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On April 23, Vespa extinguished 76 candles, an anniversary that allowed us to restore its history and explore the causes of its undisputed global success. In the spring of 1946, shortly after the war (the day before, by legal decree, for the first time, April 25 was declared a national holiday), Piaggio aeronautical engineer Cordino D’Ascanio submitted the project. A patent will become the most famous symbol of Italian style and creativity.

The Piaggio two-wheeler, thanks to its more affordable price than the classic motorcycle, was immediately met with great success by the public (starting with the presentation in Rome in March 1946), confirming the expectations of Enrico Piagio, who had to rebuild his company’s production, A completely new product from; A modern mission for the season of peace that unfolded on the horizon.

However, the first prototype, named Donald Duck, did not satisfy Piaggio’s owner, who was looking for a completely new product, only to find the right person in second place. It was Corradino D’Ascanio, an aeronautical engineer who didn’t like “motorcycles” because he found it uncomfortable to climb on top of them. Who better to revolutionize the world than that? D’Ascanio, the inventor of the first prototype of a modern helicopter, was hijacked from two-wheeled blue, had to rediscover himself and return with his feet on the ground. He has dreamed, studied and worked all his life to design vehicles for the airspace and found himself tackling the sea of ​​roads, highways, alleys, alleys and seaside resorts. However, he was able to rethink his passion for flying and his knowledge in a completely innovative way that the project Piaggio gave him. So he redesigned the shape (he removed the central structure by making the first motorcycle with a load-bearing body), the guide (the seat was redesigned imagining a comfortable position in the armchair, when the gearbox was moved for a long time in the handlebars. And comfortable at the same time). Travel) and engines (inspired by aeronautical starters). And, with the help of designer Mario D’Est, he was able to create the Vespa that is known and admired around the world that will always be able to resurrect itself year after year, preserving its identity.

Legend has it that the name Vespa was chosen after borrowing the wonderful word from Enrico Piaggio, who, seeing the first prototype, thought of insects of the same name, for the shape of the body’s work and the sound of the engine. The first Vespa 98 models were offered in two versions, normal and luxurious (55,000 and 61,000 lire). It wasn’t really cheap, you needed a lot of pay to be able to buy it, but that didn’t stop its success. Indeed, soon after the Model 125 was produced which became a real phenomenon of custom, the Italians entered homes, villages and tourist towns, discovering the last-minute voyage of the sea to man; In Lunapops’ words, he allowed “out of town”, Sundays, holidays, holidays “to wander around with wings under your feet” and became one of the symbols of Italy’s rebirth. As well as many movie heroes.

Vesper has always had a special relationship with cinema. It first appeared on screen in 1950 with an Italian film Sunday in August. Then a long series of very important scenes that contribute to making it a world legend: the picture Roman holidays, With Vespa riding the streets of Rome with unforgettable views of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, a symbol of excellence. It’s still Dear diary By Nanny Moretti, Interpreter By Sidney Polak with Nicole Kidman, QuadropheniaMusical film by The Who, Completely newcomers, American graffiti, Mr. Ripley’s genius, 102’s charge, Transformers 5 – Last Night, Julender 2 And Disney animated films such as Big Hero 7 And RatatouilleAs well as Madagascar d From DreamWorks Animation. To date, Vespa has appeared in more than 1400 films.

Even Disney and Pixar with cardboard Luka They talked about Bell Pace and Vespar attractions. Originally scheduled for the movie, the feature debuted on the Disney + streaming platform on June 18, 2021 due to the epidemic. Set to sync terra, Luka The story of a little boy who spends an unforgettable summer in ice cream, pasta and a magical ride on a Vespa that takes him to the coastal city of Portoroso (the name discovered, a cross between Monteroso and Porto Venere). In the cartoon, the most enchanting aspects of the terrain are re-enacted: crystal clear seas, dream beaches and seashores, indented and tempting beaches, climate, food and settings. Beautiful lifeIncluded in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The protagonist, Luka Paguro, a sea monster from the underwater world, spends the first part of his life at the bottom of the Ligurian Riviera, under the strict supervision of his parents, who forbade him to go to the surface. Fear that people might hurt him. Then a new friend, Alberto Scorpano, meets a lively and brave sea monster, a teenager like him, with whom he shares dreams that turn into a Vespa adventure that leads them to discover the world in search of freedom, autonomy. And feelings of happiness.

Luka Directed by Italian Enrico Casarosa, made his directorial debut with a feature film, but already had two Oscar nominations for the short film. The moon. Casarosa is a genius who soon moved to New York to study animation. Abroad he has worked as a storyboard artist Ice age And Robot At Blue Sky Studios, as a designer for some Disney Channel TV series, and for Pixar Animation Studios, as a storyboard artist in the studio. Car – roaring engine, Ratatouille And Upstairs.

The general thread of the Disney-Pixar feature film is made in Italy: for the first time together, an Italian director, a setting on the bell page and an icon of it, Vespa. There are many references to the general image of Italy, ranging from the Italian soundtrack Cats and foxes By Eduardo Benato, I was going to one hundred every hour And Tell your mother to send for milk By Gianni Morandi, Moonlight And Empty city By Mina, Long live Pappa Cole Pomodoro By Rita Pavon, A kiss in the middle of the night Notes from Quartet Setra, as well as Giacomo Pucini and Giochino Rossini.

A fundamental role in the representation of the Italian Vespa style is also held on the web. In 2021, in New York, the Piaggio Group was awarded the vespa.com website, a website and mobile site promoted by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences: the prestigious recognition of the Web Award in the Car Site and Car Culture category (IADAS), an international organization awarded for excellence on the Internet. By In addition, in January 2022, the Piaggio Group presented the results of a study that analyzed the value of the Vespa brand. The analysis shows that in 2021 the value of the Vespa brand was 906 million euros.

Vespa Day was celebrated on Saturday 23 April in Pontedera. Hundreds of enthusiasts – from different European countries – gathered for the birthday of their beloved two-wheeler. To mark the occasion, Vespa has decided to #VespaSoundsCool, an exhibition at the Piaggio Museum in Ponteira (scheduled for October), to celebrate the intimacy of the music, to extinguish its 76 candles and to express new greetings.

In addition, in the rooms of the Piaggio Museum, which can also be visited through virtual tours, you will be able to hear them for the presence of interactive stations and the presence of an authentic vintage juke box, rare vinyls, including Vespa, also a “cover” for “Andy Warrior”. It will also be possible to appreciate the exclusive selection of valuable musical-themed objects in the personal collection that will accompany the five historic Vespa models, which are associated with music.

The path to the Piaggio Museum is designed to underline how Vespa and music come together in an extremely strong bond; Indeed, “from the first year of Vesper’s life to the 1960s, music movements were connected in England, where tendencies to identify all generations were born.” Suffice it to say that Vespa is the protagonist of basic works in the history of rock, such as Hu’s concept album ‘Quadrophenia’ and Julian Temple’s David Bowie and Patsy Kensit’s musical ‘Absolute Beginners’. An inseparable relationship with Vesper as the protagonist of numerous video clips in the decade marked by the MTV incident to reach the thrilling all-Italian success of Lunapop’s ’50 Special ‘in the 1990s.

A long journey by Vespa which, not surprisingly, is today, more than ever, an object of worship and design; Exhibited in many museums around the world, it has gained a permanent place, even in New York’s MoMA, it has been searched in historical and modern versions, by enthusiasts and collectors of all generations and of all planets. It inspires the pursuit of beauty, the realization of dreams, freedom, happiness and friendship, exploring the world with its passengers, transcending and integrating culture.

Image: Two Vespa scooters parked on a street in the historic center of Rome (July 8, 2014). Credit: Marcell Faber / Shutterstock.com

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