Seven cute dogs looking for a family in May


We will never stop sharing his application … Chicco, born circa 2013.
Rather include medium sizes.
Good character, calm on walking with a harness. Compatible with female dogs, evaluated with males. Very affectionate.
We don’t really understand what’s so bad about never being considered.
Most sharing, thanks!
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We are presenting Ciccio … kennel’s guest recently.
About a year and a half old, neutral, medium sized.
Quiet and very good for walking. Compatible with her fellow men.
He is waiting in your shelter.
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Here’s one of the latest arrivals.
He didn’t even have a name and was called Romeo
Age about 9 years. Medium size, excellent health.
He has already started going out for a walk with his shoes on and he is definitely at ease, he has a very quiet walk.



Today we present a very special dog: Susi.
About 2 years old, small in size, sterile.
Affectionate, already accustomed to going out for walks, compatible with all her fellow men.
He has a defect in his left eye that needs to be operated on and probably removed.
Come to the shelter and meet him.
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Here is Vicky, a big dog about 3 years old.
Very calm, a little shy but very affectionate once you get to know him.
She has been waiting for a long time for a family that wants to share her life with her, already sterilized and chipped.
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Zeira 3-2

No dog should be sheltered and this is even more unfair when it happens to an older dog.
Zyra, Super Grandi is about 12 years old.
Sweet, calm and peaceful character, matches everyone well.
He goes for a walk very voluntarily, already accustomed to being at home.
Come to the shelter and adopt him … He will repay you with much love.
Healthy, vaccinated and sterile. For information

Friends for a while

Close friend 23-2

Amici per un Pelo was born out of a group of volunteers who have been dedicated to raising dogs in the canals of the Middle South for years. We welcome these dogs to our facilities for the time needed to find a family for them, we provide them with shelter, support and care but we also look for opportunities to give them moments of leisure and socialization. The volunteer action that can help us is that the dogs we host, starting with a simple walk, not only have leisure moments, but also have the opportunity to build a proper relationship of trust and respect between humans and dogs. Voluntary activities include taking the dogs for a walk, out of their boxes and playing with them running and walking. This activity allows the dog to relax, reduce stress and get some affection. Walking and leaving the box should be the moment for our friend’s well-being and therefore should be calibrated on his physical and character traits. Being a volunteer in a canal is a great thrill. You will treat dogs well and you will be rewarded by their love. It is an activity that requires responsibility and attention. For this we need a minimum age and membership which guarantees the required insurance coverage.

Where is it?
Via Dale Fontanelle *
22077 Olgiate Comasco – CO
Telephone: 368.3787.342 – 339.1028.604

* Via delle Fontanelle is a private dirt road, not registered in some navigators, which alternatively offers via Fontanelle in Cagno: alternatively set in “Bontocco” or “Cesare Battisti” in Olgiate Comasco.

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