Exercises to get back in shape for the summer

Summer is approaching and it is better to keep laziness aside. In order to get back in shape in terms of swimwear testing, it is best to constantly train and perform exercises that can tone the whole body.

Even for someone who has been frozen all winter, fighting laziness may be easier said than done. Here are some simple steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. Once you start training, you quickly find strength and a desire to do, especially if we respect our body and do not overdo the exercises.

“Killing” with very strenuous exercise can only make you feel tired and sore, overriding the desire to move faster. Conversely, if you move slowly, your body, respecting your time, you will happily reach your goal.

Start training, advice

To start training after a few months of sedentary lifestyle, it is advisable to set a schedule and several weekly workouts. If expectations are not betrayed, it will be much easier not to lose motivation! Moreover, without overdoing it, it is important to set concrete and realistic goals so that we can slowly assess our progress and not lose confidence in training.

To stay steady in physical exercise, you can also involve a friend or relative: Training in company is fun, it passes the time quickly and reduces fatigue. Not only that, in pairs, we encourage each other to always be able to reach the maximum in training. Finally, the choice of the right workout is basic: a light total body, for example, a great way to restore strength and desire to the whole body quickly and easily and quickly!

This is the total benefit of light to the body

Total body, as the word itself says, is a type of training that involves the whole body, allowing us to stimulate and work all the muscles in one session. Ideal for the lazy too, thanks to this varied and complete training we will be able to quickly enjoy the benefits of physical activity and fully recharge, to find a great stimulus to continue training.

In addition, thanks to a light total exercise we will be able to work on different fronts at the same time, increasing strength and tone, improving balance, strengthening breathing and endurance, and losing weight.

Whether you decide to take a gym or train course at home comfortably, thanks to a light total body workout we will be able to fight laziness and really start exercising, with many benefits both physically and mentally.

Need to exercise

So let’s see together a light total body circuit so that it can be easily seated at home. Before each session, always remember to warm up for at least ten minutes, working with exercises to stretch and lengthen the muscles and joints. In fact, it is essential to prepare the muscles to avoid tearing and contractions and to train safely. Then, in place of simple hops or a medium run, we proceed to warm up the rest of the body as well.

After the muscle is ready, it is time to start the actual total body circuit. We start the workout with one minute side hops, then proceed to the step with twenty repetitions per foot.

At this point, let us lie on our stomachs and work on the buttocks and thighs: with the legs bent and raised backwards and the legs and shoulders jumping to the ground, we go up and down in twenty repetitions. Next, let’s work on the abs, doing twenty crunches with the legs perpendicular to the floor.

Then, lying still on the ground, lie face down on the floor and repeat one foot first and then the other twenty more, leaning on the elbows and toes.

Finally, let us go back to our feet and, keeping our legs apart and keeping the legs parallel, do ten lungs on the left and ten lungs on the right, keeping our arms straight in front of us.

We repeat the whole circuit three times with a 15 second rest between one exercise and another, and at the end, do some more stretching to stretch the muscles again.

Once we become familiar with the circuit and achieve the first goals, we can add speed, more repetition to the workout, and more challenging exercises. The important thing, however, is not to always work quietly and forcefully, with slow and well-formed movements.

Moreover, we can use simple but very effective tools like elastic bands and weights to increase strength and resistance, but always be careful not to overdo it.

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