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Step app A new app that promises to compete with the more famous Stepn, launched last week, with a new token calledFITFI.

StepN’s launch and its token GMT (green metavers token) It was one of the most talked about topics on social media

For those who don’t know it yet, Stepn is a mobile app that runs on the Solana network and allows you to earn tokens by walking while keeping the app active on your smartphone.

The platform’s GMT token has skyrocketed in terms of price and thousands of people are using the platform which has remained only by invitation with an activation code.

But How Step.app works? And when will it launch? Let’s try to understand more with the latest news.

SOL is the currency selected to work in Stepn. It is one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the Solana network cryptocurrency, through capitalization. It speaks volumes about itself for its significant growth and its many uses. Among other things, it is possible to find it. eToro’s controlled platform (click here to activate a free demo account).

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What is a step app?

Step app The industry promises to be the next killer application in the earnings step.

We can see the project information on the Step.app site. Application images and project team with a waiting list of over 120,000 people.

We see that CEOs and other figures come from the NFT and the crypto world and already have experience. It is possible to subscribe to a waiting list to download the application at pre-launch.

In this case, new projects need to be given maximum attention because by joining the group you often come in contact with scammers and scammers who offer to get activation codes for the sole purpose of buying NFT or stealing funds.

The Step.app application should be similar to Stepn and should arrive next week.

A recent tweet from Crypto.com Announced তালিকা List of FITFI tokens Which is a lot of talk this week. This is a mobile app token which we also find in CoinMarketcap.

👍 Application Step app
Features Remove to Crypto.com Revenue / Commercial /
সেরা The best platform to trade cryptocurrencies eToro
সেরা Best exchange for buying tokens Binance

This token is already listed on Crypto.com and other exchanges and can be traded in FITFI / USD pairs on the Crypto.org exchange.

As you can see, prices are rising significantly. In fact, the price has gone up from 27 0.27 to $ 0.6 with higher growth.

Be careful investing in these tokens, especially when projects are solicited and discussed on social networks. Often the price is due to pure estimation rather than actual value.

Move Earnings: A New Trend?

We often find the hashtag #movetoearn on social networks and especially on Twitter, to indicate how a new trend is emerging in this sector. Crypto gaming And Metaverse related projects.

These new applications are explained in the sites NFT (Non-Functional Token) They have created a new economy by giving great impetus to altcoins. In 2021, as mentioned, there was an explosion of gamefi products.

The goal of apps like Step App or Stepen is to become a cross between the physical and digital world. Thanks to all this (physical) experience such as fitness and the use of NFT technology in a metaverse and augmented reality.

This one Web Application 3 As we have heard, this is a trend that is giving birth to dozens of similar products.

If this trend is confirmed we will see in the coming months, whether these apps will be accepted by the masses or it will not be a speculative bubble. There are some gods in this app for the moment Entry requirements are too high. To set an example in Stepn you must immediately buy an NFT shoe for a minimum of 12 SOL at an exchange rate of over 1000 Euros!

We will see what others will do and what will be the method of access. To be more accessible, these apps should allow everyone to play sports and not just with such a high starting budget.

We’ll just have to wait for the Step app and other launches next week Move to Earn application Understand whether this will be the general market trend.


We will continue to take care of all the latest cryptocurrency updates, including price predictions. Naturally, we will follow the development of all the projects in the Move to Earn sector which are the most advanced during this period.

Of course, analysts’ predictions should not be construed as financial advice, everyone must make their own assessment of the investment.

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