They lived happily at home: Is intercourse necessary?

From marriage to single life, the explanation of the needs of the individual first and then the couple is not clear at all. Society wants us in a certain way, but conventional choices do not necessarily work for us. One of them is coexistence: is it really necessary? But, above all, is it really for everyone?

Some could not live without a wedding ring on their finger. Others argue that marriage is a tomb of love. What do you think about it? Meanwhile we want to try Expand the scope of action, To deepen a speech that demands deep reflection. In short, Is it necessary to live together in order to sanctify and seal the love relationship? And On the other hand, what if there was life (and love) outside of coexistence?
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Love relationships in everyday life: is it really necessary to live together?

The debate is officially open, with many parties on one side and many against on the other. In the middle are you and the possibilities Live a loving relationship in an emotional way, Dignified and pure. But are we willing to lose to achieve all this? In short, in such cases, it is necessary to weigh two scales to get a perfect balance. However, we believe that ultimately the goal is within reach. And, besides, in a much easier way than you might think. Have you already talked to your partner or loved one about this possibility? Who knows, some of them have already decided Nurture a relationship every day A short distance away. In most cases, in fact, the two lovers who decide to make this choice live a few meters away from each other, not in two completely different cities. Then what is the benefit of living in love Not sleeping under the same roof? Let’s try to make some arguments about it.

Choose yourself every day by living at a distance

Happy and in love more than ever, but with Individual accommodation. Everyone lives in their own home, with acquaintances who are on the agenda. What if this one Ideal recipe for relationship Long and lasting? Have you ever thought about it? And more importantly, is this an option you want to consider for your union? This is, for your information, a phenomenon that is growing rapidly in different parts of the world. In fact, more and more people They decide to make their own choices every day However, without spending one’s daily life within the walls of the same house. And if, until a few years ago, it could have been a surprise, a sensation and someone could turn their nose, now this perspective represents a real one. Opportunity for everyone.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that the world is changing. Fortunately, labels are failing and tomorrow’s citizens have less and less desire to judge others. Or a similar one. That’s why we believe you can Follow your instincts e Choose what you truly believe without fear of the prejudices of others. There Family relationshipsNowadays, it certainly does not represent a basic element for one Long lasting and profitable relationship. The same is true of marriage, as you well know, it has been a sacred institution since the beginning of time.

Freedom, investment and couple choice: how to orient yourself so that nothing is left out

In addition to the general public, many VIPs have recently announced that they have made this choice. In this case, the reasons are easier to understand. The more commitment we have on our personal agenda, the more we will grow Sick longing for time and freedom To achieve the goals we set ourselves. But it is not always possible to reach them, even if you have to deal with another person before you are able to throw the first brick. Who, perhaps, has the time to love you, different ideas and other priorities. But is it just a question of time and freedom or is there something else behind this choice? In our opinion, there are many possible reasons. There may be a pure question behind all this EconomicThose with two people – quite legally – can be side by side Leave coexistence Allocate their savings to other investments. In short, you know, money doesn’t grow on trees and, since you have to make the best choices at the right time in life, it is also true that we can each choose how and when to use their personal funds, But love does not give up.

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