The plight of the animals at the zoo

Zoo in Ukraine Nikolaev, Zoological garden Kyiv And, finally, that Kharkiv T.Among all the cities that have been attacked by the Russian army

From Damiana Seconeti

War is brewing in Ukraine Huge Loss Also Inside Of The zoo: Some animals, including lions, tigers and wild cats, have migrated to Poland. However, this will not be possible for many other species.

Moreover, the dire situation that Ukraine is facing has not had a serious impact on the animals in the country’s zoos, as happened at the London Zoo during World War II.

Right now Association European Of Zoo and Of Aquarium (EAZA) and Association The world Of Zoo and Of Aquarium (Waja) Is working hard to support every zoo in Ukraine.

Three in the country: that Nikolav; Zoological garden Kyiv And, finally, that Kharkiv. In all the cities that were attacked by the Russian army.

Clearly, the most obvious step would be to provide the most urgentRemoval Animals, in a safe environment, away from war zones.

However, this is an incredibly risky endeavor, because in an exciting and difficult environment, animals can be afraid of the noise and indeed noise around them.

Therefore, charge the animals higher Emphasis Inside the crate, then, can transport them through noisy and complex conflict zones. Serious Illness Or even death, without the danger of being Affected Give it Shooting.

Also, zoo animals are only accustomed to a certain kind of sound when visitors approach their enclosure. And, apparently, even human gossip seems to cause stress by changing their behavior.

Therefore, although the effects of explosions in animals have not yet been studied, it is clear that such violent noises may not be intimidating to them often. Heart disease And consequently Death.

Clearly, a study published in 2019 has shown how elephants, giraffes and emu cope with zoo construction work, expressing obvious stress and movement, as well as in secluded areas within the enclosure, away from noise.

For the occasion, moreover, giraffes came to other animals in the herd, from a clear attitude of protection: a rather unusual behavior, due to the fact that giraffes are known to be wild and lonely.

Therefore, it can be assumed that Violent Explosion From WarMuch more than construction work, they cannot fail Effect Destructive On Animals, Even more so if the zoo is locked.

That’s why some animals are now being managed at the Kyiv Zoo RelievingOr it has been done Remove them Inside Space Underground Where they stay with the guards all night.

However, moving to many other zoos and such animals is not easy and at the same time, no one can help but think about where they might be located, because nearby zoos do not have the necessary space and / or their Special enclosures suitable for hosting, as well as the lack of staff and skills that they have to deal with on a daily basis.

And, in fact, relocating some animals, even under normal circumstances, is not an easy task, especially given the fact that the transport itself can have a negative impact on their well-being. Dehydration, Fatigue, Change Behavioral e Stress.

Studies have also shown that animals form relationships with keepers and, therefore, moving to other places can create additional problems, affecting their well-being.

And, as the fighting continues, there are no reports of any remaining zoo animals Killed Inside Explosion And other visas Wandering For The The roadWith me The lion.

So they are expected to collect Funding To help the Ukrainian zoo To supply Support From Private From Care e A. Management Of Zoo, Because the idea that animals can be killed is not at all conceivable.

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