Calabria with a four-legged heart that protects the misguided

There was one Akita About ten years ago, after liberation, in every corner of Italy Hachiko – Your best friend. The nice Japanese dog from Richard Gere’s movie isn’t exactly a parlor dog. It is a work and a sample of prey, it has a certain mood. He knows how to be humble and modest, When the owner is good at understanding and managing it.

In the village of Strader in Carafa (CZ) everyone is together with passion

Race and prison camp

The breed’s fashion is also a Calabrian vice And there were many families who welcomed someone into their home despite the fear of dogs Extreme. Between conflicts and strange phenomena, however, according to experts, a hint of change can be found.
The heart of the Calabrian dog begins to beat. The Misguided Defense Association They are not counted. It has been working in this area for several years Save the dogWhose mission is to strengthenCanine Registry And publicity campaigns for disinfection. Local Partners Association Argon And Animal friend Fef Of Cosenza.

Antivision League does not give discounts Calabrian kennels: The most crowded in Italy. Six thousand dogs, he condemned in his latest report, have been confined to the Croton area, Whose benefits exceed the limits of power. He has always fought against the “Lager Canal” Aldina Stinchi74 years old.

Wandering Village in Carafa (Cz)

City of Dogs

In Karafat, on the outskirts of Catanzaro, Created a dog town twenty years ago. It is called Misguided village Of the association BIOS And covers an area of ​​three and a half hectares. Canals and huts, food and water points, trees, paths and no concrete. “One of us Innovative model, Dogs live in large enclosures and in groups, brought together for character harmony and other traits that guarantee peaceful coexistence. At the moment we are the host 150 dogs. They live in semi-independence and above all they are not forced to live in cagesWhat I think is ancient and barbaric.

Aldina came up with the idea of ​​the village “from careful observation of both national and regional laws, which, in the end, prevents the killing of animals.” Inside Dog town Caraffa is cooked 45 kg of pasta per day And with rising prices it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep pace. There is no institutional subsidy, but solidarity is greatLike volunteers.

Love relay race

And like the determination of Aldina who declared “Horrible War বিরুদ্ধে Love Relay Race, Dog Adoption from Southern Italy in Northern Cities. An event of large proportions but completely out of control. Social media is flooded with pictures, pictures and posts of pets telling love stories between dogs and owners and full of contracts and appeals for adoption. Profit counted 14,599 guests on the region’s health canals in 2017. Then, according to his latest report, it was no longer possible to get updated data..

Carmella de Nardo and Billy the Kid (ph Concetta Guido)

Boom with lockdown

Among the Calabrian dog’s heartbeat, sad story and some good signs. “I believe that a change of mindset is taking place in Calabria, even if There is no real culture of dog education “He said Carmella de Nardo, 44 years old, Enci instructor. “I believe there are many qualified people. The number of pet dogs has increased a lot, but it must be said There was some lightening during the lockdown

Carmella devotes all her days to dogs. He is an educator, an ethics scholar, and a zoo operator. With his partner and business partner Luca sensesDogs bring culture In schools and kindergartens. A rare type of business in our area, he said, that “recognizes and strives for demand.” He frequently visited the eastern part of Naples when a Labrador. “I called him Biko, Like Steven Biko, Peter Gabriel thinks of the song he dedicated to a South African worker. At first sight a love was so intense that he decided to change direction, become a dog lover and enter a colorful but tiring world.

“Our association, Yellow victoryBorn in 2010, related to basic and advanced education, We help the relationship between the owner and his petWe co-operate with the behavioral veterinarian, intervening on requests for problems such as aggression or hyperactivity or even fear.

Luca Indrieri, Carmella de Nardo’s trainer and companion

Toy dog

Why they, Puppies are not toys Not even a single package can be left in one corner for the whole day. “Once they were selected for character and merit, not for functional and morphological criteria. Now it’s closer the other way – Carmella de Nardo continues, – See the aesthetic side And so it can happen to choose a Maremma as a family dog, even when you live in an apartment of seventy square meters. It is clear that coexistence problems may arise in this case. “

Inside Thick district of Castrolibero It has a pitch Yellow, A place of training and a place of socialization. From here they leave Traveling and walking between groups of people and dogs. Here the guests do Agility dog And share with sports owners. It’s two o’clock on Thursday greyhounds Fascinated with their slim elegance, a Pitbull Running an obstacle and thesis, a memorial Of courseReady forRandy and Vivo Valentia’s International Dog Show, which returns this year, May 21 and 22, After two versions were closed due to Kovid. Asia and Maya, both beautiful and fun MestizosBilly the Kid and others Labrador Quickly jumps into the grass, seems mad with joy and then stops in order, motionless like an idol.

Dog training at Silla Grande

Promised Land

Carmella, like many dog ​​operators, watches the relay race event carefully. Not all dogs transported many miles away from their environment find a happy home. The shelter exploded and the relay carrying the foundling is now a daily affair. Adopted in 2019, which is the residence of Calabrian Straits, was 1492. Almost complete answer, claim of profit.

Aldina Stinchi

“We are fighting hard against it Animal trafficking»Aldina Stinci says vaguely. “The relays move to a so-called happy north where there must be capacity to hold thousands of animals. It’s something obscene and we don’t know what happens to all dogs. Some will get better accommodation, but others? Sometimes the dog is kept in a family without verification of the adaptability index. And so it was abandoned a second time“The Stinci Association condemns the collection spread on Facebook, Canal business, Those who take public money to keep their guests, the condition of the journey to the promised land, «terrible. They are for me Real deportation

Invisible cage

Caraffa di Catanzaro, a sick, abandoned dog thrown in front of the village gate is rescued from the green. In Contrada Motta, in the field of Yellow Victory, it is taught stubbornly Dog Mars walks on six legs. In some urban aggregates, rare ones appear Neighborhood dog. But the misguided cage is hard to break. They are made of iron but also invisible.

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