A day at the Bioparco in Rome: animal reviews and photos

The Rome Biopark It is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Europe and is located in the heart of Villa Borges, a green area in the heart of the Italian capital. After spending a day inside the park, we came up with our experience and some of the most exciting shots.

Our review of Bioparco di Roma

From the row Little penguins of South Africa Looking for a fish (their daily bread, specific appointment at 16.00 per day) ad A bear that comes to meet us “face to face” after diving into the water (Don’t worry: we have a glass to distinguish ourselves from the huge and friendly bear.) And a few giraffes suddenly appeared from above during our visit: these are some of the emotions we felt on a sunny day in Bioparco, Rome, and anyone at Villa Borges May be close to natural areas.

Biopark is an essential immersion in the culture, entertainment and awareness of the fauna, with nature and life lovers in touch with it: Not just for kidsWhich is inevitably the first recipient of the park.

The place where Bioparco hosts makes it a small green oasis in an urban town, where you can breathe in harmony and full respect for animals. The purpose of the biopark is, in fact, to work for endangered species. Member of the ZooEuropean Association of Zoo and Aquarium (EAZA) which promotes cooperation for the protection of wildlife, prohibits species from being taken directly from their natural habitat, but specimens were born in zoos or community structures, or confiscated from individuals who kept them in illegal possession. Together with other NGOs, biopark intervention is fundamental to species conservation.

Became a structure of zoology, as well as a destination for tourists to travel National research site And enrich international both veterinary and eco-ethnological, scientific knowledge and consequently improve the lives of animals and their environment.

Bioparco is committed to organizing activities such as educational paths, workshops and interactive activities for children so that they can be sensitized to respect animals and the environment.

Animals are kept in a spacious and well-kept environment, properly designed for their needs and habits. Each enclosure of each species is equipped with information symbols that explain the main features of the animals, some even interactive games that are easy to play with children, making the visit autonomous without the need for a guide.

Over the weekend, Bioparco hosts events to further interact with animals, such as “Animal feed“Where you can witness the care of the park staff because they love animals and feed animals with a lot of passion in their work, visible to the naked eye. The activity is included in the ticket price and takes place at the following times:

  • 11.00 McCabe;
  • 11.30 Lemur Kata;
  • 12.00 elephants;
  • 12.30 bear;
  • 14.30 Chimpanzees;
  • 15.30 sea lion;
  • 16.00 Penguin.

You can use it to quickly observe giraffes, lions, penguins, bears and many other animals. “Biopark Express”, A small train with its passengers or in front of each fence, together with a guide recording in both Italian and English. The cost of this activity is 2 euros and free for children up to 12 months. Such visits are especially recommended for families because the park covers seventeen hectares, and it will be difficult for small children to walk around them to get acquainted with them. More than 150 species That host.

Bioparco was designed so that guests could spend a day in the green in contact with nature. In fact, to make the view more pleasant, such services Refreshment area, picnic area and play area To meet the needs of both families and children or adults who come in large numbers every year to visit the park.

If you want to contribute to animal welfare, buying a ticket is the right choice. The park also offers services. “Adopt an animal!Where a species can be adopted in small quantities, the biopark helps to care for the animal.

The park observes the following seasons for the 2022 season:

  • March 26 – October 29: Days of the week 09.30 – 18.00; sAbbott, Sunday and Holidays: 9.30 – 19.00;
  • October 30 – December 31: 09.30 – 17.00;
  • Closing day only: 25th December.

Regarding the fare, the full price is 17 euros and varies according to how the ticket is purchased. A must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.Last minute promotion“, Where both adults and children can enter in small amounts 9 euros Two hours before the park closes. More information on pricing and online purchases can be found The official site of Bioparco in Rome.

Bioparco’s shot

Below you will find some photos of our exciting experience at Bioparco in Rome.

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