Ricardo, one of the men and women, framed him: “He told me to go out and …”

Male and femaleTrono Over, the charming knight Riccardo Guarnieri, who was famous in the news for starting a long history with lady Ida Platano, recently returned to his studies and seems to have brought the woman closer. Considering him by a follower now seems to break him. What if she’s really playing with him that – instead – is still in her?

Ricardo Garnier Again in viewfinder. What is the real reason he decided, after a long time Mary goes back to court? He really wants to find the woman of his life Many of his celebrated ex-returns Who – apparently – can’t wait to get back with him? And themselves Just play-How do they say – “like a cat with a mouse” to get visibility? A new critique falls on him like the sword of Damocles …

Riccardo Guarnieri is still among the sights

Always intelligent Dianira Marjano Seems to have hit again, collecting a very harsh criticism against a follower in a story on Instagram Ricardo GarnierRecently returned to Parter Male and femaleThe most famous dating show, followed and talked about on TV that gave him years ago – undoubtedly – great fame.

I met Sundari there Ida Platano, the real star of the show, And they had a beautiful but complex love story. And when he said enough She Was terribly ill.

He then dated another woman, a sensual one Roberta de PaduaWith whom he started a relationship that seemed important but then, due to the camera being off, the idol lasted very little.

Despite his inactivity from TV, viewers never forgot his name His charmReally awesome, as well as – apparently – it’s a lot Famous exThat’s still too much for her … and if she’s back in the studio now and with the way she works, She was just cheating on him?

Is he – maybe – playing with Idar? Ida is still very busy …

After all, he never hid that he still loved her and defined her several times “Her Great love “. And her subsequent acquaintances almost always ended because she was there to distinguish him from the other suitors The memory of that man That stole his heart.

He also gave her a ring Which he showed to the fans in a social video which is very exciting which still dominates his Facebook page.

And when he, many days later, returned to the studio, She was very, very excited. They dance together many times and Many close and very collaborative have appeared.

Went out with Glory, He had emotional moments with her at the hotel but then he stopped dating. Now for his part Ida Ricardo claims that for him, Ricardo is not just a friend, but there are those who say that the two – in fact – Has started to feel again for months.

So how are things really? If he She was just joking with him To recover so much notoriety, many say net? After all, he is the star of the show and still is – as they say – “on the crest of the waves” …

And now there’s a report, by the really powerful, always-wise Deanira Marjano that reveals a rather sad truth that is directly worrying. Bell Garnier

The woman posted a story in which a user – who asked to remain anonymous – misrepresented herself RicardoSaid the man contacted her in December 2021 to get her out, but she has since refused He had just taken the last dose of the vaccineOr at least that excuse was given.

Which would tarnish Knight’s image, or we would have to ask ourselves now if his interest in this invitation was real for Eder. Also true that Then he sent it to the country and blocked it After she refuses to let him go, she will not portray him as a gentleman.

And what will Garnier do now? Do you want to answer? What is certain is that the woman complained against him It’s not a fakeThe rest is not yet established …

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