Ukrainian war actor Alexei Survatsev rescues cats and dogs left behind by refugees

Kyiv – “Please, Alexi, save my Timochka too!”. The picture is taken from a life where there was no fighting, and then Timochka was a clean cat in his Irpin apartment, with his wife and croquettes within reach. “I have received hundreds of such messages. Hundreds every day “, says actor Alexei Survatsev, a 40-year-old former stripper who became famous for his dancing talents and is now the star of the Ukrainian TV series: for two months, even while the bombs continued to torture Irpin and Bucha, Rescuing the animals that had to be left behind by the refugees, they had to flee at breakneck speed in the eruption.

It all started by chance. “When the war started – he says – I was skiing west, among the Carpathians. I immediately returned to Irpin. The Russians have not yet arrived. I went to join the territorial defense but they told me, ‘Thank you for your availability, it is not needed at the moment.’ “So I helped the refugees escape. I was in my car with them. I carried their suitcases on foot across the Irpin Bridge, which was broken down to prevent the Russians from advancing.”

Meanwhile, “My house was damaged and I moved to another empty apartment, but always stayed in Irpin. One day I saw a request in the telegram from a Irpin family, they were desperate because in the heat they forgot the cat bag in a minibus that they carried to the bridge.” “I ran to find the van, found it and rescued the cat. I brought it back. They cried for joy.”

Moved, Alexi posted the story on social media: since then she has started receiving hundreds of requests and never stopped. “I’ve saved all kinds of pets: cats and dogs but chinchillas, pigeons and even an axolotl”, a funny Mexican salamander. “There were a lot of helpful people, volunteers and associations; but for their animals it’s just me. The record was 32 rescued in one day,” he laughed.

They even send him home keys from abroad, which he puts in a cardboard box in the car: “Look.” There are about a hundred of them, when they can’t send, they ask him to break down the door. There’s a crowd inside anyway: crochet bags, ax and crowbar, small bags, paws … and how did it end with Timochka, Alexi? “I tried for a few days that the woman told me to go there but it was impossible, they bombed continuously. By the time I reached the address, the building was badly damaged. I tried to enter, the apartment was completely destroyed, a bed of rubble. Alas. God, I thought, how can I tell him now? To find out if I have found his cat? I was leaving when he came out of the rubble. Maya was. She was very thin, but she was alive. “

Fear Puppy, Hungry and Panicked Dog Recovery Week. “On average it took me about ten days, I had to deliver them immediately or it was a problem.” In a short time, in addition to requests for help, offers came from volunteers: “We have developed software to conduct rescue operations, and I have found a veterinary clinic that accommodates us and many people who come to look after them before returning them.” . In return, for everyone, the usual currency: the “tears of joy” of those families who have lost everything but no hope of finding, in the ruins of their lives, the precious friends they could not bring safely.

On his channel Instagram (“Surovtsev.alexei”) The rescue videos are impressive, there are a few animals that he rescued from the wreckage of the building and the wreckage. There’s Ruby, a giant bobble: “I had to go upstairs to get in, then I went through the window. He bit me thinking he was a thief. I had to go back every day to bring her food, to win her trust: I would never have been able to get her out of the window without her help. ” Finally, outside, safe, here she is happily wagging her tail and running like crazy.

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