Just So Festival, Italy’s first Family Forest Festival

Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 June 2022, in Vaprio D’Adata, Milan Province, first Italian edition Just So FestivalA Family forest festival Where culture and art are intertwined with nature, Northern Europe reflects the principles of broader outdoor education.

The Just So Festival is an international award-winning format, born in the UK in 2009 and replicated in Brazil, the United States and New Zealand.

The focal point of the event is the connection between learning, entertainment and sustainability. There will be a chance to survive A family day between adventure and fantasyFar from the chaos of the city and immersed in an exceptional natural setting: not far from Milan and Bergamo along the Martesana Canal, two million square meters of forest in the Villa Castelbarco estate.

Just So Festival: The Carnival of the Animals

The festival’s latemotif hall Animal Carnival. Prior to the event, each participant was invited to select a team from five proposals (frog, fox, owl, lion and bee). Show with a themed camouflage.

If you have no idea, do not be afraid! The festival’s social pages will feature ideas and tutorials to help families create costumes and masks; Also, in the area Make up the kids It will be possible to add an extra creative touch to your camouflage or ask for a “last minute” make-up.

Families will therefore be able to challenge each other Tournament, To get your team to “nuggets” and lead it to victory. They will be able to do this both through team competitions, such as sack racing and the Tug of War, and by offering puzzles and tricks to festival entertainers and staff.

Board games will also be available throughout the day, even in the “giant format” Memory oversizeHave fun in the show or for an indoor break.


Just so the festival program

The specialty of Just So Festival is its highly diverse program, designed to give children (0 to 12 years old) and their families the opportunity to experience immersive, engaging and complete freedom, restoring contact with nature.

Suggested activities (which will be repeated several times a day) range from theatrical performances to animated readings, starting with team games. Family yogaAnd live music from sensitive workshops.

All proposals are designed to accommodate children of different ages, activities dedicated to both very young (0 to 3 years old) and adults (4 to 12 years old) and where their children are also involved. Parents, actively invited to participate.

You will get a small Temporary market With selected exhibitors and aFood area Including menu suitable for different foods.

Soap bubbles

Just so the festival area


Inside Wonderland An infinite number of stories and characters on the same stage, will be ready to welcome younger participants.

Here you can find it Le needBy a gentle and refined doll show Project day Which speaks through words and encounters with the universal language of the body, music and dance, the theme of growth, and new and varied. But more indifferent, Slim shoesEdited by Luna and GNAC Teatro: A reverse version of the famous opera Peter and the wolf.

4 cantons

Bizarre clearing d 4 cantons Instead it will host storytellers, animated readings and engaging installations.

Thanks again for the inspiration Project day. Small archeological-musical descriptions are born Grimm Catalog, Where a funny character guides the audience through the words and objects of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. The Teatrolaboratorio di Figura Pane e Mate Instead he would offer the show Il Gigante Sgnif SgnaffeWhere the friendship between a rogue monster and a little girl cooking highlights how food can have a significant emotional and social value. Story on the phone An original and fascinating animated reading of Gianni Rodari’s famous stories Campsirago Residence. Always inspired by Rodari’s poetry, Teatrolaboratorio Pane e Mate Will bring multi-sensory installation Giovanino Perdiziorno: Through ten stations inspired by the author’s Nursery Rhymes, children and parents can interact with natural and recyclable materials and communicate in a fun way, experiencing visual, sound and olfactory experiences.



In the area Rockamboleri See you in the circus.

Little Circus School in Milan Teach kids to make juggling tools and try their hand at activities on the ground and in trapeze Circus skills. Meanwhile, the Artemakia Company Will stage an acrobatic story written and directed by Milo Scott, The spirit of natureWhich deals with the environmental problems and the relationship between man and nature with irony and intelligence after the events of the curious adventurer Muz.

Enchanted forest

The whole Enchanted forest Dedicated to discovering the wonderful world and the wonders of nature around us through the words of its authors Nomos KidsAs an exceptional storyteller.

Saturday, June 11 Sarah Jumbelo and Susie Genela Stay with the kids through its pages NuvolarioA journey through the clouds – for centuries of art, literature and music – culminates in a creative workshop to create a festive atmosphere.

Sunday, June 12 Gianberto AquinelliEntomologist and author, In Blue up and down He will be at the top of a “fantastic expedition” from the depths of the ocean to the highest altitudes of the sky, and in contrast, the children will be introduced to strange creatures that populate them through an exciting game.

Both days Marcelo Turconi With his expertise as a neuroscientist and storyteller he will discover how the most complex organ of our body works: the brain. With C. for the brain Children will realize how much our gray matter is responsible for what we do and what we do.

The last stop is inside this forest full of magic Just so challengingOrganized by a special and attractive trivial, for the whole family Simabe LaboratoriesTo discover many curiosities about nature in an effective and attractive way.

Always left Enchanted forestYou will meet Antonio Testa, Than his laboratory Recycle Orchestra He will teach concepts such as “rhythm”, “intensity” and “duration” with humorous practice, but will also teach how to make musical instruments with recycled instruments.



Is decibels The wildest area of ​​the festival. Here, the marching band will meet During playMade in collaboration Caesar Bonfiglio Music and Management, Who will cross the forest by parading and playing music. In this area you can hit the moments and go wild in the history of Italian and international music 7s8Dynamic cover band with irresistible strength, or dive into the 50’s Chris Clock trio And his country ballad and bluegrass improvisation.

Dance is another cornerstone of this area. With its artistic direction Dance area Children can test themselves in the choreography made on the most famous cartoon notes Master, musical instrument!Or learn hip hop and video dance moves while involving your parents Hip hop baby.


Field Bubuset Will offer stories and activities designed specifically for children 0 to 3 years old Places will be set up and organized by its educational team United States – Natural Outdoor Education For childhood And will include a wide range of educational and engaging experiences.

Kids will be able to move natural materials, experiment with different sensory perceptions in complete freedom, take part in fantastic adventures using boxes and their own imagination, or discover the “sound” of different materials. Office of the senses Instead, they will be able to learn about the nature of the surrounding environment and the species of animals by walking barefoot in the forest and manipulating natural materials such as clay and wax.

In addition, a quiet area will be available for relaxation and change, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the festival experience at their own pace and in need.



WHO You can visit the area you want to engrave a moment of serenity Shangri-La. Peace in this little clearing Jessica Vanessa and Erica Suriano It will be coached Add a smile That, through unconditional laughter exercises, conscious breathing and collaborative play, will teach everyone how much laughter is good for our immune system and increases the strength of body and mind.

Sara RabganBecome a Trainer of the Innovative Odaka Yoga Kids Approach Family yogaAn encounter is designed as a game that will create a deep connection between the adult and the child through movement and breathing, always in a cheerful and lively way.

Also reveals a specific model of the festival LifestyleWhere sustainability and culture are firmly intertwined. Circle of dreamsSetting up activity clearing Shangri-LaA perfect example of this: through the interplay of colored yarns made from recycled and natural materials, children will create with the artist Anna Sacon mandalas and dream catchers. All of these valuable elements will create a large combined installation during the day that symbolically transmits positive energy and strengthens bonds within the family.

And children will be invited to follow the instructions to bring something of nature out of the festival Anna MossierelliNatural microworlds to create, architect Seed ball A corner of the world around them will be kept at home to make it green and swollen and will be thrown wherever happy.


Practical information is just so festive

When: 11 and 12 June 2022

Where is it: Villa Castelbarco, via Concepci 4n 4, Vaprio D’Adda (MI)

Schedule: 10.00-19.00

Suggested age: 0-12 years


  • Adults € 39.00
  • Children 4 – 15 years 29.00
  • Children 0 – 3 years € 3.00
  • Family € 136.00


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