New Version of IBSA Next Gen Cup 2022 Introduced at Pesaro –

Pesaro Ready to host another big branded event Basketball league in Serie A.: The IBSA Next Gen Cup. “Pesaro has a great history of basketball, but it is also investing heavily in its future. The relationship with Lega Basket Serie A is strong and we have always been proud to host great events. The event has arrived – the mayor of Pesaro has commented Matthew Ricky. The IBSA Next Zen Cup, which will compare the 16 Serie A club’s under-19 formations and which was postponed last season due to the epidemic, will be played from 5 to 7 May 2022. The venues for the first round of the game will be the team Vitrifrigo Arena and the central court of Palestra Nord. The second episode will be based on the final four formulas: the venue and date will be formalized next week. “Many young people have returned to the sports hall and reunited with basketball. Thanks to Vuelle’s exciting season, a beautiful atmosphere has been created around the company. I would like to thank Umberto Gandhi, President of the whole Lega Basket Serie A and its President, for believing in our city again.

Organized by Lega Basket Serie A, the event aims to develop and promote Italian nurseries of top league clubs ready to train tomorrow’s great champions.

“Proud to host the Next Zen Cup and strengthen the bond with the Serie A basketball league – recalls the Sports Councilor Mila della dora -. Pesaro is the city of sports, the capital of Italian culture 2024, but also the city of Italian youth. The rewards that are coming out are many and varied, proving that the administration is doing well on various fronts. ”

The regional partner of the Next Zen Cup, as well as the last eight of the Italian Cup, the region in March: “Pesaro has a great passion for basketball – the region’s vice president concluded. Mirco Carloni -. We thank Lega Basket Serie A and FIP for what they are doing for this city and for their attention to the world of young people.

The 16 participating teams will be divided into 4 groups and will play one-way Italian rounds with one match per day. The first ranking team from each group will qualify to play in the final tournament. “After a break of one year, we tried our best to reschedule the event,” he recalled Francesco Rico, LBA Sports Area Director -. An important resumption signal for young athletes, staff and referees. We chose Pesaro as a recognition of the passion that exists for this sport and for its sporting advantage. We would like to thank Pesaro Municipality, David Paulini, President of Vuel and Phip March, who worked for the organization.

Only the regional president of FIP Paulini He recalls how basic youth activism is: “We have made ourselves available to support as much as possible. A great satisfaction for the whole movement, which is going through a sad moment due to the disappearance of a great person, father and player: Andrea Shearini. Our thoughts on him 6.

“Pesaro is one of the avant-garde cities for sports facilities,” he said Marco Alloy, IBSA Next Gen Cup 2022 Organizing Manager – I thank Lucas Pierre, President of ASPES and Director of Arena Filippo Colombo for their availability. For the city, accommodation and catering facilities will be an important factor: 250 athletes, staff and families expected. We want it to be a participatory event, which is why we have adopted an “aggressive” ticketing policy.

Daily entry costs € 5 (8 games per day). It will be possible to purchase a valid mini-season ticket for the entire duration of the event for 10 (24 games). Tickets can be purchased online through the Vivaticket circuit.

To represent Vuelle Pesaro Giovanni Luminati, VL Pesaro’s technical manager for the youth sector, under-19 coach Carpegna Prosciutto Papalini Basket Pesaro and the national under-18 assistant at the next European Championships scheduled for the summer of 2022. “Basketball is beautiful because it’s a way to meet great human beings ৷ and basketball players like Andrea Shearini. The next General Cup will be one of these moments. There will be an opportunity to reward power.

Among the field heroes: Amberto Stajonelli, Under-19 Guard Carpegna Prosciutto Papalini Basket Pesaro and First Team. “It has been a difficult two years, and we are happy to be back with some of Italy’s best players. We are very excited. “

In parallel with the match, a training seminar was organized with LBA initiative Next Generation Educational, created by “A Better Basketball” to prepare basketball players for their post-career careers. Sara Spadoni, CEO of Opera -. It is also thanks to the valuable testimony of former great players like Ricardo Pittis and Maurizio Ragaji.

Source: Lega Basket

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