Cats, 5 things they love and 5 things they hate

TheAddicted, nocturnal, stubborn. TheA cat is an animal with a strong character that has a clear understanding of what it likes and what it hates.. It is impossible to change his mind. Here, then, it is convenient to give us what matters, and (with love) to indulge it.

5 Things Cats Like

“The cat is not a small dog,” warned Massimo Beccati, health director of Ca ‘Zampa’s Cremona branch (veterinarian for grooming from Italy’s first group, 9 centers that provide all services related to pet welfare). “Games, food, care: everything should be done in its own way“In other words, if we want to enter into His grace, we must study Him very well: starting with His main passion.

True or false?  Five curiosities about cats

1. Heights and cats

Cats prefer high floors, clothing, branches or shelves. Buying him a designer cat platform, however, can be useless: he can snatch it and prefer normal climbing on shelves. The causes of this emotion are rooted in species: Cats are predators, from above it examines prey but prevents them from smelling. If his master comes to terms with it and reassures himself: the cat will be able to get down with his paw. It is best not to try to help her: she may become restless and make poorly calibrated jumps.

2. Boxes (and hidden)

In general, felines have a real passion for hiding space: under the hedge or in the washing machine, on clothes with the owner’s scent, they are happy to snaggle. For this reason, enriching a cat’s environment can be very easy: A box or cardboard is enough for him to play hide and seek. But at night it disappears or get ready for a sleepless night.

3. Hunting at night

Cats are nocturnal animals, the day can easily pass for them in laziness and sleep. At night they are wild. If you have an outdoor kitten, be prepared. When he wakes you up in the morning with grasshoppers and dead lizards, be ready to greet you: “Brava Milù”.

4. Normal things

The cat is A habit, and he is very stubborn: Also remember that for him in front of the food counter, do not indulge yourself too much. If he is an idol lover, he will probably sniff. And Can get fast without problems (Found real pathology). Therefore, you leave, and give him what he loves most. Also, unlike the dog, which is omnivorous, the cat is a carnivore in spirit. The commercial meals offered to him are usually already balanced. For those who like a home-cooked meal, just make sure they don’t miss a taurine supplement, which they often lack.

5. which moves with water

If he is thirsty, he will drink from the dog’s bowl. And also milk, in which he is not particularly greedy (beware of cats that are not accustomed to milk, if you give it to him, he may have gastrointestinal problems). However, there is a real passion for cats He likes cool things and bubbles, including flowing things, water. That a spring, a fountain or … a bidet. There are also electric fountains especially for him.

5 Things Cats Hate

More important for the quality of life of a cat owner is to remember the things that cats do not tolerate. It is enough to tune in to him (and not expect the opposite) to turn love and agreement.

1. Caress (unless he decides the time has come)

One of the passions of hidden cats

One of the hidden cats’ passions – Getty Images

If you dream of a pet dog in every moment of stress, loneliness, relaxation, choose a dog. Cats She loves caresses only if she can decide when, how and where. Same for games and any other possible promise: if he wants, everything is fine, otherwise stay away from him.

2. Water and cats

Water and cats do not combine. Cat grooming is generally recommended for long haired and especially modest breeds, Such as the Maine Coon (Sylvester Cat!), Sacred to Burma and Persia. In this case, the cat must be protected from hairballs that could swallow it. Legend has it that the Turkish cat Van (from Lake Van) loves water. But with you, rest assured, avoid: since it is completely useless, the cat cleans itself very well.

3. Dirty

Cats hate dirt and Able to clean himself: Avoid water but wipes, after he does his business in the litter box. It’s not a dog. It is true that it is special Weak in front of the urinary tract, Mainly due to castration and disinfection. But your wipes don’t help any.

4. Feelings of captivity and collar

As much as the cat likes games like threads (from real and fake rat tails to all kinds of ribbons), like he hates threads and collars that capture him: as a real acrobat, he will try to free himself. But There is a risk he could get hurtShortness of breath, swallowing a thread or being caught somewhere with a collar.

5. Very loud noise, light and smell

Sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste: All the senses of the cat are infinitely more powerful than ours. Her taste buds are very sensitive, so it is difficult to administer the medicine through her mouth (she can only produce a lot of saliva “to get rid of the smell”).

So for him The tip of the finger: Can walk like a circus performer on a pin (and actually has a very high pain threshold, be careful to explain the symptoms as soon as possible). But he could fully feel the presence of a feather under his feet.

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He cannot see in complete darkness, nor can he: but that is enough for him A thread of light to identify its prey. Smell and hearing are not less. Continuity? He hates light, smell and sound very loudly. C.Apparently, he hates the holidays, especially yours, which annoys his world. The first friend to come to see you, if you see him disappear, he is just a normal cat.

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