Ancona, San Syriaco Match with Wonder: A dog sits at Paceto’s memorial. “It’s beautiful, but it’s a sculpture.”

Ancona – “There’s a dog in the memorial: what’s he doing there?” Surprise mixed with disbelief. Phone cameras go crazy with photos here and there. But the dog is there Immovable. Just go to understand everything and let yourself go to an uncomfortable person: “Ah, no … it’s a sculpture”. This was leitmotiv – If we can say – Sunday, May 1st.

San Syriaco Patron Fair – In its first edition in the post-Covid era – it opened in Ancona on Sunday. Despite the presence boom, the rain ticking head, and an incredible one Surprise. One of the more unexpected than the classic fair surprise.

We’re not talking about the objects of the year that are always there and they give you a stand and that – whether you like it or not – you have to buy yourself.

No, far from it. This time the real star on the opening day of the patron saint’s fair was a dog. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. And precisely A black dobermanSitting firmly on top of the War Memorial in Passato, in the Adriatic district. He drew the attention of many people, citizens and spectators.

How did it get there? Certainly not alone, since it is a sculpture. To make it – sorry, it’s a sculpture – was Young Ancona Alessio Disepoli. Class of ’96, registered with Polyart of Ancona (Academy of Fine Arts and Design), in my spare time – he says – “I delight in sculpture”.

Anubis at the Passato Memorial

Disbelief, we said, because people noticed from the dog’s feet Monument, from Piazza IV Novembre, and he stared at it for a long time, Then go closer, realize that it was fake and take pictures and selfies. We are definitely talking about adults and children. Someone – As such a photo shows – even raised it Pretend It laughs to steal.

I have received a lot of positive feedback and comments. I am happy about it and I thank everyone তরুণ, says the young sculptor, the disciples. He already has several sculptures to his credit“Being an artist, dreaming of becoming a sculptor can leave its mark, in my own way.” And who knows what his dream is (Or his Signs) Cannot be true.

Of course, Anubis needs to be photographed. Yes, this is the name of the black dog on top of the monument, Anubis. As Egyptian gods Cemetery and mummification protectors.

But here’s the curiosity: Alessio – We make fun of it Our – not quite cheerful means, in the one you choose Cemeteries and mummification… “But come on, it was for looks, not moneyHe smiled and answered. And indeed, that Doberman looks exactly like Anubis.

A lady touches Anubis

Back then, to be honest, the little kids who touched and hugged the sculpture didn’t even know who Anubis was, but a picture somehow escaped us. “Doberman weighs 11 poundsMade of iron and 1 mm sheet metal and its dimensions – explains the dispoli – 100x62x36.

During the day, the dog magically walked all over the monument: in fact, there were those who reported seeing him back at the monument, those who faced the hotel Del Passato, who again saw him staring at the sea. In the evening, the big dog sat at the foot of the monument before returning home.

The 26-year-old, who lives in the Torret district, graduated from Alessio Podesti and now – between school and various promises – He sculpts figures, creates works: “Anubis is not my last job. The last one is, in fact, a German shepherd. Then, there’s a tortoise, a peat bull, a lion, a bull and much more.” In short, everything.

This is not the first time that disciples have demonstrated his works around the city. In fact, he reports that he has already done so at the Fogola Bookstore, but It was an exciting idea to do this at the San Syriaco Fair: “I wanted to surprise the city and surprise my fellow citizens.”

And now? “Now – the 26-year-old concludes – I already remember many other places to show off, but I can’t tell you anything. What is certain is between today and tomorrow – Give San Syriaco – I’ll be back at the fair with some more surprises. But I don’t guess space or time. You, however, stay close to 7.

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