly civil and criminal but Cultural above all. Instead of considering granting this right, we should be aware that we are facing a possibility that has been overcome through effort and recently. So we have a responsibility to improve and live up to this victory as accurately as possible, so that it can be sustained as a rooted and established antispace practice. The dog is an animal that has evolved through the development of the ability to take food from humans and therefore through the development of refined social techniques. The dog and especially the pet is rather conditioned by the presence of food and when he realizes that he can get it, he easily loses self-control. For this reason, pet partners who like to involve their mates in their shopping or coffee at the bar need optimal management of the dog to avoid behavioral flow that could turn it into a complex presence capable of reacting. “Joint tolerance”. Unfortunately, this is a very widespread phenomenon in our society.

Pet-friendly culture-promoting bars and restaurants

A dog-friendly restaurant
In the picture: A dog-friendly restaurant

Today in the big city Most bars and restaurants are pet-friendly, Also driven by commercial interests and customer expansion. Placing the “I CANNOT ENTER” sign on the door means that the trader is predicting a huge profit for his business. While the abolition of dog access restrictions is considered a positive fact in integration, we should not forget that it is often a choice of pet-marketing rather than raising breed awareness in society. There is certainly nothing wrong with all this. Through economic interests, important cultural innovations are spreading today that simultaneously translate to places of rights and freedoms at the political level. The frame used as a source code for a pet-friendly culture must be made aware of the potential risks of tarnishing the image of the dog, and the pet’s partnership must be flattened with excessive clichs. Pet-friendly culture is also an integral part of the neo-constellation of awakening culture that, in parallel with the request for recognition of animal rights, spreads a relational image that places too much emphasis on pet care activities and therefore affection and giving. Food.

Risk of trivializing the dog

“How beautiful it is! াকা Look at that sweet eye» … কেমন How he looks at me! How can you not give him anything »…« A dog is better than a man! ». We often hear these phrases in bars. And it is precisely This mental growth that leads people to share their brooches and therefore think of earning a chance to caress it.Many bartenders even look at the counter with dog biscuits in their hands to hold their four-legged customers.We must admit, where It is not the Machiavellian attitude that motivates man, but the sincere feeling of love and respect for the dog.

How to handle it

When we enter a bar or dining area, it is important to evaluate the architectural locations and make the right logistic choice in a matter of seconds. The goal should be Watch the dog calm down as soon as possible. To do this we must position ourselves in a corner and ensure that the dog is protected from human sight. If the bar does not have a drinking table, it is advisable to place yourself in the counter area away from the entrance and the transit point. It is not always easy to find a combination of these logistical elements but it is necessary to persuade us to change bars or restaurants if the places do not lend themselves to the presence of dogs.

How to relate to people

Even when we are with a perfectly social dog we should always think Contains his fascination with food And people filter out approaches even when they want to pet and feed. We know very well that forbidding strangers to go out is not very polite and seems to give the feeling of wanting to disrupt the socialization of the dog. The question we are asked is: “Can I?” Although often it is a rhetorical question where the person asking the question does not wait for the answer … we still have to Learn to take advantage of opportunities to be able to spread a little healthy dog ​​culture. Then thanks, my advice Find a communication strategy Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. So to ensure that integration can be considered successful in public places like bars or restaurants, we should Try to free yourself from food blackmail. Let us commit ourselves to spreading the idea in our society that a healthy relationship of friendship between humans and dogs is not necessarily associated with food administration. The most beautiful relationship is never born by bribery and buying a partner, only by a desire that comes from a sense of mutual understanding and a fascination with diversity that seeks to stay together beyond one end of our daily species hybridization. And it is precisely a curious feature of Homo sapiens of which we are the modern example.

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