Walking with the cat on a groove: for or against?

Seeing a dog on a farm on the street is a very common thing, but seen instead A cat on a shirt Sounds like great surprise. Yet, to this day, it is not uncommon for a cat to be seen walking in a groove with its owner.

There are many who wonder whether it is a responsible choice or whether the animal suffers from it, but like other things it is a fairly controversial issue.

And what do the experts say about this? There are some arguments that cats have advantages because it will have more contact with nature and the outside world, but Most behavioral veterinarians strongly advise against taking him for a walk, As they explain how different these animals are compared to dogs. Starting from the fact that the cat in question is not very matched and the presence of too many sounds and too many smells can be very stressful for him.

But, at the same time, they argue that there are some instances where you can try to get the cat accustomed to being tied up, for example, going on vacation and not taking the risk of escaping and getting lost or allowing the cat to be seen. Safe area. Around your home. In the latter case, the animal will learn to recognize its territory and to orient itself when returning home.

Collars and harness on cats

A cat’s collar is already the subject of conflict, because there are two types of people: those who want to let the cat wear the collar, perhaps with a bell so you can hear it, and a medal with contact details if you find him away from home, and those who are totally against it. , Because they argue that the stray cat can get stuck somewhere and, in the worst case, suffocate.

According to experts, the neck is a delicate organ of the body because it is home to vital structures (nerves, lymph nodes, glands, etc.) and wearing a collar on a cat can be often annoying and sometimes painful. Furthermore, these confirm that the collar can be dangerous if the cat is accustomed to leaving the house, the ideal being to evaluate a valid anti-kink collar.

As for walking with cats, it is advisable to do so Do not use collars Because it can easily slip and the animal can escape. It will be instead Shoes recommendedDepending on the size of the animal’s chest, it is available in different types and sizes.

Of the many shoes on the market, the ones that are best for cats and those that do not interfere with their movement are defined as “H” (this is because their structure creates an “H” in the cat’s body) or those that are worn with a T-shirt and animal. Trunk wrapping should be avoided when “scapular” type models, which can be harmful to the shoulder joints.

So it is very important that the cat is wearing the most suitable shoe for what it is going to wear, check: size, it fits well and does not allow it to open or get hurt; Which does not hinder their movement; That it does not rub into the skin or joints; There’s a hook on the back.

The shoe will not be immediately appreciated by cats, experts suggest that if the cat is busy at the moment it catches his attention, start putting it on him (for example play or food) and he should gradually get used to it, in his home environment and long And began to wear it for a long time.

After a lot of patience, if and when the animal endures the shoe, it can be attached to the leash and we will try to take it to a more favorable path by never pulling it. Exploration of the cat bird as it becomes more and more familiar with its surroundings will also be encouraged.

Bringing your cat to a farm: Tips from experts

As mentioned above, there are behavioral veterinarians who They strongly advise against grabbing the cat and walkingEspecially since the presence of too many sounds and too many smells can be very stressful for the animal.

However, they argue that the ideal may be to gradually get the cat accustomed to the shoe and ribs in their environment and start walking a little – rewarding them whenever they return home – with the aim of showing the area around their home so that the cat knows how to get out on its own. Goes.

It should be remembered that the cat, even if it requires care and attention, is an excellent adventurer and an animal that tends towards freedom and independence. For this reason, bringing it out into the world with a rib and a shoe means holding and restricting it. And the cat is an animal that is not very tolerant of limitations and limitations.

Furthermore, experts explain that if the cat never leaves its home, it is more difficult for it to realize the idea of ​​going out in a cage, even if the animal is accustomed to go out and roam freely. That means he will gladly do it in our company.

Taking a dog for a walk or taking a cat without considering two completely different things: the first can guide the way and determine the destination, the second the cat is more likely to be in charge.

Experts say, however, that keeping a cat tied up and accustomed to going out can be effective when going on vacation with a cat, as it will be easier to manage and keep it by your side in new and unfamiliar places.

Cat lashes
Cats on clothes (Pixabay)


The cat is an independent animal that loves freedom, but if desired, you can take it for a walk as you gradually become accustomed to using a harness.

Today it is not uncommon to see owners who take a cat for a walk in a cage, the important thing is to get the animal accustomed to its home environment, once and for all, remember that it is not a dog, so they do not tend to follow their lord. And not willing to train.

Those who want to walk with their cat must be very patient and remember that experts advise to confine themselves to the environment adjacent to their home, to introduce the cat to the area, to take care to avoid harsh pressure. The presence of excessive odors, resulting from many nearby noises and possible collisions with other animals (especially dogs).

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