Virtù teramane, a dish that tells the story of a region

May 1st is a virtue, at least in the Teramo area, an iconic food that tells the history and tradition of a region. The name comes from the empty cupboards and the housewives’ custom in the cupboards from the food stored throughout the winter in late April. It is a dish that symbolizes hard work in the fields, which is good and bad for the coming summer.

The properties are experiencing a resurgence of exciting popularity, thanks to the chefs and restaurateurs of Abruzzi who have brought this dish to every corner of Abruzzi through their knowledge and experience. There are not only chefs but also Teramor stylists to pass on this beautiful tradition of Abruzzo de na’ote. Filippo Floco, Which is not only the ambassador of fashion and Abruzzo world, but the guardian of the heritage of qualities. After giving up the role of a flawless stylist like the perfect housekeeper, for months she has been collecting preserves from friends and relatives who can’t help but taste her qualities on May 1st. He prepares them as he once did, as his grandmother did first with “Ginalino” in life, and then at his village home in the mountains of Teramo, with his mother, With the help of Carmine who bears and supports him and above all has not killed him yet!

“I don’t want to give a recipe, but an idea – Explained by Filippo Flocco Capital Just like he was finishing making soup for his quality – I’m not a chef and I absolutely don’t want to bother anyone. I do not keep and I do not own the first recipe that was kept in ancient jars that were brought safely: these are the ‘my’ qualities that we always prepare at home and on this day of celebration I share with friends and relatives who have a taste Is booked to get. On May 1st we find ourselves at home, similar, but since morning many friends to whom I have promised a meal have started coming. Because qualities are shared and I like to share. The recipe, its original tradition, provides that everything was prepared by 7 virgins. Here, I made an exception to this: I am not a Virgo as a sign of the zodiac! “

“Quality is a symbol of our region around which people know how to connect, cement the feeling of joy and hospitality. There is this kind of food that has gone out of time, preserving the spark that made them and conquered a place in the world that probably did not exist before them. “Obviously, over time, that has changed. There are variations. Of course, this is what history needs.” Returning to dish making, Floco is quite the ‘Taliban’: for weeks he has already collected wild herbs: borage, sage, wild anise, In the countryside, a straw hat on his forehead and a pair of kalosh on his feet. The broth, made with beef, knives and the ‘leftover’ of whole ham, which was eaten in the winter, was defaced 3 times and the meat was stuffed. After frying well with celery, carrots, onions and garlic, add the broth, seven kinds of fresh and dried pulses (beans with or without flavor, lentils, lentils, sesame seeds, peas, beans, peas, seven types of durum) Please. Wheat and egg pasta (mixed, chopped macaroni, jet, tubetti, multagliatti, papardale, etc.) For some time in supermarkets you can find the confusion of mixed pasta, a legacy of Neapolitan gastronomic culture.

“Unspoken style, I sew passion on the skin”: Filippo Floco guest of #pilloleabruzzo

For the 7 in a nutshell, however, this is no coincidence: “An ancient popular saying that was born around the recipe for virtues ‘7 is, after all, the only lo preset in the world’. It is probably derived from the theological qualities which are 3 and the original qualities which are 4 and added together 7 ”. As we have said, over time the recipe has varied based on the tastes of those who prepare it, with the introduction of floco in fragrance. peperella Recipes of the most ancient qualities are found. “Some people keep tortillas, I don’t use them because they are not part of our tradition. You eat tortillas with bologna and broth, not with meat sauce and not in quality. Of course, with the glitter and wood collected at night on the slopes of the Gran Sasso, you have to light a fire for the calalera. Because it is clear who the real Regina of the house is and who moved them. Good luck and happy 1st May everyone! ”

Filippo Floco

I am ending with a post about virtue Filippo Floco He posted on his Facebook profile on May 1, when he was still on lockdown.

For a true female Terraman the quality of experience (but also for those who love cooking) is equivalent to giving birth. This is one of the most tiring, exhausting and touching moments you can ever feel. Fortunately, a year later, someone forgets and starts again, so as not to disrupt a life cycle for our heritage.
Reaching the insane eye on May 1st, shouting like Arenias to the birds flying in the sky and denying before dawn for at least three letters that are not present in the calendar. Complaining all the time, muttering like a pot of beans in the fire, ready to throw himself like a wolf, even on small children who try to splash in fried artichokes, cut off their closed fists, imitating Count Ugolino’s gesture when the child was bitten on the head. No other woman in the whole land will ever display her qualities. Hey no no no no. Her husband, who is unaware of the danger, tells her that her cousins, brother-in-law and vice versa are also replying to her by shaking her head to heaven as if she had told him that they were broadcasting stork reunions on the Nile River on the Discovery Channel. One of the secrets of virtue is competition and snacking hatred among chefs, as well as a pinch of narcissistic wounds that have not yet healed, which is essential. The invitation to a private home on May 1 is the equivalent of a pope’s visitor, but more importantly What I do know, is that they offer you an aperitif and some pastels made by nuns. At 6 a.m., in the early morning light, the house wakes up as if on a tsunami alarm, shouting orders, and even dogs and cats pretend to do something for fear of retaliation. The excitement reaches a climax around 12 o’clock when the electorate, the lucky ones who can enjoy the universal work of Teramo Gastronomy, Intercom, take a tempting part with their saucepan. Something like Holy Grail Delivery from the last Templars to understand it. Then we sit down at the table solemnly and the real female Terraman is silent and her eyes fixed on the wall, like when you are watching a movie on your mobile phone and the picture goes off because there is no connection. Beware of anything but praise. After the third meal requested by the guests, the real “Regina de la Casa” will feel satisfied and will laugh again, take on human form again. She would break down for a few minutes to sleep after the meal, ready to get back on her feet to cook dinner. Criticizing any other preparation, throwing eyes on social networks, falsely confusing and shouting “lu c @ zz … mbhe pillow so bona pure jiie” every time. Because you can distinguish between readymade minestrone supermarket bags and “pasta bye”, even without enlarging the photo. Everything should be done in the same way as the Quakers left in the late 19th century. Even the work of lighting a fire for a caller has to be done with glitter and wood collected at night on a wooden slope. Of course Gran Sasso. Because from this we can understand who is the real Regina of the house (herself) and who is moving them (everyone else).

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