Find out how to burn calories thanks to relationships

The benefits of love: It is well known that an intense and satisfying sex life is good for you. The benefits of regular activity are manifold: improved mood, improved skin tone and a general feeling of contentment and happiness. The benefits of an hour of passion certainly don’t end there: it not only helps to strengthen the couple’s relationship, but also helps them stay in shape without having to sacrifice too much sex or sweat the famous seven shirts in the gym. It is clear that a good body shape is a nice help even in the sheets, but let’s be satisfied with what we have, because it is not very rare.

Men and women are different, but …: Diversity does not have to be a problem, but rather it can prove to be the winning key in marital relationships and the search for salvation. In fact, it would be more appropriate to change the strategy if a few villages frozen in winter turn into nightmares and frighten us in front of the mirror. Relaxing in the bedroom can save great surprises for the results obtained, as well as convince both partners. On the other hand, it is certainly not new that the couple’s expectations are different: if men have a famous obsession, it is sex, women pay more attention to their physical appearance, cellulite or imperfections in the buttocks. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. However, meeting points exist: sexuality. And this is not a coincidence, since sexual intercourse, which is certainly a pleasurable pastime, is also very beneficial for diet: low calorie, increase relationship, a perfect combination.

Quietly, without running: A self-respecting diet cannot be neglected slowly, just like sports, which require a warm-up period. Even to burn calories in the sheets, running is not good immediately: foreplay, in fact, has its beauty because, if we think, kissing our partner, for example, can consume more than 20 calories for us, which is equal to a couple. Of biscuits and if the questionable activity is in our hearts, we can only underline how an hour of passionate kissing is capable of burning the equivalent of one and a half pounds of pasta or a portion of French fries. Of course, with age and the duration of our relationship, the time devoted to kissing is drastically reduced, but it can be remedied: if we add some more or less bold care to the kiss, perhaps with a little movement. , It is very easy to improve our dietary efforts. Necessity sharpens the intellect and restores our silhouette.

Much more than a workout: The diet of love can give us unexpected results. For example, having an intimate meeting in a traditional location can save us a lot of calories, but we need to be a little more imaginative if we want to improve results. Let’s give up comfort and go for something unusual and bold, because that way we will have much more effective dietary results. So for the imagination in the green light sheets: keep the flame of emotion burning, not monotony and yes innovation, until you find the right understanding. And if we don’t feel at the top after the first attempt, don’t panic: the game will not be so dramatic again until we reach the desired result.

Never give up: All couples, even the most mature, who will no longer be able to rely on adequate “athletic training”, as well as the very young, who have not yet decided to reach the point, can rest assured. For a diet with a high dose of pampering and best results, even walking is good. Ideal for a beautiful romantic walk in the open air, holding hands, resting serenity, relieving tension, losing weight and keeping fit.

To end the day in style: When the sunset comes and the activities are over, the most effective way to relieve fatigue and stress and bring the partners closer is to go under the hot jet of the shower: a highly sensitive role for igniting emotions. Smart advice? Practicing a beautiful massage, as well as being extremely pleasurable and aphrodisiac, burns calories, helps to activate the muscles and satisfies the eyesight, which is a recognized place of honor in orgasm. So go ahead with the oil and ointment, let nature take its course: a good night’s sleep will be fruitful and will help you to feel (and light!) The next day.

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