Time travel is not impossible

Thoughts Time travel, Perhaps to correct mistakes in the past which we do not want to do, has always fascinated men. The first concept of the time machine dates back to H. G. Wells’ novel “The Time Machine” in 1895, and is widely used in sci-fi literature, but the idea of ​​being able to transcend the web of time is encountered more and more often in the scientific field.

In fact, some physical theories about the universe include the possibility of time travel. Seriously.

The physics of time travel

After decades of searching for a mathematical way for time travel condoms, scientists have realized that the equations capable of describing the phenomenon are quite consistent with the theory of general relativity.

The equations, however, are not necessarily consistent with what happens in the real world, and there are, in fact, some problems that make the possibility of time travel even more inaccessible today.

First, he explained Barak Shoshani At Brock University, it will take some time to build a time machine External issuesEnriched by negative energy: “What we see has positive energy, objects with negative energy are not something you can just find around.” We know that, at least theoretically, it can be made in small quantities, and for a very short time, perhaps too little to get a time machine. Stephen HawkingThe possibility of time travel was also unattainable for it.

On the other hand, it is not certain that the only way to travel through the ages is to build a device similar to the one proposed by scientist Ron Mallett: cosmic string, Wormhole Some examples of how time travel can be estimated in terms of general relativity are the propulsion of Alcubier.

If it is possible to travel faster than light, it is also possible to travel over time, crossing folds where the laws of physics are broken.

The problem of history

External matter is a problem, but it does not detract from the concept of time travel with the theory of relativity. The most thorny issue in time jumping is when it comes to past trips and this is worrisome. The combination of events.

Scientists say “Grandpa’s paradox“, Which marks the plot of famous films like Back to the Future or Terminator: going back in time and changing the course of history, the traveler may no longer exist in the present from which he came, which is a clear unconscious.

Physics has found several answers to this paradox: Stephen Hawking, one of the main opponents of the possibility of leapfrogging time, formulated the so-called Chronological protection estimatesAccording to which the laws of physics prevent, even if it is not well known how, the birth of a closed temporary curve – that is, where one can travel through space-time tunnels.

According to the theory of multiverse, however, the paradox does not create any conflict: any interference with the past creates its consequences in only one case. Parallel universeWhere the story develops in different directions, as happens in the movie Sliding Doors.

Then there is the policy Novikov’s self-consistency, According to which events in a closed time loop are determined not only by what happened in the past, but also by future events. The past, in short, will be immutable.

According to Shoshani, time travel is only possible if the universe is allowed to accommodate a number of parallel stories: to jump from one age to another, we need a world where we can consider the Schrodinger cat in a closed box, that is one.“Many worlds” explained Of the universe, so that with each possible deviation a new course of events is born.

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