A Ukrainian and a Russian chef will be the distinguished guests at the food and book

A.n Promise to be the eighth edition of the festival with international guests Food & Books, Food Culture, Food in Culture, 13 to 15 May Montecatini Term (PT). So they will be there Distinguished guests at the gala dinner of Ukrainian Chef Olia Hercules and Russian Chef Alyssa Timoskina Food and Book Festival.Seats for the Montecatini Terme Hotel Institute are scheduled for May 13 at the Montecatini Terme in Castello la Querceta. Meals in their honor will be prepared by two more female chefs, Sylvia Baracchi of the Cortona (AR) star restaurant El Falconiar and Federica Continanza of Casa Grazia, the home restaurant in San Gimignano. (Yes).

Olia Hercules and Alyssa Timoskina

Stop fighting together

Alyssa and Olia recently received the prestigious award “Champions of Change” from “The World’s Best 50 Restaurants” Guide.“Heroes of gastronomy who lead positive changes in society are rewarded every year. A few days after the start of the war in Ukraine, they too gave birth. “CookFor Ukraine”, the restaurant has launched an appeal to the whole world to join the call for an end to the war.. Also on May 13, Alyssa and Olia will intervene at the Liberty thermal installation Le Temerisi, the inaugural lake held by English historian Donald Sassoon just after the magisterialis and dedicated to culture. Author of successful articles such as Unites, Sassoon, The Culture of Europeans, and most recently The Anxious Triumph. In the global history of capitalism, he is among the many distinguished guests expected at the ancient Tituccio de Montecatini. The theme chosen for Laketio Magistralis is particularly relevant in this historic moment where the voices of poets, writers and artists play the drums of war.

Many events are scheduled

Lots of weekend appointments with writers, chefs, actors Which will bring book presentations, gastronomic performances, “Dinner with the author” and “Plate with the chef” to life in Montekatini’s best restaurants and hotels; Don’t miss the Bererosa weekend, the biggest flavor with hundreds of labels of rose wine. In the beautiful park of Terme Tettuccio there is also a place for children with animations in the Quattro Zecchini Library.

“With these holdings – he announced Sergio Orchio, The organizer of the festival, this year we aim to give an international cut to the event in one of the capitals of Liberty; At the same time, we have decided in this special edition, which comes back after two years of absence due to epidemics, to improve the profession of female chefs, with this special double respect gala dinner.

“After Chicco Cerea, Aimo and Nadia Moroni, Gualtiero Marchesi, Ezio Santin and Gennaro Esposito – continue Luigi FranchiFestival Director – Food and Book The Golden Book is enriched by two chefs Hercules and Timoskina, symbolizing how cuisine is a culture that unites.

“The presence of these two welcome guests who will come to our city from London as well as give a touch of internationalism to the event – concludes. Alessandro SartoniThe Councilor for Cultural Affairs of the Montecatini Terme will draw positive attention to the dramatic problem that has been in the spotlight for more than two months, and we hope that Europe will soon be over by a new season of peace.

Between cooks and writers

Among the many participants in the review are author Gaetano Savatteri, Marco Vichi, Leonardo Gori, Veit Heinichen, Raffaele Nigro, Roberta Deiana, Franco Faggiani, Roberta D’Ancona, Sandra Ianni, Franco Poggianti, Bruno Damini, and poet Claude. Damiani, Chef Renato Bernardi, Stefano Calegaro, Marcelo Leoni and Claudia Francini.

Notable among the latest news is the participation of chef and writer Andy LuotoWho will present his latest book Cotto in Coccio, Astronaut and Farmer, as well as a thematic culinary showcase.

Lastly, please note that meeting room is free in the Portuguese room and heat baths are located a short distance from the hotel. Thanks to the festive deals with hotels in the Montecatini Terme, it is possible to stay in the duplex of the 4-star hotel for 38 euros per person. Montecatini Terme is easily accessible by train from Florence and Viareggio. For those departing from Rome, two buses have been arranged, departing on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th, respectively, and returning on the 15th Sunday.

The monthly food and book festival is organized by Agra Editris SRL under the auspices of the municipality in the monthly “Read: All” Montecatini Terme and in collaboration with the Estituto Albergiaro Martini and Terme de Montecatini.

For information: www.foodandbook.it

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