The hero of tennis in Santa Cruz, has returned to the international tournament ‘Serie A’


Back at the great youth tennis hero Santa Cross Sul’Arno. After a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19, the spotlight is back on the red field Tennis Club Santa Cross Sul’Arno For ITF Youth Tournament “Città di Santa Croce” Mauro Sabatini.

Recruitment to “Serie A” with the promise of international tennis 9 to 14 May 2022. Closing May 18, 2019, the year of the victory of Holger Vitas Nodskov Rune and Diana Schneider, the most important international junior tournament nationally and beyond, is presented. Forty-second edition In a smaller combination of scoreboards than in the past: a total of 32 men and 32 women, to ensure better management of the flow and at the same time guarantee – as explained by the Santa Cross Tennis Club – for the rest of the participants a high quality in the cock, as a tradition of more than 40 versions. Everything will happen. Santa Cross will be open to the world With the presence of athletes from more than 40 countries and continents: tennis players from New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Paraguay, Uzbekistan as well as a huge team of Europeans will compete on the field. Russian athletes will be absent due to recent reasons associated with the ongoing war.

Let’s get started Saturday 7 And Sunday, May 8, Including male and female qualifications. Continues from Monday 9 With the start of singles and doubles until the weekend 13 and 14 With doubles and singles men’s and women’s finals. The “Beppe Giannoni” Cup will be awarded to the youngest foreign player to qualify for the quarter-finals. Coach Villanova will support Empoli and coach Fornaset will support the Santacrosses Club by providing their fields for training athletes. Admission is free for the entire duration of the event.

Five of the world’s top ten tennis players in the starting line-up are testifying to the very high level of the 2022 edition: top-ranked Argentine Lautaro Maiden (15th in the world), Mexican Rodrigo Pacheco Mendez (17th in the world), Slovenian Bor Artonak (20th in the world), Nikola Dabnerova (16th in the world) and Belgian Hanne Vandevinkel (20th in the world). For the Italians, a more complex version is expected, with only Georgia Pedon having a direct access to the original draw ranking. But surprisingly, the history of the tournament teaches us that there is never a shortage and that various Italians, including Lorenzo Carboni, Federico Cena, Anna Paradisi and Francesca Paes, will play against strong counterparts from every corner of the planet.


A return is accompanied by great enthusiasm, as demonstrated by Press conference for the 42nd edition presentation Of the International de Santa Cross. The aftermath of the epidemic, as noted by the organizers, has had a detrimental effect on the world of sports but has, in particular, punished the junior circuit and international youth tournaments more than any other major event. For the first time in 41 years of history, the Santa Cros internationals have had to stop, but “our young people have recovered from this epidemic.” The mayor of Santa Cruz, Sul’arno Giulia Deida. “For Tuscany and for Italy as a whole, the resumption of such an important activity two years later does not seem to be true. All people have been affected by the epidemic, but I believe that young people are the ones who have suffered the most. Face to face, but passion and sport won. “

Dr. was also present at the press conference Antonio Majeo, President of the Regional CouncilWho defined the tournament as “one of the most anticipated for sports enthusiasts and future talent search” Italian Tennis FederationOf ConeOfAssociation ‘Sports and Health’ And obviously Santa Cross Tennis Club And in the international cities of Santa Cruz, in person President Simon Martini“Stopping for two editions was a heartbreak, but finally leaving again gives us smiles and emotions that we forgot.”

“The Italian tennis movement is experiencing extraordinary years for various Cinnas and Beretini,” he said. President of the Tuscan Committee of FIT Luigi Brunetti – But it’s a Santa Cros-like tournament that represents a fantastic promotional vehicle in the area. Together with Florence and Prato, this tournament is the pride of our region. “

The champions passed to Internazionale del Serie Lots. In forty-one years, nineteen future winners of the Slam Tournament and fifteen future number one in the world rankings have passed from the number one Santa Cruz Tournament. The two seasons of interruption have done nothing but symbolically accelerate this transformation process. This is the case with the Danish Holger Rune, the last winner in the men’s draw at Santa Cruz and already the absolute hero in the ATP circuit. The last two dominants in the women’s rankings, Ashley Barty (No. 1 in the world from September 9, 2019 to April 3, 2022) and Iga Sweettech (just one month at the top of the world rankings and had the good fortune to be there for a long time)), passed “Serie” today. Not too far from: The Australian reached the final exactly ten years ago, when Paul blew himself up in the semifinals in 2016, winning the Beppe Giannoni Trophy as the best young man of that edition. The two queens of world tennis are an example of Santa Cross’s contribution to generational change, also testified by the names of Daniel Medvedev, Stefanos Sitcipas and Janik Sinar, the current stars who have crossed the Pisan field in the last decade.

Margarita Chechin

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