Kiss the most famous songs and history of American bands

Kiss: Song Pounding and a symbol of an era, like I was born to love you And Lightning god Maybe not anymore, but, as Jean Simmons says, it’s better to leave when you grow up. Announced in 2018, interrupted in 2020 for Covid, recently relaunched,The road tour is over Which is about to end the final performance of Chumur’s fifty year career. With the expected deadline in New York 2023, as well as the pending Italian date, we restore the history of the hard and glam rock bands that have sold the most records on the face of the earth.

The history of kissing

The history of kissing It goes back to the connection of the bands with the previous formation where they play Jean Simmons And Paul Stanley, The founding father, that is, the group was then called Wicked Lester. At first the two do not seem to have a great human relationship, but only a wonderful harmony in the field of music: only later does Jean confirm that Paul has become his brother for him which he never did. At this point, however, Kiss is a band looking for a drummer: Simmons Peter Criscula read the ad, which came from an experience Jazz, But decides to give it a similar chance. Everything is going well and he changed his name on this occasion Peter Chris. Then in 1973, Stanley and Simmons organized some auditions to find one Guitarist And, finally, check S. Frehley Up Bob Kulik: And here is the core of the complex. Kisses as a group record song immediately tends towards more hard rock, Compared to the previous lineup of Wicked Lester. Later Their poetry is close Glam rock. Frehley designed it himself Logo The kiss, of course, caused controversy in Germany, since some people think of the two final “S” as the logo of the Nazi SS. However, this story only seems connected, as they say, “Evil in the eyes of the viewer8, the two founders of the group are both of Jewish descent and given Kissing song They are definitely not divorced from sexual themes.

After a series of live performances and some demo-tape recordings, Kiss signed an agreement with record company Emerald City Records in October 1973, later renamed Casablanca Records, then in February 1973. 1974 The first album with the title has been released Kiss.

How many songs did Kiss sing?

Since that distant debut about fifty years ago, How many songs did Kiss sing? They have recorded in their career 24 studio albums And 5 LivePublished 56 units, 21 collections, 15 video albums And took part 39 music video clips.

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Why wear makeup and kiss?

Very important for the band is the visual identity that the members communicate while on stage: so, Why wear kiss makeup? It may seem strange, but it must be inspired by the initial ideas of Simmons and Stanley. The Beatles, Meaning having a group with four equal frontmen, where everyone writes and sings, just like the famous Liverpool Quartet. All of this, however, is only partially true because the kiss lineup changes over time and eventually, Real leaders are always Jean and Paul.

The fact is that they decided to try different types of make-up and costumes, especially those inspired by the theater. Kabuki Japanese: So each member paints his face white and blacks which makes him the most characteristic, creating the famous mask which has become the real trademark of kissing. Jean Simmons looks like a monster (The monster), Including an androgenic look from Paul Stanley’s “Son of the Stars” (Starchild), S. Frehley is a space man (Spacecraft), When Peter Chris is the cat (Catman)

Where did the kiss go?

Someone, by chance, wonders Where did the kiss go? Well, they’re on tour, the end of their long career, lasting fifty years. Launched in 2018,The road tour is over It should Will end in New York in 2023: It was an obstacle only because of the epidemic. On July 11, 2022, he stopped at the Verona ArenaAn occasion that thus ended the band’s celebration in Italy.

When did some kiss die?

No one is immortal, not even rock stars: time passes for them too and our heroes are all average age 70 or older: but When did some kiss die? Most of them are alive and well, but Eric Carr, Who had joined the group since 1980, died of cerebral hemorrhage on November 24, 1991 at the age of just 41, suffering from years of heart disease, which later spread to his lungs. Also Mark St. JohnWho briefly worked on the formation in 1984, died on April 5, 2007.

When some kiss dies

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Kissing song

For, within fifty years of career Kiss the famous song Waste: Therefore, we can not miss an appointment with it Ki Kiss is the best song of all time. We chose 10.

Kiss – I was born to love you

For Kiss I was born to love you This is the most famous piece, even those who do not know them thoroughly have heard it at least once. Rock dance music is corrupted and the song is on the album Dynasty.

Kiss – Rock and roll all night

Excellence of stanza sum Is kissed Rock and roll all nightThe closing song of their third album Dress like crazy.

Kiss – Detroit Rock City

Destroyr One of the most famous records in the history of music and one of the best according to various art charts: the song Kiss Detroit Rock City It represents his best.

Kiss – Shout out

From DestroyAnd another column of the band: its song Kiss Shout out The driving force behind every concert.

Kiss – Beth

Does anyone make love songs? Yes Kiss lyric drama Beth This is one of them, as well as one of their best.

Kiss – I love it out loud

Its song Kiss I love it out loud This is part of the disk Animals of the nightAce was replaced at the time, but the team’s formula and success did not change.

Kiss – Lightning god

Its song Kiss Lightning god Appears again in Destroyer: Live Everyone gets excited when Jean Simmons attacks the song with his base.

Kiss – Love gun

For Kiss Love gun This is the title of the album that last saw them together with their original lineup.

Kiss – Forever

Its song Kiss Forever It was written by Paul Stanley together with Michael Bolton: Kissing the time they appear without make-up while performing it.

Kiss – Stutter

In the end, the first kiss song, when they still have more Wicked Lester than anything else: a fan can’t fail to hear the song. Kiss Stutter.

Kiss in the movie

A little curious about the effect Kiss in the movie: 1999 filmmaking title Adam Rifkin Detroit Rock City Takes his inspiration from group songs. But that’s not all: it was announced at the end of April 2022 Biopic Kissing, as a worthy end of his career, and by which will be delivered Netflix.

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