Germany Brescia: Nutribulet Treviso is coming to Palalionesa 7

There Nutribulet Treviso Arrived in Brescia with a moment of dull form, but with a perfectly favorable cable: since returning to Serie A, in fact, the Venice team has won the Palalionesa A2A (Italian Super Cup, winning both one and one match in the championship), for the blue-and-white Superman flight effort. Proven to be a kind of deadly kryptonite. Despite the significant results achieved to date – Treviso is the only Italian team to qualify for the second round of the Basketball Champions League – it is experiencing a period of nutritional fogging, as evidenced by recent performances in leagues and continental competitions.

After exploiting in late January, when Max Menetti’s side attacked Carpegna Prosciutto Pesaro’s parachute while playing only six, the Venetian team lost three of the last four games, stumbling unexpectedly in front of their spectators at Fortitudo. Bologna, however, presented itself at Palavarde with several important defections. Moreover, the moment of Treviso’s team form is attested by some recent European matches other than the bright ones: in the second leg of the Champions League, in fact, Traviso lost the first three matches of the group, falling badly at home. Tofas Bursa’s (-41) Turkish and BAXI Manresa (-15, with passive 103 points), with whom they will double again before the PalaLeonessa A2A challenge, this time on Iberian soil.

After a flashy start, Nutribulet runs the risk of paying duty on a roster that is not particularly long despite having great talent. A sudden balance was reached at the start of the year, which, among other things, allowed him to qualify for the last eight of the Italian Super Cup for the loss of Germany. New grafts that can guarantee more energy for a cause.

If we add that the injury kept Estonian Mick Jurcatam off the field for some time, who came on the Traviso roster to replace David Cassarin, it explains how Max Menetti’s team is showing a lot more slip in comparison. Ranking positions, now only two points away, balancing expectations, dreams of glory and the warmest region of standing.

Treviso, however, has all the means to recover quickly and return as a hero, which happened last season, which ended with a playoff feat. Traviso Roster’s certainty revolved around the performance of Henry Sims (12.8 points per game), who finished second in the league’s best rebounders rankings with 8.3 rebounds per game. In addition to the U.S. center, Manetti can rely on the skillful direction of Dwayne Russell, on the shooting efficiency of Thomas Dimsar (42% from outside the arc), on the experience of Mishal Sokolowski, and, above all, on the ever-ordinary performance of Matteo. Embro. , Whose relationship with Palalionesa A2A demands a separate description.

On the board of Via Caprera’s plant, in fact, the Sicilian winger scored 29 points last year, leading the Venice team to success at the height of his career against Germany, who were able to play only the second half of the match effectively. In addition to earning incredible points, that day (it was January 31, 2021) Embro closed the game with 7 triple scores, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and an unrealistic 35 rating, packaging the best game of its long career.

Another person who knows the Palalionesa A2A parachute well is Giordano Bortolani (9.6 points per game), who has recently traveled between high (22 points and 24 assessed against Manresa in the last 24 Champions League matches) and low (only 4 points at 9). In the last championship outing against Fortitudo Bologna). Nicola Akele is on the roster to complete the Traviso roster, highly effective in Traviso’s winning game at the Brescia in the Supercopa (16 points) and absent from the championship match at Palavarde, Aaron Jones (7.8 points and 4.9 rebounds per game) and Matteo. Chilo, which is an excellent alternative to the long range.

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