Rap and Sports: Links to Wrappers, Basketball, Football and more

Basketball is certainly the most involved sport of rap, but there are many more that have a very close connection to the music that we deal with here every day.

Let’s look at the most obvious cases together, those who tried to enter the rap game and those who tried to go the opposite way instead.

An integral link between rap and sports

Let’s walk through rap music and different playgrounds in four easy steps in this excursion:

Wrap and basketball

How many times has the path of hip-hop and basketball crossed their history and how many times will they do it in the future.

It was understood from the time of the song Curtis BlowExactly entitled Basketball And in the midst of all this, Lil ‘Bow Wow has created a cover with Germain Dupree, Fabulas and Fandisha.

Over the next few years it was understood that, little by little, a number of professional NBA players would serve songs or complete rap records. Portland Blazer’s Damien Lillard is one of the most interesting cases of our time, but in the past we have had performances – more or less questionable, let’s face it – by basketball players like Dwight Howard, Javale McGee, Andre Drummond, Lonzo Ball, Aaron Gordon. , Lance Stephenson and many more.

Even legends Shakil O’NeillWhich revealed the beauty of four albums from ’93 to ’98 with the collaboration of icons like Notre Dame BIG, Rakim, Mob Deep, J-Z and many more and the result was not bad at all.

There were also many rappers who made the opposite path or at least, before becoming professional rappers, had more than decent skills on the court.

Jay Cole In high school he was not bad at all and recently played three games in the Rwanda League. Dave East He played in his college years and Master P. He came close to being elected by the Charlotte Hornets or Toronto Raptors in the late 1990’s.

But what works best for rappers is creating music and there are countless songs or separate bars dedicated to NBA teams. Just a few names: Westbrook JID and ASAP by Ferg, Michael Jordan Or two songs by ScHoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar Drake Posted online after winning the Toronto Raptors Final in 2019: The best pack in the world With omerta and beautiful Money in the grave With Rick Ross

Finally, we remember its remix Dark yellow Perception by Snoop Dogg And The game And centered on its color Los Angeles Lakers:

He was the one who wanted to grow up in the NBA J-Z Who co-owned it for ten years Brooklyn NetsA team to which he is a great fan.

Currently, however, it has to be done through American basketball Rock Nation SportsIts private label sports company, which prides itself on football stars such as Lukaku, De Bruyne, Bernardeschi and which entered into an exclusive partnership with AC Milan in 2020.

Lil Wayne and Gigi have also opened their own sports agency: the first has its own Young Money APAA Sports, which operates primarily in the NFL, the second has recently launched Sports 99.

Wrap and football

If we talk about rap and sports, then it is right to deal with the Italian national one. Now there are many footballers who have a rap song to their credit.

Jackson Martinez, Depp, Podolski, Boateng, Sergio Ramos, Golini, Drenthe are some of the people who have tried to shake the rhyme. Who has been working hard lately Rafael LeoAC Milan striker who released a record in 2021 even named Way 45:

National hip hop has also been linked to rap and football through a charity project that features active carriers of the scene, such as Lanz Khan, Rufio, Jangi Leon, Ted B, Eziwan and Shed. Click here to learn more.

Then there is the passion for football on TV or on the web, starting with those who enjoy their opinions – see recent Gma – or those who wanted to lend their voice for short words, see Raden Sportitalia Calciomercato or with Amis Killa Brazil for the World Cup in 2014, when he released her Maracana Which has become a real catchphrase.

Rap and martial arts

We must also talk about the thread that connects RAP with the world of martial arts and boxing.

Some of our compatriots have practiced or practiced these games in their personal lives, e.g. Amis Killa, Rkomi, Tedua Or The highest dangerOthers have almost come to compete in the ring, such as Chris Brown and Salza Boy, Mick Mill and Drake, or the most talked about possible match between two French rappers, Buba and Caris, who even came for an official date match.

Boxing, unfortunately, is directly linked to hip hop due to death Tupac: Was a very close friend of the California rap legend Mike Tyson And it seems that on that tragic night in 1996, Pack went to Tyson’s boxing match to get him to sing a song.

Unfortunately, we all know that night.

Wrap and other games

But there are many more games that have a certain feel to rap music.

Starting with skateboarding and snowboarding, which often sees rap as a soundtrack, the NFL, which has featured it more than once during the Super Bowl halftime show, will only bring it to the stage this year. History hip-hop and r & b with star and stripe: Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Drey, Snoop Dogg, Eminem And Mary J. Bliss.

Golf is also involved in the lives of some rappers, like Schoolboy Q. Or underground legends ScarfaceBut also in their video, especially in two historical stories with Puff Daddy: Beautiful Bad guys for life Or unforgettable Mo mani mo problem By the infamous Big

So rap and sports are two closely linked worlds that will continue to evoke unique emotions both in our studio and on the playground.

We’ll see if there are any other games to talk about in the next few years or if we will have new players who will try to enter the recording studio.

The text was originally written for Storify BSMNT 105 And then modified

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