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Delia Duran The actor was at the center of a gossip column for a long time about a painful relationship with Alex Bailey, who left live TV a few days after entering the home of Big Brother VIP 6 and then changed his mind. Of Venezuelan descent, she is an actress and model in life, having moved into the background of her career in recent months, as Delia specifically made headlines for her love triangle starring her husband Alex Bailey and Soleil Sourge. The couple is not new to this “media brawl”, in fact there was no shortage of diatribes when they participated in the second edition of the documentary-reality Temptation Island VIP produced by Maria de Filipi in 2019.

Delia Duran: Summary

  • How tall is Delia Duran? Identity card
  • When did Delia Duran make her TV debut?
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  • Delia Duran: Dog Bella, love fitness and travel
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How tall is Delia Duran? Identity card

Name and surname: Nusat del Bhale Duran Perez

Place of birth: Santiago de los Caballeros de Merida (Venezuela)

Date of birth: April 17, 1988

Age: 33 years

Weight: No information

Height: 1 meter and 70 centimeters

Occupation: Model and actress

Zodiac signs: Aries

Curiosity: Before becoming an actress, her dream was to become a successful manager, which is why she studied marketing

When did Delia Duran make her TV debut?

Delia Duran Born on April 17, 1988 in Santiago de los Caballeros de Merida (Venezuela), where he spent his childhood and adolescence and completed his marketing studies.

At the same time, however, he developed a passion for acting, until it became a job.

At the age of twenty, she moved to Italy and combined her work as an actress with a model: beauty led her to become a high-profile face. Then in 2017 she started taking her first steps in the world of fiction: in fact that year she played the role of Asia in “Women’s Beauty …”.

A few years later. “The same year she starred in the fifth season of” Honor and Honor “, where Delia played Michelle McCalluso, a young widow with a strong disposition. In 2018, she played Alice in” Furrow 2 “. Piero Chiambretti also took part in the CR4 – The Republic of Women event.

Delia Duran has appeared in which TV show?

2019 was the year of his debut in the world of reality TV. In fact, that year Alex Bailey and Delia Duran entered Temptation Island VIP 2, led by Alessia Marquez. A path that, between ups and downs, ended with a happy ending, due to the fact that Alex and Delia left the program together in the bonfire of the final clash.

In 2022, it became a competitor to Big Brother VIP. She entered the house two months after the show ended, but since the debut of the reality show (September 2021), she has always been a hero for her husband Alex Bailey’s participation in the program and the contact he established with her. Soleil source.

After seeing the relationship between the two who have gone out of friendship, Delia decides to react by confronting those directly involved in the comparison inside the house and in the studio.

The last meeting with Alex Bailey in December 2021 was decisive, as Delia expressed her desire to close the story. In persuading his wife to change her mind, Alex did not respect the anti-Covid rules and for this reason Alex Bailey was disqualified.

Although due to intimacy, the misunderstanding between the couple did not go away, so Delia Big Brother accepts the offer to be a new VIP contestant and asks her partner for a break. Additionally, Duran gave Alex the task of winning his return.

Delia Duran: What was her boyfriend like?

Delia Duran, even before Alex Bailey, announced that she had a rather stormy past.

Prior to Bailey, Duran had been married to Marco Neroji for two years, and a guest on Barbara D’Ursor’s Domenica Live said he had reported physical and emotional abuse to her.

He later met Alex Bailey. Their love affair was born in 2018 on the set of “Furore 2”, although Bailey was with Mila Suarez at the time. On June 26, 2021, they celebrated their reunion with an informal ceremony defined by Belly Uggiet Trevano (Como) as the “liturgy of words”; They are not legally united because Alex Bailey has not divorced his ex-wife Katarina Raniakova. Mila Suarez also confirmed: ‘Alex Bailey and Delia Duran are not married’.

However, their relationship broke down with Bailey’s entry into the Big Brother VIP house, as Alex Soleil came close to the source.

Their relationship, defined by Bailey as a simple “artistic chemistry”, has monopolized the events of the house and has obviously attracted the attention of gossip. According to contestants and the public, Delia and Alex would agree to stage a kind of love triangle just to talk about people.

After the actor was kicked out of the house, Delia and Alex often quarreled. Their story is not well received by the media, even during a visit to Verisimo, Sylvia Tofanin defined their emotional story as a ‘competition to see who plays best’. With Delia entering as a new contestant, the two are currently on break, although the actress has announced that (inside the house) she has officially left Alex, after seeing an airy love message dedicated to Soleil, sent by her. Her husband.

Duran then recalls everything: Miriana Travisan ‘changed her mind’ about Delia Bailey.

Delia on Instagram

Delia Duran Has an Instagram profile followed by 400,000 followers. Recently published posts tell about the adventures inside the house of Big Brother VIP. Typically, however, the photos take the story with her photo shoot, Alex Bailey, and her four-legged friend Bella.

Big Brother VIP contestant Delia Duran

Delia Duran Has become its official competitor Big brother VIP Dated January 14, 2022. Her entry into the house was absolutely not roses and flowers, in particular Soleil is risingGiven the past and quarrels for a very close relationship with the influential Alex Bailey.

However, there was some quarrel with the actress Alessandro Basiano, Since the latter announced that Delia would sooner or later, after the fake paparazzi, “betray Alex for the real thing”. For all these reasons, Bailey had a quarrel with Basiano.

Delia & # 39; s participation in the reality show caused Soleil Katia to move away from Requierelli and Manila Nazaro. [VIDEO]. The reason for the dispute is that the influencer did not like that the two were very close to Delia at a time when he felt frustrated due to constant clashes with the actress inside the house. Soleil says Manila is ‘not a real friend’. Not only Nazaro and Requierelli, but also Serge Jessica Cellasi was attacked, believing in the fake friendly attitude he had with Delia, because he always criticized her before entering the house.

However, Sorge Giucas finds a “friend” in Casella, in fact the two gossip that Delia has ‘lots of plastic’ in her body.

Meanwhile, the whole house has announced that they have discovered a very sweet dahlia, far from the “soap opera” with Alex Bailey. Delia has found a friend Miriana TrevisonProbably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly on reality shows. However, other competitors were also close to her, especially when Delia decided to leave Alex. David Sylvestri He tried to understand with her what might have happened in her marriage Valeria Marini And Nathalie Caldonazzo They advised him to “make a point” with her.

Delia admits she has an interest BaruWhich, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Here are the main episodes of his adventures inside the house:

    • Deliar criticizes her sisters Cellasi and Sophie Kodagoni: Although not a competitor, Delia became a hero inside the house. On the occasion of her husband Alex Bailey’s entry into the reality show, she had to speak out against Princess Selassie and Sophie Kodegoni, for allegedly flirting a little more with her husband;
    • Delia’s first confrontation with Alex: Alex’s attitude towards Soleil led Delia to a confrontation with her husband inside the house on the November 5 episode. He told her to limit herself, because she thought this flirtation lacked respect for her;
    • Conflict between Delia and Soleil: Alex did not keep his promise to his wife. He also kissed her instead of moving away from the influential. Thus, on November 12, Delia re-enters the house, accusing her of provoking her husband, especially for a confrontation with Soleil;
    • Delia paparazzi with another: A new gossip erupted in December. Incredible shot appears: Delia kisses another. The news was immediately reported to Alex inside the house, who does not believe in gossip. Delia later admits that she did it to make her husband jealous;
    • Delia wants to close with Alex: Unable to bear the intimacy between Alex and Soleil, Delia decides to enter the house to leave him. Bailey tries to hug his wife to save the situation, and for this reason Alex is disqualified for failing to comply with anti-Covid rules;
    • Delia Big Brother becomes VIP contestant: On January 14, Delia enters the house as a new contestant and makes it “as a single”. In fact, he asked Alex Bailey to take a break for reflection, as he had not yet forgiven her for her relationship with Soleil. Upon entering the house, Delia admits that she expected conflict with Soleil.
  • Delia Alex decides to leave: On January 18, Delia leaves Alex crying, following an air message of love for Soleil and signing “Solex” (meaning the union between Soleil and Alex’s name). ‘It’s the end’, the Venezuelan model has ruled.
  • Delia withdraws and doesn’t want to leave Alex anymore: Apparently Delia admits she can’t live without her husband, so she changes her mind and declares that she doesn’t want to be separated from him anymore. The choice confuses Miriana and drives away from Delia: ‘She said she was leaving Alex and now she’s changed her mind’, Travisan admits in frustration.

Delia Duran: Dog Bella, love fitness and travel

Delia Duran She loves animals, in fact she is never different from her dwarf Pomeranian Spitz dog Beautiful.

She is a completely white puppy and has a personal profile on Instagram (bella_pomeraniaspitz) with over 1,700 followers. Alex Bailey gave it to Bella on her 33rd birthday.

Delia Duran loves sports and is passionate about it Fitness. She likes to take care of herself, keeps her body in shape. Her social media pages contain videos where she teaches, for example, Zumba lessons.

Loves to travel And both on the beach and in the mountains do not mind the holiday. In fact, more often than not, these destinations become his photo shoot locations.

Delia Duran: Video of the clash with Soleil Sourge

After crossing the red door of the house to become a competitor, Delia Duran Big brother VIPInstantly Soleil is compared with Sorge.

The two were not sent to speak: the influential defined his entry into his home as a form of “persecution” against him. Apparently Delia did not agree with Soleil’s verdict, openly declaring war.

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