130 at the start, Sunday, May 1, for the seventh round of the Giro del’Agro Pontino at Terracina.

The Davide Giuliani Memorial, organized by the Asd Terracina Cycling Veneta Group, is held on Sunday 1st May in the splendid atmosphere of Agriturismo Morgante. Although the day coincided with Labor Day, 130 athletes were present at the start of this seventh round of the Giro del’Agro Pontino Opus.

This time the winning team is Enzo de Prospero from Nardechia Montini and Giuseppe Nardechia from Velotium Latina.

“We have reached the middle of the 2022 calendar and the balance of supported nations is not only positive, but there is a continuum of development and participation – comments David Fiorello, National Vice President of OPES – Giro del’Agro Pontino has grown enough and as a true regional reference for the sector.”

Perfect weather, the circuit has been secured by the great work of the organizing body and regulated by the Terrasina Traffic Police Command, for which thanks to the Opus Cycling Commission. The Giuliani family started running at 9 o’clock in the morning.

“A race in memory of Daniel Giuliani, a young cyclist who unfortunately left us soon after – a comment from the Opus Cycling Commission – a family, Sergio Giuliani, who navigates the field of regional cycling, gives them passion and strength, There is no better way for the ASD Terracina Cycling Veneta Group to report this. Gianluca D’Amico and his team have shown strong solidarity and great reliability. We are sure that this monument will be very satisfying in the years to come.

At first, the singles attack festival begins, soon after, with Antonio Orlachio in the first lap, Gianpiero Picoza in the second lap, who was able to hold on to the whole lap, before being restarted by Quattrini Luca and de Prospero Enzo, the moment in the first, and Madaluni in the next. Luka. Quartet had a short life and closed the group gap in the fifth lap. Shortly before the start of the seventh lap, another trio consisting of Papa Antonio, Persicini Alessio, Montini Stefano was able to gain 20 seconds. The response from ASD Veloteam Latina and ASD Center Bike, dropping out of the game, brought the compact group back 5 km from the finish line where the final fight started. Enzo de Prospero was able to cross the finish line by lifting his arm with a gain of 10 seconds to make everyone guess with just a 2km strong extension. The ASD Nardechia-Montini team completed the podium, with Valerio Strano Panicia in second place and Angelo Cellini in third.

A strong competitive trend was observed among all the athletes present at the second start. So strong that, in almost the entire race, not all the attacks performed by the different teams were sufficient and were not able to escape significantly, but still contributed to the average high peak of the general race. Only in the final, when strength began to wane and strategy adopted, did Bruno Gaviglia extend over the group. The expert eye of Giuseppe Nardecchia advised that this is the right time to leave the group and join the wheel of competition in the category. The two reached an agreement to advance to the final sprint race where Nordechia were seen winning over Giuseppe Gaviglia Bruno. The group has reached the compact rank to play for third place for the privilege of Massimiliano Freigari.

The next stage of the circuit, on Sunday 8 May with terracina, la fiorate asd Il Gatto and La Volpe. All official photos of Giro dell’Agro Pontino are edited by Foto4Go and can be consulted here
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Below are the first 5 placements in the order of arrival.

Red section
Strano Paniccia Alessio – Nardecchia Montini Team
Cellini Angelo – Nardechia Montini team
D’Amico Gianluca – Terracina Cycling
Cartolano Domenico – Bike Lab Team Astalfi
Pantone Manual – Center Bike

The blue section
De Prospero Enzo – Nardecia Montini team
Picoza Gianpiero – The Cat and the Fox
Cavariki Daniel – Bike Lab Team Astalfi
Money Giuseppe – Velotem Latina
Panozo Luka – Terrasina cycling

Green section
Sarrechia Gianluca – Drago by bike
Garofalo Massimo – Nardechia Montini team
CC Luka – Cats and foxes
Caronti Federico – asd Nettuno
Bonnesi Marco – asd Nettuno

Yellow section
Freigari Massimiliano – Fiorenti team
Gianni Giuseppe – Peloso team
Sambucci Sandro – Terracina Cycling
Mioji Pietro – asd Nettuno
De Magno Fernando – Dragon on a bike

Black class
Nardecia Giuseppe – Velotium latina
Gaviglia Bruno – Nardecia Montini team
Massimo Scioti – Sportland
Peloso Massimo – Peloso team
Luigi Campaign – Bike Drago

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