Dogs are forbidden to do necessary things: when annoyance leads to irrationality

Dogs are strictly forbidden to go to the toilet – art. 639 – Video Surveillance Area“This special notice, written with a marker and glued to a column on a street in Naples, is not. An isolated invention Of the willing author.

Symptoms like these, in fact, come Printed in large numbers and sold throughout Italy. However, such symptoms give us a very important signal. They show us how Anger of some people Leads to an effect that leads to irrationality: Assume that a dog may be banned Those who walk to meet their needs and even think that the law can punish in such situations.

Let’s, therefore, take this as an opportunity to address this particular aspect of coexistence between humans and humans and animals from different perspectives, also creating some clarity at the regulatory level.

Dogs can be forbidden to go to the toilet?

First, it is immediately felt that the prohibition is already poorly established at the conceptual level. It is certainly possible to ban soiling and defacing of a well. People may be forced to collect the needs of their dogs. You can’t, however, stop a dog from doing its own business Or forbid your pet partner to do it. Especially in a world where dogs are allowed in almost everywhere, from museums to churches, from supermarkets to restaurants.

It is easy to understand that anyone who writes such a sentence has reached a stage, starting from a level of sensitivity that has not been identified on the subject. No patience high point.

Second, the connection between just the analyzed expression and the reference to an indefinite industry is completely wrong. 639. In fact, Mentioned section 639 is the Criminal CodeThe title is “Destroying and Destroying Other People’s Things”.

This rule states: “Anyone who tarnishes or tarnishes another’s movable or immovable property, except in the cases provided for under Article 635, is punished with a fine of up to 103 euros, based on the injured person’s complaint. If the crime is committed on immovable property or on public transport or private individuals, one to six months imprisonment or a fine of 300 to 1,000 euros is applicable. Penalties ranging from three months to one year in prison and fines ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 euros are committed for crimes against historical or artistic interests.

The rules, as can be seen from a simple lesson, do not give them the slightest punishment Your dog is not allowed to go to the toilet. If anything, it punishes anyone who distorts or stains other people’s belongings without collecting dog excrement. Holy election of MLA!

It is true that this case also applies to those who do something dirty with their dog excrement or urine. But beware: one thing is to forbid a dog to go to the toilet, Other smears are prohibited Leave other people’s belongings and their filth (including dog feces and urine).

A clear confirmation comes to us from the conviction of criminal cassation n. 7082 of 2015 with which a person was acquitted of the crime in question, precisely by pouring water with him to wash away the urine. The court clearly explained that Those who lead the dog on public roads cannot prevent the animal from meeting its needs. Rather, they can reduce the risk of tarnishing third party assets.

In other words, Law It does not forbid animals to meet their physiological needs, but iPeople need to be taken care of to show respect for other people’s products, Don’t get them dirty and probably clean them and get them back to their original state. Otherwise, the fines mentioned above will apply and the pet partner will be called for compensation.

The reason for those who demand respect

Analysis and clarification are carried out only by current law nOn They want Of course To form A justification for pet companions Disrespectful. Cartels such as the one in question, in reality, often represent not only illegitimate but also innate and excited reactions to its behavior. Real rudeness Those who have pledged to take care of their dog and therefore must ensure that it does not cause any harm or nuisance to third parties.

How many people, in reality, have been slapped in the park or on the sidewalk, in uncollected excrement?

It is certainly a question of behavior carried out by a small minority pet partner; The vast majority, especially in recent years, walk with them Bags And is cleaned immediately (often due to lack of bins or special baskets have to go all the way with the same used bag).

These behaviors, however, must be stopped by a limited number of people living with dogs, because, as shown by the warnings mentioned above, they produce Contradictions and social problems And change the relationship between those who don’t have a dog and those who look after it with the utmost care.

Rude pet companions are a real problem for respectable people, who complicate their lives and for the animals themselves, who often, due to certain behaviors, see their “rights” limited.

In conclusion, without fear of denial, it can be said that, like other areas of life, it will suffice at this juncture. Use common sense. Indeed, common sense and respect, even before the law and the sentence, will make the signs disappear as this article begins.

Time will prove us right and the path we have taken in recent years is certainly right.

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