Internazionali d’Italia 2022, Rome towards the whole house

The 79th edition of the International Tennis Tennis International BNL, scheduled for May 2-15 in Rome at Foro Italico, is just a few days away. Tickets are being sold for an event that will open its doors to the public at full capacity and is about to go on sale, with a record for the 2022 edition and the possible arrival of the 2023 upgrade. And completion of international tenders for the central roof. These innovations were announced at a press conference held at the Olympic Stadium in Rome today, attended by the President of the Italian Tennis Federation, Angelo Binaghi, and Valentina Vezali, Under-Secretary of the Presidency of the Council in charge of sports. , President and Administrator Sports and Health Representative, Vito Kozoli, and the greatest tennis player in the history of Italian tennis, Nicola Pietrenzelli, who also chairs the honorary committee of the tournament.

After two years of very strong power constraints due to the Kovid epidemic, at a time when the tournament has always maintained its presence on the calendar, we Go back to fully open access, Still in full compliance with applicable safety regulations: “Ground” tickets will be on sale for the week of the original scoreboards starting today. With 11% improvement in Presley compared to 2019 and all the conditions for being able to set a record for the collection of events, the response from fans can already be defined remarkably.

“We have gone through two years of extremely strong limitations due to the epidemic. With the help of sports and health we have been able to carry on the history and tradition of this tournament and today we are back to peaceful public attack. Past years”, he said. President of Federated Tennis, Angelo Binaghi. “To date our presale has increased by 11% compared to the 2019 record. Time permits, therefore, We will break the record of 2019 receipts equal to 13 million and 256 thousand euros. It will be back in the future because our tennis is no longer the same as 2019 but it is very different and has the potential for a better future “, added Binaghi.

“Internazionale upgrade? ATP President Andrea Goudenzi has almost reached the finish line.. He was able to get virtually all approvals from the stakeholders involved, relating only to one TV right: we cross our fingers because twice more we were one step away from getting it but now it seems to have been done. The 2023 boundary is represented by Roland Garros, we hope to be able to make this announcement soon, already in international time, to celebrate a goal that we have been pursuing for decades and I believe that Italian players deserve it “.

“Central coverage? It goes beyond tennis, it makes itself available to citizens. The competition has resumed, the first 33 projects presented have been verified, 7 remain and the project will be selected by July. Who wants to be the most prestigious in the Forro Italico area and that means extra value for Rome, we want a growing indicative sports city “, added Vito Kozoli, President and CEO of Sport and Health.

Although Under-Secretary Valentina Vezali said he was “honored that Rome and Italy could host one of the most important tournaments on the world stage where the best players and the best players meet. My attention was also drawn to the pre-final stage. I will be able to start cultivating their dreams. I am grateful to Fit and President Binaghi for what they are doing. In addition to the most important tournament, an opportunity for growth has been offered to many boys and girls. And tennis was one of the games that got the best response. The international community has regained its full potential and I am sure there will be no shortage of public warmth. “

So far, Eight of the top ten players in the ATP rankings and all the top ten players in the WTA rankings Starting with the number one in the world has confirmed their participation in the tournament, Novak Djokovic (Serbia) and Iga Svatek (Poland)) In the blues they will be filled to the right of the main draw Janik Cinar, Lorenzo Sonego, Fabio Fognini and Camilla Giorgi among women, Billy Jean is new to the King Cup win against France. Wild cards at fit height will be allocated on the basis of schemes already implemented in previous years, taking into account the ranking and age of the players. They have been chosen to directly access the women’s draw Jasmine Paolini, Lucia Bronzetti and Elisabetta Kokiretto, The latter is recovering from a serious injury. Men will have direct access to the “main draw” Lorenzo Musetti and Flavio Coboli The other two wild cards will be allocated to the final candidates in the pre-qualifiers, the latter will be used to determine the wild cards for the qualifiers.

The main scoreboard matches will be divided into two sessions a day and one evening, which will be limited to the Central Court. All fields will start at 11 o’clock. Central, judged by tennis players and professionals as the stadium with the best visibility in the world, the evening session will begin at 7 pm: a men’s and a women’s match on the pitch. At the Grand Stand Arena, the program will offer a “long session” (five matches a day starting at 11 a.m.) that will provide fans with a very long and first rate menu. The semi-final and final will be played at Central. The Pietrangeli Stadium ground will be open to all ticket holders: Monday 9 to Thursday 12 May. There are five singles matches scheduled for men’s and women’s matches. There are four matches scheduled for Friday, May 13, including three for the quarterfinals of the legal women’s draw.

In total, Foro Italico has 14 clay courts, of which 8 are for singles and doubles matches and the remaining 6 are for training, which is increasingly attractive to the general public.. The training schedule will be available on the big screen of the forum, official website and tournament app. To purchase tickets and season tickets, just connect to the dedicated website ( And follow the instructions. Even the most coverage on TV. The men’s tournament will be fully visible on Sky, and in addition, one ATP match per day will be broadcast free and live by Mediaset Channel (Italy 1 and Canal 20), and a second ATP match in the evening from Supertenis. Fit’s TV channel, owned by WTA, will broadcast completely free-to-air and will broadcast the women’s tournament matches live for the 14th year in a row.

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