That dog kills another dog. Hundreds of cases a year due to public awareness

People who live with dogs share time and space with them, especially pets. Often those who are accustomed to the affection and sweetness that these creatures are able to blindly trust their mate because every day they feel his desire to be by his side and share every moment of his time. And so it’s hard to see your friend as someone else’s danger. And it’s harder for a person to imagine a dog with them It can even cause the death of a colleague. Every day our cities and parks are populated by dogs who meet in mutual peace, communicate with each other, play or spend time together.

And of course no one leaves home for a walk with their friend or leaves him in the garden in his absence thinking that it could turn into a tragedy where someone else would lose their life.

Of course: sometimes there are conflicts but in general, it is thought that everything will be resolved in the best possible way and every evening you will return home ready to face the next day.

Unfortunately, however, things do not always go this way. And more serious episodes happen than you think. The Accident in dog These are a fairly broad reality and it is not uncommon for the consequences to be terrible or even fatal. And when that happens, outside of tragedy, there are people who are devastated, who feel helpless and full of guilt. Because they have seen all the motives and motives they consider as part of their family asking for helpless help, being beaten like a doll and in many cases losing their lives for not being able to intervene, not being able to help.

These stories rarely reach the public eye, unless they involve a well-known character or people involved. If the protagonists are “just” dogs and are sometimes the most read in a few blurbs of the local newspaper, it is rarely mentioned in the national media.

Yet behind each of these stories is not only the victim, but also the families who will carry with them the immense pain of losing a loved one and the trauma of seeing him die on a normal day, in a bloody way. Unexpected way. And transforming what was once a moment of peace and forgetting nightmares is sudden and impossible.

Panja on the other hand, a group to understand the facts

In order to better understand the incident and its significance, a Facebook group called “The Other Part of the Leash” was born a few years ago, with the aim of gathering evidence and raising awareness. What hurts, almost tragically, is browsing the group’s posts to collect the number of reported incidents, local news articles, and direct evidence of people who have lost their partner. To understand the magnitude of the incident, just remember that in the first 4 months of 2022 alone, 31 newspaper articles and 27 people testified directly who lost their friend in a dog attack. This means about one death every 2 days and of course, this estimate is an understatement.

So we ask Claudia ScarselliOne of the founders of the group, to answer some of our questions.

How and when was the group born?

Born after the death of Hermes, friend’s poodle. Hermes was on vacation with his family. In the morning, while walking, a dog, seeing him, frees itself from its clothes and attacks him. Her man was also injured in the attack, who desperately tried to save her when the attacking dog did not intervene, did not provide help, but rather she thought it best to flee and quickly leave the seaside resort.

He was also born to Margot, another small dog that attacked the station while waiting for a train. In this case the little girl was on the ground on a ledge. The attacking dog also attacked the two unlucky ribs from behind.

The team was born to testify, to collect essays, to understand reality. Our initial question was: How often do these episodes occur?

Did you expect such a large number of episodes in the national territory?

We didn’t expect such a large number, unfortunately they are on the agenda. Some lucky because everything is limited to a big fear. And yet it sometimes limits the lives of dogs and humans. In some cases, it can be difficult for some people to get their dog out of the toilet because of trauma.

Not to mention that some dogs have been attacked in their own garden due to the negligence of their neighbors.

The thing that worries us the most is that in recent years in the group we have come to realize that unfortunately the law does not protect the attacking dog because it is still considered an object and not a family member. Institutions should intervene.

Do you want to send a message to those who live with a dog?

The message we want to convey is this: Anyone who decides to adopt a dog, regardless of breed or size, should ask before choosing a particular breed. In addition to care and nutrition, awareness of the characteristics of the breed and the day-to-day management of the dog is important in both family and society. Dogs tend to be too humane, when they have different needs and responses from us; Their sociality is different from ours and their language comprehension depends on us.

How are groups organized?

The “other side of the leash” represents the two ends of the leash, where a person on one side is aware that his dog is on the other side. The group informs and supports those who have been attacked, we have a collection of current law, European law and other useful information. This is followed by the presence of a lawyer who gives free advice on various procedures. We support all those who have lost a family member. In this context, I recall a testimony: “While eating my dog, he looked me in the eye as if to ask for help. And I, helpless, could do nothing.” These are powerful words, I know, but think of these people who will never forget such a horrible scene in their lives. We are aware that, in addition to the data collected, these episodes occur more frequently because not all cases are reported and, if the victim does not die, there is a tendency to pay medical costs to avoid reporting. Finally, I urge our organizations not to underestimate the problem. Intervention will be required through appropriate legislation.

The importance of raising awareness about the issue

But how are these episodes? Scrolling through the articles and reports reported by the group, we have unfortunately noticed that there are some recurrences that make our citizens more vulnerable, especially those who have decided to live with certain breeds of dogs and have already been subjected to a lot of prejudice in public opinion.

Not only are these attacks, which can prove fatal in a matter of seconds, in almost all cases can be caused by a large dog against a small dog, but unfortunately in many cases the most involved breeds are seen to be exactly them. Which shows greater criticism by selection To their peers and, unfortunately, in more than 80% of cases, bull-type terriers inadvertently leave the character unattended.

Aside from not wanting to demonize dogs, the problem is blaming people: it’s important to note that, unfortunately, because of such episodes, it has spread to England and other northern European states, and for many years, some breeds have been banned and outlawed. Prohibition of occupation. Prevention is so vital that we cannot reach, even in our own country, the thought of being able to implement similar solutions.

Dog aggression against other dogs: Expert opinion

As always, Kodami focuses on providing information and explaining how and why these accidents can happen. We sought the views of Dr. Stefania Aquesta, veterinarian, dog educator and trainer who collaborated with the group as experts on the subject.

“Almost all reported cases and direct evidence point to the same dynamics. A large dog escapes a person or is kept free without a control device or free to roam or, again, runs away from his home. On the other hand, we have a small dog, often in a cage or in any case close to its people. But What attacks a dog and persuades another dog to kill Stranger, walking down the street on a rib? “Of course in this case there is a lack of socialization towards one’s own species – underlining Aquista – which should be complete and should include even small dogs. The attack is reciprocated Stimulated by predatory motivation Which includes chase, attack and ultimately murder. Predatory motivation, even more or less expressively, is present in all dogs and is not negative in itself. “Even chasing a ball is the manifestation of this motivation.This happens when a dog has a high predatory motivation but also a social deficit. That is, when he does not consider the other dog to belong to his own breed.

“I am rarely asked for pre-adoption information – underlining the expert and concluding – which would instead be absolutely desirable and recommended. In fact, some races and individuals may be more difficult to manage. Or it could be the type of family. “Social responsibility for serious and fatal accidents, both towards other dogs and humans, should be applied to the prevention and not only in the previous scenario, even after a person has already been harmed.”

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