A one-month or three-month voucher for free access to the world’s largest gym

Urban Sports Club

A one-month or three-month voucher for free access to the world’s largest gym

This year the perfect Christmas gift is dedicated to sport and flexibility: a digital voucher that can open the doors of hundreds of gyms, sports centers and swimming pools (for one or even three months), eliminating annoying restrictions. Subscription.

After a complicated year and a half, perhaps today is not some element of the perfect gift. Between the burning timing of reusable gift nightmares and another set of socks, Urban Sports Club In fact, it suggests a memorable idea, because in theory it is one, but in reality there are many.

The proposal is Urban Sports ClubThe app forms an original pass to access the world’s largest gym with centers in 80 European cities, including 5 in Italy (Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna and Manja) and where you can practice fitness, yoga and practice Pilates, swimming and water sports in general. , Dance and martial arts, tennis and paddle, climbing and bouldering, EMS and relaxing sauna sessions.

Including vouchers Urban Sports ChristmasIn Milan, for example, with Medium Source, you can choose from 107 fitness centers, 77 schools where yoga and pilates are practiced, 61 dance and martial arts schools, 38 clubs where you can soccer, tennis or paddle yourself and 19 challenges. Swimming pool.

The app works very simply. Once you have registered through the website www.urbansportsclub.com/it (the gift voucher is a child’s play), you can download the free app on your smartphone and check from time to time where you can avail. Intending to go can sometimes require a reservation, sometimes not.

The benefits of sports in an app are endless: first of all, it Will not be tied to a single gym: If you go to the office or near home, it is always possible to choose the activities or structures closest to your workplace from time to time.

But also Don’t get caught up in a single game. Urban Sports Club, In fact, it allows freedom to try virtually everything: from swimming to martial arts, from yoga to climbing, from crossfit to paddle, from fence to Nordic walking. Until you find your sports profession or your ideal fitness center.

Another notable advantage: Likely to be able to cancel With monthly notice And Without penalty. No compulsory subscriptions, no six-month or even annual obligations: if you are injured, tired, change your mind, country, job or continent, just one click and you can suspend your subscription or stop it altogether Can.

The Urban Sports Club vouchers available for Christmas are different.

Formulas M (at € 159.30) or L (at 7 267.30) are available for those whose term is 3 months. The difference is how many centers can be accessed (Milan has 181 centers for M formula, for L245) and type of service (El Voucher has, among others, many SPAs, different centers where you can practice electrostimulation and include one massage session per month). .

You can also give as a gift if you want A voucher lasting only one monthFor example in the formula XL, Ideal for 30 days of absolute detox and for post-vacation holidays: with 129 you can access all types of saunas, SPAs and massage centers (over 40 in Milan alone); Includes eight electro-stimulation sessions and two massage sessions and has access to a total of 282 centers (in Milan only).

Its success Urban Sports ClubFirst in Germany, where it was founded in 2012, and then in other European countries (from France to Spain, Belgium and Portugal) it is constant, because its goal, from the beginning, was clear: helping people couples and team sports as well as fitness and psychological fitness A healthy and active lifestyle by focusing on activities, offering diversity and flexibility.

Also, immediately Urban Sports Club Decided to deal with private clients and those organizations that are increasingly concerned about the well-being of their employees. For the latter, the app offers tailor-made welfare solutions.

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