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For almost two years, Leo and Tom have shared a relationship of loving silence and mutual care. Leo is a rather introverted young man, Tom is a cat, once misguided and patiently ruled. Suddenly the need to find a new man for her favorite cat pushes Leo to resume communication with Geo and Anna, the teenage inseparable friends subsequently lost sight of due to change, as often happens.

The play takes place one day on the porch of Leo Beach House, a place of spirit and childhood, “a house that has seen many nets, including many sunny afternoons and colorful beach games. Now it looks like the last house in the world is left. ” Leo, Anna and Geo, rediscovered and stolen from their new isolated lives in a single afternoon, seem to live in a bubble where – although everything has changed, due to the fact that “something happens in life that changes us from night to night. The day is over “- something, a tiny, silent vibrating center, which in return can be played on a fictional boat to win, remains as it was. The currents of Tom’s consciousness, his body and his environment are constantly in contact with everything that happens and those who play the trumpet instead of Maya and Alex’s attack, a young boy on the verge of youth and an impending journey, decide whether to cross it – the threshold. Didn’t take.

Dramatic notes
Over the years I have wondered where friends are that I no longer hear of, I wonder what life would be like without me and why we decided not to have a normal life anymore. Over the years I’ve been writing notes and conversation pieces that talk about two friends who are no longer friends who find each other year after year and keep thinking that it’s really as if not a day has passed, if a common language really exists and If it is possible to talk. One of these conversational pieces was created within the concept of a text that clearly incorporates many strands of consciousness played by a character isolated from others. Tom wasn’t always a cat, at first he was something like an astronaut, a man on the edge of the universe, a man suffering from galactic loneliness and lost in the dead stars, and something intimate.
I don’t know exactly when Major Tom became a cat – in particular, the cat of one of the characters in the story – but I’m sure this adaptation is based on a desire to try to act with a human and non-human character. At the same time, I could find a way to say sex that was dramatic, unnatural, perhaps a little bizarre, and at the same time, inevitably, instinctive.
The writing of Tom’s monologues – one that observes, perceives, perceives everything, and seamlessly – is an essential support for the intention to tell a story where most movements are thought movements, where the rhythm survives but it is a rhythm. Almost exclusively verbal, where conflicts are sometimes avoided and silenced by the real fear of not knowing how to handle the wounds of others we love, as in the past, the shadow areas of others. Tom talks about a cat, about three of them in their mid-thirties, once friends and now who knows, and about a gentle intruder. Tom is not talking about reunion, Tom is not an afternoon “full of memories”, Tom, among other things, a question: what about us intact?


By Rosalinda Conti
Directed by Matteo Ziglio
Stage idea Gianluca Tomasella
With Giuseppe Ragon, Giole Rotini, Marco Usai, Giacomo Kremaschi and Giordana Morandini
Marina Tardani dress
Assistant Director Amelia de Corso
Texts reported at the 2019 Histrio Scritcher de Cena Awards

5 to 8 May 2022

Theater Basilica
Piazza Porta S. Giovanni, 10 Rome (RM)
Contact / save required +39 392 97.68.519 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tickets 15 euros
Show time from 9pm on Tuesday to Saturday and 5.45pm on Sunday
All activities of the Basilica Theater will be held in compliance with the law on social distance in the case of prevention from Covid 19

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