“It’s important to acknowledge the moral damage.”

Genoa. A BMW 525 was about to turn into a Petrarca when it reached a pedestrian crossing at a crossroads via Porta Soprana, it stopped and let all pedestrians go, but the dog He was not on a shirt, The pedestrian was stationed at the crossing when his men completed the crossing. So we read the report of the accident department of the local police in Genoa.

Seeing that everyone had reached the sidewalk on the opposite side, the driver of the car left the car without seeing him. The dog is crushed under the wheels. It was a small dog weighing about 5 kilograms, which died instantly. Yellow Cross arrived at the scene to rescue the animal, but there was nothing left for the little dog to do, and his pet companion, stunned, chooses to pick it up and take it to his veterinarian for necessary procedures.

Local police further said that five people living in Genoa were in the car. Both the carabinieri and the state police intervened through Petrarch, waiting for the brigade to patrol. The outcome of the case.

An investigation is currently underway to view the images captured by the video surveillance camera. The owner was fined for tying up the dog.

“Respect for the rule is fundamental,” explained Giorgio Vial, a local police councilor in Genoa Municipality. “In this case, we are unfortunately seeing how carelessness and lack of use of lizards have led to the death of pets. Lish is like a helmet And the seat belt, first used to protect our four-legged friend ».

When we see an animal running or getting worse, if we run over it, we must call it. RescueThrough the single emergency number 112 in Italy. The control panel will notify ASL’s Veterinary Service Capable of the area, who must ensure availability even at night and on holidays and who must intervene in emergencies as a public service. This is especially true for pets like dogs or cats. If you are on a country or mountain road and the running animal is wild, it will usually be sent there Provincial Police Or afforestation unit Carabinieri.

According to the latest ASAPS report in 2020, 90 serious collisions were recorded, a staggering number for the lockdown is not “thank you” but in any case it is just a number. Accident with deathOn the other hand, it is impossible to calculate with certainty the full extent of accidents involving familiar and wild animals. To date, not yet State funding For the purpose of rescuing the animals in the accident, despite years of requests by the Animal Welfare Association.

“When a dog is hit, it is first and foremost necessary to verify the dynamics and responsibility of the accident,” the lawyer explained. Salvatore Capai. “In the event of a dog crossing suddenly (hence without a leash), where the driver has a prudent guide and complies with current law, the responsibility for the event can only be borne by the pet’s partner. Attorney Capai then explains that “if the driver is held responsible for the investment (because he did not pay due attention, or because, for example, he ran over a dog that passed by a strip).” This will be the next one who has to answer and compensate for all the losses.

The lawyer added that “unfortunately, in our civil law, animals are considered objects and the law still does not consider their injury or killing (due to third party liability) to be a matter of fundamental interest.” The tendency is not to accept compensation, but to change some of the social and regulatory evolution that has already taken place.

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