Fortitudo – Naples: Report cards, statistics and interviews – Bologna Basket

Kigili Bologna

Durham – Grade 3 – (3 points, 1/1, 1/4, 0/4) – Completely inadequate for the situation. Amen.
Frazier – Grade 5 – (17 points, 2/2, 3/9, 3/4) – You take almost all the final shots. Almost all of them are wrong, but wondering, if anything, who can help him.
Aradori – Vote 4 – (4 points, -, 2/4, 0/3) – This is said to be one of the first level shares. It gets tangled down and nothing more to report. Nothing more to say, your honor.
Charalampolos – Vote 5 – (5 points, 0/2, 1/5, 1/3) – Some rebound, but on the day he is not a bomber, there is no one, not even a supposed bomber, to take the stick.
Grossell – Rating 6.5 – (19 points, 3/8, 8/12, -) – He doesn’t set free shots. But this is his best. At least it crashed. Not everyone else.
Fantinelli – Vote 5 – (2pti, -, 1/2, -) – He must fix the crazy mistakes of others, but obviously he was not too immature yet. Amen.
Procedure – Vote 5 – (5 points, 3/3, 1/1, 0/2) – He shouldn’t have taken the final shot, after a race where all in all, back, he didn’t take any points.
Benjing – Grade 3 – (1pt, 1/2, 0/2, 0/8) – Not exactly the best match for just a brutal 9m brick throw. At least he saved, at least.
Bora – Vote 6 – Burn family jewelry after a block.

Gavie Naples

Rich – Grade 6 – (11 points, 2/2, 3/12, 1/4) – It comes out at the end. 9 rebound.
Uglietti – Grade 6 – (4 points, -, 2/2, 0/2) – Utility.
Park – Rating 6.5 – (9 points, 5/6, 2/10, 0/4) – Stone hands, but 12 rebounds in a sector where Fortitudo of defense and athletics doesn’t even know where to start.
McDuffy – Grade 7 – (15 points, 1/2, 4/8, 2/5) – at the right time.
Gooditis – Vote 6 – (14 points, -, 7/10, -) a draw and a draw with Grossell.
Vitali – Vote 6 – (7 points, -, 2/3, 1/6) – In the end he knows which way to go.
Velika – Vote 5 – Take the ball there and do nothing else.
Marini – Grade NG – (0 points, -, -, 0/1) –
Jerini – Vote 6 – (4 points, 4/4, 0/3, 0/2) – He is also useful.

Verba Manent

MartinoWe are very sorry for the conclusion, not being able to save us makes us happy and not easy to analyze without any meaninglessness. We wanted to save ourselves, because you have the desire not to give up when you are in such a situation and we wanted to do it for those who like Fortitudo. Unusually today’s attack has betrayed us, usually the best side. Perhaps the emotion, the excitement and the regret was that we couldn’t score in the defensive game in line with what we wanted to do. We were suffering from rebounds but we knew it, we shot 3 of them very badly, 8 wrong free throws which is the difference in the final score, and finally Fantinelli’s cramps. It would take something more to bring home the results of a race in the last few minutes which was not good, perhaps it was expected. What was missing? This is not the right occasion to summarize, let’s just say that if you go back it means the mistake has been made. When you win, it’s everyone’s achievement, and when you lose, it’s everyone’s fault. Basketball is a team sport, we are all religious today and there is no point in saying more. There will be time for metabolism. The future? I don’t know how to answer, this time. My job? There are positive and negative seasons, you have to evaluate both and always try to give your best by admitting mistakes. And it applies to me for everyone. Where to start? It’s a discourse that engages society, now it’s early. Of course, Fortitudo deserves to be played in A1, because A1 is more beautiful if Fortitudo is also there, but so is the sport. Today? Players who usually make important contributions have failed, but I repeat: the outcome of this championship is the result of a lot of things, I like to see the complex because maybe the same players who did not do well today did well in other races. .

BuskagliaWe’re here to play “The” game, after missing a lot of chances, but trying to deliver those defeats today for the next race. With an important defensive approach, resisting difficult moments and episodes that punished us on other occasions. Today we have never fallen into temptation, and everyone has given them. 38 Intense days, great joy.

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