Montreal Fouri de Casa 2022 Special Award for Paolo Donadoni

The mayor of Santa Margarita Ligur is not only a politician, but also a poet and holds a PhD in university bioethics.

It will be handed over to the Mayor of Santa Margherita Ligur on Friday, May 6 at 4.30 pm in Portofino (Vico Nuovo, 21 – Portofino GE) at the “Tiatrino”. Paolo DonadoniThe “Montelle Fouri de Casa Special Award”, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Liguria Region, Portofino Municipality and credited with the contribution of Credit Agricole Italy.

Prize giving ceremony

President Mohammad will inaugurate the award ceremony Adriana Beverini And vice president Barbara Susie. In a conversation with the award winner, Luisella BatagliaProfessor of Ethical Philosophy and Bioethics at the University of Genoa Francesco de Nicola, President of the committee of the “Dante Alijiri Society” in Genoa, who also cultivated the promise of a winner in the study of bioethics and his long acquaintance with poetry, in the first person. Will conduct the event Alice LorganaResponsible for reward communication.

“The Santa Margarita Prize for First Citizen – explained by Adriana Beverini – is being held on the bicentennial of her death. Percy Baishe ShelleyThe English Romantic poet who spent the last six months of his life in San Terenzo, in the municipality of Larissa, who wrote in his “Defense of Poetry”: “Poets are the world’s unknown legislators”.

So their job is to articulate themselves, to fight, to legislate, not to be heard, it is true, but an invincible witness to their ideals.

Mayor Donadoni is not only a politician but also a poet and holds a PhD in bioethics from the university.

At Santa Margherita Ligure, however, the utopia that Shelley was a proponent of seems to have become a reality as the mayor of this wonderful corner of Liguria, as well as a respected politician (elected for a second term in 2019) and a poet with a PhD in bioethics at the University of Genoa.

At the University of Genoa Law, Donadoni was a professor student Silvana CastinonA pioneer in the study of bioethics of animal rights, for which, at the end of his university curriculum, he sought a thesis on human-animal relations from an ethical-judgmental perspective on the specific subject of biotechnology.

Paolo Donadoni’s research activities in bioethics and civil law have become, with special care, damage statistics, “interdisciplinary damages”, related to the compensation for the superstitions (patriarchal and non-patriotic) suffered by the master in the event of a murder. Injury to its mate (especially dogs and cats), as killing a companion is not only a material loss but also an emotional breakdown.

But music has not escaped the creative energy of this particular mayor. In 2008 Francesco Milita, A teacher at the Conservatory of Sassari, actually tuned Donadoni’s “The White Mountains Tale” text to Vossi D’Alp’s choir, which started a collaboration that gave birth to some of the most popular songs for singers (most famous: “Priludio)” and “Heavenly”. ). During the awards ceremony, it will be possible to hear the interlude of two choirs: Santa Margherita Vosi d’Alpe singer (Paolo Donadoni’s words and Francesco Milita’s melody) and Parla Vocal group (words by Palo Donadoni and melody by Perla Porcù).

Elected mayor in 2014 and re-elected in 2019, Paolo Donadoni has shown that humanitarian culture, poetry, biology can be fundamental to good governance of a municipality. Indeed, as mayor he did not forget the value of poetry and the importance of poets’ voices, and in 2019 he inaugurated a new multimedia museum dedicated to the great poet-writer and lichenologist inside the Villa San Giacomo in the Museum Complex in Villa. Durajjo. Ligurian, born January 12, 1888, in Santa Margherita Ligure, was also much admired by Camilo Barbaro, Eugenio Montal, who called him a “Sbarbaro whimsical boy who folds versicolor papers and draws from them what he gives to a running mood.”
Recognition of his literary memory which is an important reference for those who want to know and study it due to the integration of historical documents with technological innovations.

We read the motivation for the award:

“For the philosopher Johann Gottfried Harder, every person has his own measure of being a human being.
Even Paolo Donadoni, mayor of Santa Margarita in his second term, but even before that a poet, lawyer, biologist, has his own measure of which he seems to have been faithful to from his youth when he wrote: “At every step we take / we weigh I will know. / Acting is a place of revelation / that measures punishment “.” Last guess / most terrible / anyone is self-sufficient. “

Paolo Donadoni, lawyer for the Court of Appeal in Genoa, PhD in Bioethics at the University of Genoa, is the current mayor of Santa Margarita Ligur. He has published articles on civil law and biological ethics, as well as biological theories of the last lives of Rosanzella Barcaro and Paolo Becchi. Brain Death and Organ Donation (Milan, Franco Angelli, 2008) and with Isabel Fanello Cortes, she has edited the combined volume Ambient, Animals and Humans. Biographical Thoughts of Silvana Castiganon (Milan, Ladyzioni, 2018). Finally, he published the volume Educating for Rights: Plants, Animals and Biotechnologies (Genoa, Erga, 2021) for UNICEF.

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