Rutgers Hall of Fame women’s basketball coach C-Vivian Stringer announces retirement after 50 seasons

Legendary women’s basketball pioneer C-Vivian Stringer has announced her retirement after 50 years and has won 1,055 wins as head coach, it was announced on Saturday.

Stringer, a Nicemith Hall of Famer, has led his team to 28 NCAA appearances in his career at Cheney State, Iowa and, most recently, at Rutgers, and four places in the Final Four.

Withdrawal of Stringer will be effective from 1st September

“My life was defined by education and I have been on this journey for over five decades,” Stringer said in a press release. “It’s rare that they can do whatever they want for so long and I’m lucky to do it. Like it.” . “After recently celebrating the first women’s team in Final Four at Chinese State University, where it all started, I realized that I have been with this team for a long time. It is important to move to one side and challenge the other to move forward and move forward.

“It was the hardest decision of my life, but I thank God for allowing me to do what I love. I am ready to start my new journey and spend more time with my family, children and grandchildren. I’m really happy to have so many wonderful people in my life. “

The school said a nationwide search for a stringer replacement would begin immediately.

Stringer, 74, is the fourth all-time winner in women’s basketball division I, joining the likes of Vandervir, Pat Summit and Zeno Ariema with more than 1,000 wins, and was the first black coach to achieve so much in the men’s or women’s sport. She was inducted into the Nicemith Hall of Fame in 2009 and the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 2001.

Stringer has been on paid leave from Rutgers since April 2021, following the signing of a five-year contract with assistant manager Tim Whiteman, who has since taken over as head coach. Although the team initially claimed that her discharge originated from fear of being infected with COVID-19 and passed it on to her daughter with spinal meningitis, the university has since denied that feature but failed to explain the reasoning behind it. His absence. According to Ashbury Park Press. The university said on Saturday that Stringer would receive $ 872,988 in his retirement contract.

The Rutgers have gone 11-20 in the Big Ten, including 3-14 this season

Stringer was the first male or female basketball coach to run three different programs for the Final Four, bringing national significance to every school he touched. Cheney, a historic black college where he coached from 1971 to 1983, led his first NCAA Championship game in 1982, where the Wolves landed near Louisiana Tech. In Iowa (1983–1995), he transformed the hockey team, a team that had won just seven games in the season before his arrival, into a powerhouse, leading them to their first national semifinals in 1993. Along the way, Stringer has confirmed their first women’s match. Advanced basketball sales at Carver-Hawk Arena.

It didn’t take long for him to repeat the same success after taking the lead in Piscataway in 1995. The Rutgers moved to the First Final Four in 2000 and the National Championship in 2007, falling in Tennessee. Stringer led the Scarlett Knights to 10 consecutive NCAA Championships from 2003-2012, including their WNIT title in 2014. Behind the brand’s bold defense, 20 wins in its 37 seasons, most recently in 2019-20, was the most in NCAA history.

“I love Rutgers University for the incredible opportunity they have given me and the great victory we have achieved together,” Stringer said. “There is always a sweet place in my heart for the University of Iowa and Dr. Kristen Grant to give me my first major internship position, when my husband and I believe in bringing our family to Iowa. She was a strong supporter of women’s rights and it is such a The responsibility that I have defended and for which I will continue to fight. “

The Stringers also helped create 21 WNBA draft picks, including Sue Weeks, Capi Pondextar and Essence Carson, as well as current players Won Kyi Prince Epiphany Erica Wheeler (who was speechless), Petnia Lani WNBA Rিয়াiলাla R কিbelle.

“I am blessed for the young women that I have been able to train and guide today’s women and leaders, continue to break down barriers, push for your seat at the table and always know who you are,” Stringer said.

South Carolina manager Don Staley tweeted, “Coach Stringer thanks you for improving our game,” who became the first black-haired basketball manager to win more Premier League titles earlier this month. Department. “The strength of your shoulders has made us stand up straight. We will keep your legacy in our hearts forever. Thanks, Coach Stringer. “

Among other Stringer awards, he has been national coach three times and conference coach four times, twice in the Big Ten and twice in the Big East. He was also an assistant to the 2004 Olympic gold medal team in Athens.

Rutgers said the Jersey Mike Arena Stadium would be renamed in honor of the manager.

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