Shi, as Mao, has his “Little Red Book” printed

AGI – It is said that the Red Guards rocked it over his head when he burned Lao Tzu’s library. But was there a book by the Dystopian author of the “City of Cats” in the hundreds to hundreds of books that was worth a page, in the eyes of all those young people, the Little Red Book? No, so let’s burn Lao Tzu’s books, like the Babelplatz in Berlin: the truth is already in those words. They are studied by heart and will not need to know more.

Since the time of the Cultural Revolution, no one has ever tried to replicate the test, to place himself on the same level as the Great Helmsman.: Na Jiang Qing, the terrible widow of the Gang of Four, Na Deng Xiaoping, who was also a Confucian-liberal writer who now makes People’s China a giant that sees America from top to bottom.

On the eve of his third term as Secretary-General of the Communist Party of China, the one who dared to do so was Xi Jinping, the man who was able to unravel the constitutional traps that prevented him from leading the country for de facto life. There is no one in the People’s Republic of China as strong as him. None but Mao Zedong. Comparisons, therefore, now ideologically-propagandistic as well, are inevitable.


Xi Jinping

First copy in Guangzhou

The first copy of Shir Libreto has already been printed and circulated in Guangxi, his birthplace., After posting online to celebrate the author’s appointment as a representative of the 20th Party Congress. The meeting will be held in the autumn, enough time for distribution. The layout – and this parallel to what is apparently the most interesting – is similar in all respects: pocket-sized, easy to read and easy to consult.

In Guangzhou, according to local media, which speaks of “treasure in the palm of the hand”, the harder the lines to pick a hard copy, the longer. Anyone who is not queuing accepts it at work or school desk in any case. Newspaper photos show young, old, girls and mothers buzzing about the image of the head and this too is Deja Vu. As well as pictures of farmers who suspended work in the field to learn the line.

After all, Mao was a theorist of the revolution whose main subject was the agricultural people, not the workers. And if Lin Piao opposes world propaganda in the cities of the world, Xi thus seems to want to balance an ideological model of development leaning towards the second. According to authorities, 10 minutes a day will be enough for Shir to quickly become an expert in thinking and keep pace with the times.

Mao’s “Little Red Book” is said to be the best-selling book of all time, after the Bible, more than the Qur’an and more than capital. In fact it is called, for example, “Lord of the Rings”, so there is no need to rank. However, its energy power in China in the 1960s is undeniable, and its inspirational power for European intellectuals by the end of the next decade. It sounds contradictory, since it has been targeted at Chinese though intellectuals; But conflict is not a category of consciousness adopted by Western thinkers on average.

Whatever the case may be, the official headline was “Quote from Chairman Mao Zedong” and wanted to mention Lin Piao, the Marshal of the People’s Liberation Army, the Minister of Defense, the right-hand man and Mao’s ambitious successor. Too ambitious, too much.

Mao’s insights

He was the one who conceived the concept of Maxim Collection in 1961, to be memorized by all the concepts scattered around the barracks of the People’s Republic. If there is one achievement to be acknowledged, it is this: it did not stop with the military, the book with the cover of Sindur, but quickly passed into the hands of the peasants and workers. In short, everyone.

But for those who first imagined it, it did not bring great fortune. In fact, Lin Piao died in 1971 with his family in a very, very mysterious plane crash. His ambitions are said to have persuaded him to attempt a coup against his advisers, and he was allegedly shot dead while trying to flee to the Soviet Union.

Xi as Mao in Red Booklet Print

Xinhua / AFP

Mao Zedong

In the meantime, even the libretto went through a kind of genetic mutation: from an instrument of inspiration to the working and peasant masses, it has become a sacred text for students., Organized in the Red Guard to fight the Cultural Revolution. For ten years fires were burning all over China, millions of victims, some twenty million ventures. He only dies with the death of Helmsman and his mantis Jiang King with the terrible condemnation.

Maxim of Deng Xiaoping

But it was now in the 1980s and a pure of the Cultural Revolution was already sitting in Mao’s place. His name was Deng Xiaoping, and he did not write a pamphlet on reflection. He confined himself to a maxim: “It doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white, unless it catches a rat.” And in this minimal ideological effort, he turned China into an economic powerhouse. Under whose leadership today Shi.

The “Little Red Book” was aimed at young Chinese people whom Mao tried to rally against the Chinese Communist Party’s bureaucracy, which merged with the opposition. By organizing the youth, Mao aimed to build direct charismatic relationships with the youth throughout China. Young people from all over the country flocked to Tiananmen Square to celebrate Chairman Mao’s generosity. Federico Rampini reports, in a valuable introduction to the latest edition of the “Red Book”, a passage from the papal scientist Ross Terrell describing this huge gathering of young people who cheered Mao wearing a “khaki military suit with red armbands and red inscriptions.” . Waving in the wind, those red covers make Tiananmen Square look like a butterfly-filled prairie.

Thanks for the galvanizing power of some sentences, The “Little Red Book” cemented an entire generation of Chinese who were incited to revolutionary violence. (“Political power comes from the barrel of a gun” or “Revolution is not a festival dinner but an act of violence by which one class overthrows another”).

The irresistible fascination with quotes from Great Helsman also won over the youth of the West. The student movement throughout Europe adopted the “Little Red Book” as a sacred text for Marx, Lenin, and Marx.

Xi as Mao in Red Booklet Print

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Mao Zedong’s little red book

There was an innocent hope that Chinese communism was different from Soviet communism. The European aristocracy saw the beginning of a new season for humanity in the Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976, the beginning of a definite victory for universal justice. The tempting power of Maoism over young conscience has not stopped in China. But the truth behind the great revolution was strictly concealed.

The President’s idolatry unleashed a dose of bigotry and intolerance that led to constitutional, often brutal, violence. In rural areas, the death penalty for dissidents has risen from 750,000 to 1.5 million deaths. The number of persecutions reached 36 million, all convicted of forced labor in Laogai where prisoners, every morning, were forced to gather in front of a wall over which a portrait of Mao was hung, quotes were sung and held. The hand, the “Little Red Book,” cried out three times, “Ten thousand years,” meaning the president was long-lived.

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