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P.Prohibition on closing windows and leaving the house They are of concern to the majority of people, only those over 65 and those suffering from chronic diseases. However, in order not to lose the benefits of training done so far and not to lose muscle tone (in addition to the hard-earned weight) you can organize yourself comfortably at home with targeted exercises recommended by experts. Also thanks to the free initiative of various yoga schools that offer online lessons for everyone. Short guide to staying fit during coronavirus.

Social training by Michelle Hunzikar

Its a gift Michelle Hunzikar To his followers: Showgirl shares video lessons to stay fit on her Facebook profile. So we can all sit at home and follow Michelle’s training directly. Every week, the Swiss blonde makes an appointment with fans for the next meeting. Meanwhile, if you want to catch up, take a look at the first lessons.

Yoga, an initiative as a gift for everyone

Lifegate Immediate Covid-19 emergency responseFree initiative “Smart Yoga Class” open to all: For four weeks, there will be a 45-minute Venice Yoga class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. Available on free streaming at lifegate.it, YouTube and the company’s social channels, Facebook and Instagram. The CEO of Lifegate Enia Roveda explains – “Even in these difficult times we want to be close to people who need commitment and profound change in our habits – the project is part of a sustainable custom studio through which we seek exclusive benefits. Through a media house dedicated to sustainable issues.” Content for users “.

Micol Dell’Oro, Lifegate

Even the historical school Uninterrupted yoga peace Coronavirus offers help to people who have been forced to stay home for many days at this time of alarm and has opened its doors. Lessons are only for their members, but anyone You want to spend an hour of yoga and meditation guided by the experience of the masters. Lessons from beginner level to the most advanced, meditation and relaxation exercises.
Information: Uninterrupted Yoga Peace Reunion.

Stop running outside!

After another request from the authorities for those who are still jogging outside, Virgin Active has decided to keep its own Workouts are available to everyone, through social channels. They’ve had a roar of views. Coaches take turns recording 10 ‘, 20’ or 30 ‘workouts. The courses are broadcast from the Revolution Recording Studio, via Durini in Milan, where instructors work alternately. Offers are updated day by day, from Effective training, bootcamp, ABS, full body, yoga and Pilates. The videos are available on the Virgin Active Italia FB page And on the Instagram profile (IG TV section).

Fighting against a sedentary lifestyle

The Restrictions on freedom during this period Since then, Italy has been in epidemic proportions Coronavirus They involve all the “normal” aspects of life, limiting travel, socialization, work, family organization. And also i Rhythm of physical exercise is essential for keeping fit, healthy and in good mood. The advice to stay home as much as possible to avoid the top of the Covid-19 contagious episode can lead most to become unaccustomed to the training routine. Being lazy, moving from bed to sofa to dining table. And the step marker of the smartphone or smartwatch screams for revenge.

Motivation is everything

Training alone can be frustrating for many, but motivation is everything. It requires continuity, regularity and determination to continue. To achieve this it is necessary to have a goal, for example: tone the buttocks, strengthen the muscles of the arms and legs …

Laziness is bad for your health

With serious consequences on physical and mental well-being. It has been known for some timeExercise, as well as socialization, positively affects mood Production Hormones and neurotransmitters Good humor Adrenaline and serotonin (Molecules are also used in antidepressant drugs, in fact). When isolation and physical inactivity increase release CortisolThe so-called Stress hormones. All the useful reasons to push us Set up a new routine during this time of forced closure, It is important to get out of this situation as soon as possible.

Regularity = wellness

Practicing regular aerobic physical activity also helps control cholesterol and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 30 – 50% compared to those who lead sedentary lifestyles. Recent studies show that in adults, healthy and sedentary, Regular aerobic activity raises HDL cholesterol levels, the so-called “good”, 3 to 9%. And if you are overweight, the benefits of physical exercise are even greater: for every pound of weight lost and maintained over time, plasma HDL cholesterol levels increase by about 0.35 mg / dL.

3 basic things to do in the morning

Everything is thereStart the day well. Set the pace for the best possible way, starting with taking care of yourself This is a great way to run everything smoothly Don’t underestimate the negative aspects of laziness. Which carries the risk of becoming depressed in the long run.

  • Drink one or two glasses of room temperature or lukewarm water as soon as you wake up to promote peristalsis e Helps with bowel function.
  • Then it’s time to sacrifice yourself A few minutes of meditation, Sitting comfortably in a suitable corner of the house with solitude and soft lighting. Even 5/10 minutes is enough to close your eyes, recite a mantra or follow a podcast (see the Iodona program “Meditation and Meditation, Daily Health and Wellness: Podcast Program”).
  • At this point we almost started with 15/30/45 minutes of physical exerciseSelected according to one’s athletic training and health status.
Strong sporty woman working at home and caring in front of her laptop

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Good on an empty stomach

Physical activity is performed on an empty stomach Allows you to burn excess fat, Raising your metabolism for the rest of the day And promoting psychophysical well-being. In fact, in the morning, after fasting for about eight hours overnight, there is a deficiency of blood glucose. Training in this condition focuses on the supply of fat used to provide energy to the body.

What will it take?

There is no gymnastics in the mat pajamas, you run the risk of slipping and getting hurt. There are basic tools that you can easily get:

  • The Mat This is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.
  • Classic tools useful for effective training but within reach of everyone: Skipping rope, elastic band, weight, unstable platform (“Basu” type).
  • Most Recent: Push Up Wheels To do push-ups and strengthen the abdomen (even with “unstable” variability), Strap training straps Cling to the door; ab wheel To work on your abs.
  • More expensive and heavier but definitely useful, especially if you plan to continue training at home after this period: Exercise bikes, rowing machines and treadmills. There are many tutorials for newcomers to follow on YouTube.
  • Location. A secluded area of ​​the house needs to be identified where to set up, even if only for the required time, home gym. It takes up some space, well illuminated and well ventilated, away from furniture with edges, vases, crystal tables, fragile objects.
  • During exercise and training breaks, it is best to turn off the mobile phone to increase concentration. Background music is good. Television depends: for example, it can help you to get rid of monotony when you do silset. Or it can serve as a large screen for watching tutorials from YouTube (with Chromecast, for example, videos from your mobile can be viewed on your home TV).

Smart working: fitness break

If you work from home for smart work, it is better not to be tempted to sit still. You have to give yourself one Almost military speed Separate work and family commitments, otherwise there is a risk of performing both roles poorly and with excessive stress. In addition to frustrating the good habits you had before: gym, swimming pool, walking, running … a good anti-sedative method is to organize about 15 ‘breaks per hour to get up from the chair and walk. Around the house, stretch your legs. For those who work in the office, it is best to do some stretching and gymnastics exercises:

Training apps at home with tutors

For those who do not already follow a training program agreed with the personal trainer, Technology can be a legitimate support in this period, Also set up a regular and well-organized work plan by an expert according to different needs and preparations. Full of web applications, fitness dedicated video games and divided by levels and different types. A way that many celebrities also use, from Various top models ranging from Elisabetta Canalis to Gwyneth Paltrow.

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