Beach for Tuscany dogs, free or decorated

There was a time when Traveling with dogs It was an impossible mission: very few hotels, campsites and accommodation facilities took them and it was more difficult to take them to the beach.

Today, fortunately, it is no more: there are many Beach for dogs, free or decorated, Dog beach With the services available for those who want to spend a beach vacation with their four-legged friend.

There TuscanyHowever, at the moment, it is proving to be a wide-minded beach destination:

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Tuscany, the dog beach capital

There are many Tuscan beaches that provide access and comfort to travelers with dogs.

ViareggioFor example, it recently penned a paper as a pet-friendly beach resort: the city council has actually approved a new regulation for animal protection, considering the summer season.

Dogs and cats will be welcomed in government offices and stores and, of course, on the beach.

“In the case of free use of the beach, pets are allowed to be accompanied by the owner or other keeper who must be equipped with a special leash to use in case of need”, the regulation reads.

“Only dogs that are regularly registered in the dog registry can enter the beach: in the case of animals from abroad, to be up-to-date with the vaccination; Periodic vaccination against major infectious diseases, prophylaxis proof card and veterinary certification certifying good health condition, not issued more than 60 days ago by the attending physician, must be shown at the control level of the supervisory body. “

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Tuscany free beach for dogs

They are different, even on the Tuscan coast Free beach for dogs: Versilia, for example, the dog can go to the free beach of Marina di Torre del Lago Puccini. Or, if you go down a little further, to Livorno (viale di Antignano 129) dog beach or again, here Chola flour pieThe Bau Beach.

Also Castagneto Carducci There is a free beach dedicated to dogs and their owners, and the dog beach is very beautiful. San VincenzoThere are both free and furnished sections of the beach, with good empty umbrellas and all the necessary services to ensure the comfort of travelers with their pets.

There is also a free beach for dogs Peombino And then, continuing southwards, a Scarlino’s Strut. Finally, the last free beach for dogs on the Tuscan coast is that Castiglione della PescaiaIn the province of Grosseto.

Beach decorated for dogs in Tuscany

People who travel with dogs often have everything they need with them to keep them entertained and comfortable on the beach. There are more funny dogs who enjoy chasing their balls in the water, but there are also the laziest dogs who can suffer in the sun during hot weather. In this case, an umbrella and a dog shower (or a bowl of water for them) can really come in handy.

The Beach decorated for dogs in Tuscany They provide all this and more.

There are, for example, the coast between Livorno and Pisa Single Fin Dog BeachA very beautiful beach with a comfortable environment.

Glam dogs and their owners can choose instead Dice bathroomA bathing installation in the middle of the Sterpaia Natural Park, a Peombino.

Camping along the beach for Tuscany dogs

Beaches are not the only problem for those who travel with dogs: it is also good to find suitable accommodation, where they will be welcomed and where services are available for them.

But even in the case of a camp site, it is quite possible to find a solution Dog friendlyProbably with direct access, or at least nearby, to the beach.

The Free beach camping at Marina de BibonaLocated ten minutes from the province of Livorno, for example Mojito dog bathA bathhouse is entirely dedicated to those who travel with dogs

Even further south, onArgentina tooThere are examplesOrbetello Family Camping VillageAn excellent dog friendly campsite with a dog beach.

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Tuscany hotel with beach for dogs

Finding a 100 percent dog friendly hotel is not always easy, especially if you want it near the beach. But it is possible in Tuscany, especially in the Grocetano area.

A few examples? AllAriston Hotel Per Marina de Grosseto Pets are welcome, and staff will be happy to show you dog-friendly bathing facilities nearby, even free beaches where dogs can swim.

Or again, for those who do not want to give up the general rural environment of Maremma is beautiful Tuscany Country Resort Fatoria MaremmanaA state-of-the-art dog farm is allowed, with a dog-friendly beach nearby.

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