The main draw of Itf Under 18 Citta di Prato is starting

After qualifying, the main draw of the 38th International Under-18 Youth Tournament “Citta di Prato” will begin. Initially, 25 countries represented all continents who chose the city of Wool to return to play such junior events.

Free admission through Firenze 48 matches starting at 8.30 and all day long you will be able to watch a dazzling and colorful tennis match. In qualifying for the main draw, Francesca Gandalfi, 16, defeated Emma Ghirardato, 62, Lucrezia Musetti, 16, Emma Pene, 61, Abruzzo Georgia Rosselli, 62, who also won by a margin of 62 76, and Monica Weijsic, 16, and Gaia Maduzzi who defeated Vittoria Bakino 61 63. Men’s Ludovico Vakkari won with Giuseppe Corsaro 63 61, Gianluca Cadenaso 63 62 defeated Francesco Scarpa, defeated Canadian Pascal Tylek, defeated Canadian Pascal Tylek near A Siardiso Cenlaro in 64 and D’Connor in Canello 63 (attached) Better than

Among the men’s favorites will be Canadian Jaden Weeks (ITF, 40) and American Leonid Boika, Thai Tanapat Nirundarna and other American Aidan Kim. Among the women is Australian Taylah Preston (ITF, 41) who precedes Japanese Sara Saito, Aya El Auni of Morocco and Lithuanian Patricia Paukstite. Among the women’s wild cards is Tuscany, and registered with host club TC Prato, Noemi Basiletti, who will immediately be the protagonist on her debut day with Anastasia Bartachi, Ligurian Alessandra Teodoscu and Lombard Gaia Paravisini. In the men’s federation tennis, Fabio de Mitchell, two players from the Florence match, Lorenzo Schiahbasi and Andrea Meduri and Roman Tio Masra were given a chance.

“The tournament has a good technical level and we will be able to attend and see the different types of players whose features are associated with the main countries – explained Franco Majoni, director of TC Prato.” Following in the footsteps of Indian Manas Dhamne, who is already under the control of managers Daniel Medvedev, Garbine Muguruza and Kei Nishikori and is ranked number one in the world under 14. She is under 14, Laura Samsonova of the Czech Republic. We have organized a fun moment between the tennis school boys and the players of the tournament so that our young athletes can enjoy the tournament. ” Tournament directors Maestro Antonio Macioni and Ricardo de Bayes have been nominated as referees for the event. The main draw has 32 male and 32 female players and doubles tournaments have been added. The final is scheduled for Saturday, May 7, at the Siardi-Fokosi Power Plant.

As per tradition, the Loris Siardi Trophy will be awarded to those who have won the event twice in a row, and the winners will be awarded the Trophy of Nations, Marine Industry Trophy and Chekaki Concessionaire Trophy. The event is sponsored by the municipality Prato and Connie.

Inauguration of the Central Court in the name of Loris Siardi and Lapo Focosi

During the presentation of the event, the Central Court was named after the two iconic personalities of Proto and TC Proto Tennis: Loris Siardi and Lapo Focosi, who were able to win the Italian title in the experienced team in 1982, surpassing none other than the decisive couple. Double. Among the strongest in Italy and the strongest in the world: Nicola Pietrengelli and Orlando Cirola. I would like to testify by naming the Central Court where their Davis Cup match and Championship were played twice. The champions played right in the center before reaching the top ten in absolute Italian and many world tennis.

TC Prato – Tuscan Journalists Challenge: Before the final of the event on Saturday, May 7, there will be a challenge between members of the Race Prato Padel, sponsored by Tc Prato and Ussi (Italian Sports Press Union). There are two areas at the entrance to the Tc Prato Club and the movement is growing.

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