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Naomi Osaka Yes Presented in the press roomClassic post match for press conference After his second-round defeat Spanish Sara Soribes Tormo 6-3 6-1 in 1 hour 29 minutes, and her exit as a result Mutua Madrid Open. The match is S.Severely injured due to an injury to his left ankle (It is no coincidence that Naomi appeared on the field with a clear bandage on her left calf and later asked an MTO to treat her ankle.) – Joy, the score with which he lost to the home player, Russian qualifier Potapova – and It also affects the hill area.

So in addition to the inevitable questions about his health condition – the way he faced from the time he split the two games to the outcome at a strategic level of the match, especially to pass. He is inspired by Michael Jordan for whom his ambition to overcome injury is – There are other questions that have shifted the focus of this tournament to the sensations left in the N.Y. Its home for improvement over the world 36 and red. For example, he spoke of the skills that are yet to be acquired, to adapt to different conditions arising in a fast and slow field of the earth. Eventually the real news of this conference came out, that is Dr. Participation Four-time Grand Slam champion Mixed doubles draw at Wimbledon And precisely with this in mind He is trying to improve his net game. The last line Programming for the next few days In the eyes of the Italian international BNL, Where again the former n. There is good humor in the rankings.

D: What a misfortune tonight. Today you had a bandage on your left leg, which was not in your first match. I was just wondering if this is a problem you’ve been experiencing lately? How do you feel

Naomi Osaka: “Yes, I felt something in my ankle after my last game; I wasn’t really able to hurt because I wanted the pain to go away. Honestly, I should have been a little smarter about how I handled the whole thing from the end of the last match to today’s meeting. So today I felt pain again and tried an ibuprofen, But I probably should have taken it sooner than I did. But yes, I’m sure everything will work out for the better

D: You already met Sarah [Sorribes Tormo] Even in clay, in Spain. How much did you think about that match and try to change something from that challenge?

Naomi Osaka: “M seemed like I couldn’t play the way I wanted to and I had limitations. So there are different things that I thought I could do better than I did in the previous match, but I didn’t get a chance to do that today. So sadly there was a moment when I said to myself, ‘Did I really do it?’ I know what I should have done, if that was the point. But I did not have the physical resources to do it

Q: Of course you were unlucky because of the injury, but you can do very well in the near future if you are able to recover quickly. You seem to be having a good time in shape and have also tested some of the solutions you wanted to try. Can you tell us what positive aspects you are taking from this tournament?

Naomi Osaka: “Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. If only I could stay here longer. I think, however, he is still learning to get used to the different situations found on the ground. I’m still learning to differentiate and thus adapting to both the fastest and slowest courses in the world.. We are warm today, and wim [Fissette, il suo allenatore, ndr] He told me that the field was much faster than the central one and I replied: ‘OK, if you will’. But I am trying to take everything very calmly. I know I’m still at the stage of a study on this surface. I know I say it often, but I hope I can handle it better if it happens again.

Q: I think one of the things Soribes Thermo does very well is to express his emotions through even the most shameless expression, making sure opponents hit and take more risks; This will keep them in more tension. When you face such players, what is the key to patience? Is it something you are capable of accepting or is it something you try to fight when you are on the pitch trying to keep the point as short as possible, not letting the opponent indicate the speed of the exchange? How do you find balance when you are playing against such players?

Naomi Osaka: “Yes, I think you need to be able to do both. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate businessAnd there are moments in the game where you have to choose that kind of speed; And other places where you need to make changes and make exchanges smaller by trying to take more initiative. I think this is the problem I had today. Because when I had to face the toughest exchange, over 3 hits, I couldn’t put weight on my left leg, Especially in lateral displacement. I should have tried to make them smaller, but to do that I had to climb on top of the ball, because I could not stretch my legs completely. I was just standing there. I can be dangerous Only when I hit from a stagnant

Q: I don’t know if you remember this point, but during a rally you hit a backhand volley nicely and I remember a few years ago you always did it with both hands. How proud are you of your backhand volley and have you been training for it lately?

Naomi Osaka: “Yes. I’m really trying to focus on my net game, because I’m going to play mixed doubles at Wimbledon. I know it’s disgusting, isn’t it? I’m shocked too. I’m working hard on this shot, I don’t really want to disappoint anyone I’m going to play with because every time I play a double I always tell my partner or my partner that I will try my best not to. To be a ballast

Q: When you have this type of injury where you initially think it is not something serious, but you are not sure about the extent of the problem; In a tournament like this, how do you try to balance the desire to compete so that you are careful and do not push too hard so that the physical condition does not get worse?

Naomi Osaka: “Yes then honestly I don’t want to retire due to injury during the game. Because you know, sometimes I think of Michael Jordan who played a decisive race for the NBA title with a 40 degree fever even after not getting out of bed all day. I tell myself that I should too. Then of course you always have to be a little bit careful and you have the desire in your head not to take the risk of compromising in any season. But I always have the urge and ambition to see what happens if I can overcome that particular problem, which is becoming an obstacle for me. I want to see if I can take myself further, whether I can finish the game despite the pain or injury.

Q: With the Rome tournament still one week away, what are your plans for the next few days, mainly rest or you want to go back to practice?

Naomi Osaka: “Injuries will keep me busy for now. I don’t even know what’s wrong with my Achilles tendon, so I’ll probably do an ultrasound and see what happens, and then my team and I will continue on. “

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